Days of Our Lives: September 19 Live Thoughts
Days of Our Lives: September 19 Live Thoughts
Another day, another Days of our Lives. Nick and Chelsea are incredulous that China Lee wants him to take her children forever.  Shawn is pushing Belle to go along with Philip in search of his son.  Lexie and the ER pediatrician report to Steve and Kayla that Pocket is going to be found.  Pocket has two small ulcers in his lower GI, which indicates chemical poisoning.  Sue prescribes an antibiotic.  They're really giving those to everyone nowadays, aren't they?  This is how superbugs evolve, people, and they are going to take over the world.  Be very afraid.  Ahem.

Max convinces Stephanie to let him in, so she shoos Jeremy to hide in another room while she opens the door.

Chelsea takes Artemis and DeMarquette to get cookies so that China Lee and Nick and talk about their fate.  Nick tells her that the boys need a mother, but China Lee says that she is no more their mother than he is.

Belle refuses to go with Philip to San Antonio, even though Shawn is immaturely pushing her to go.  She tells him that she told Philip yesterday that he can't depend on her anymore because Shawn and Claire are her priorities.  Meanwhile, Philip is tracking Lauren's paper trail and not finding any evidence that she even has a baby with her.

Steve tells Kayla that it is all his fault that Pocket got sick.  Steve remembers that he used a spray cleaner to clean up a mess this morning, and may have forgotten to wash his hands before handling Pocket's bottle.  Kayla says that that can't be it, and reassures him that he's a good father.

Stephanie is doing her darnedest to get Max to leave the apartment, but she is acting so weird that he suspects that she must have seen Jeremy.  Jeremy looks worried from inside the bedroom.

Nick and Chelsea can't believe that China Lee is not the boys' mother.  They suspect that she is scamming them again.

Shawn is being really annoying with Belle by continuing to be passive-aggressive about Philip.  He should just man up and tell her what is going on in his head instead of pussyfooting around her.

Steve tells Kayla that he is a terrible father.  He says he's a wild card, baby, and they don't know what's going to happen to Pocket.  Kayla is awesome, and reassures him that he's a great father and an even better husband.  It's the DiMeras' fault by messing with his head.  I'm with Steve on this one, though.  A man with a patch, a pirate wannabe if you will, cannot possibly be a good father.

Steph is finally successful in making Max leave, but not after he alludes to the feelings between the two of them.  Then we are immediately treated to the longest flashback ever of the two of them kissing in a cave or wherever, just to pound it home to viewers who might not understand that there is something between them.  Finally, Jeremy emerges from the bedroom and demands to know if Stephanie is already hooking up with Max.

China Lee assures Nick and Chelsea, amidst much bickering, that she did not kidnap Artemis and DeMarquette; she merely brought them to the States.  She approached Nick with the boys in Vegas because there was something about him that she trusted.  China attempts to walk out sans boys, but Chelsea grabs her arm.

Jeremy and Stephanie argue and he is about to leave, even though he has nowhere to go and only $10 to his name.  Something falls out of his jacket onto the floor, unnoticed by either of them.  He is about to take off when they hear Stephanie's parents' voices in the hallways outside the door.  They are going to come in and catch him there!  Stephanie quickly shoos him into her bedroom right before Kayla, Steve and Pocket come in.  Steph tries to make excuses to have them go out or order in, but Kayla and Steve just want to stay in and for Steph to go home.  They continually refer to her as a "college coed," a term which I absolutely abhor.  What is this, the 1950s?  The 'rents don't bite on any of her suggestions, so she says that she wants to move back home immediately.

Chelsea threatens to call the cops on China Lee unless she reveals the name of the boys' real mother.

Belle, bless her heart, is not too bright because she has only just realized that Shawn is pestering her to go on the trip with Philip.  She asks him why he wants her to go so much and asks if he has some other agenda.  Shawn says that being trapped in the freezer with her made him realize how much she means to him, and that he trusts her.  That lying, insecure bastard.  That's not true!  He doesn't trust her at all, as evidenced by his sad, sad eyes as she leaves the room.  We get another infinitely long flashback to Shawn's and Lexie's conversation from, like, yesterday.  It is filler day today on Days of Our Lives!

Billie advises Philip to go on the attack on Lauren to get his son back.

China Lee says the boys belong to a powerful man who entrusted her to keep the boys safe.  But their father is dead now.  She says it's extremely important that Nick and Chelsea, whom she calls Shelley, keep this a secret.  The boys stand to inherit a lot of money from their real dad, and if their names end up in the paper, then someone will come after them.  If this is true, then perhaps she should have changed their names.  I'm sure there can't be too many kids named Artemis and DeMarquette in a middle American town like Salem.  With that China Lee disapparates away.

Kayla and Steve aren't really buying Steph's sudden desire to move back in with them.

Belle finds Philip and Billie.  Belle tells them that she is going to go with him to San Antonio.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she misses them and that's why she wants to move back home.  She says she feels left out that Pocket gets more of their attention than she does now.  The parents finally agree to let her move in.  Jeremy sneaks out, and Steph bitches that she really took one for the team because now she is stuck living back home with her parents.  Jeremy asks if he can stay with her.

China Lee has indeed disappeared, and Nick tells them that they are going to live with him for a while.  The boys are very happy to hear this news and fall into a big group hug.

Philip makes sure that Belle is cool with going to Texas with him.  She says that it was Shawn's idea for her to go.

Stephanie says that Jeremy can stay with her on the condition that she turn him in to her dad.  She gives him 48 hours to think about it.  Um, is he really planning to stay in their apartment with the entire family?  I think someone might hear him.  He's not too bright either, it would seem.  Steve goes out to the living room to look for something in Pocket's diaper bag and finds Jeremy's cell phone that he dropped on the floor.  Busted!

Next on Days of Our Lives: Stefano and Steve have a meaningful conversation, Kayla nearly catches Jeremy in Stephanie's room.

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