Days of Our Lives: September 18 Live Thoughts
Days of Our Lives: September 18 Live Thoughts
Days of Our Lives begins with Stephanie and Chelsea.  Chelsea asks if anything happened with Max.  Stephanie says that nothing happened, but we know that it's a lie because she flashbacks to some heavy petting between her and Max by a campfire.

Shawn is recuperating fine in the hospital, having suffered some burn injuries when he tried to blow down the cooler door yesterday.  Bo tells him that he can start training at the police academy as soon as he's on his feet.  He's excited.  However, he is worried about losing Belle to Philip, so it's not all blue skies with Shawn.

Speaking of Belle, she is helping out at the pub, when Philip comes by to ask if she wants to have dinner with him and Claire later on.  She says no, but he asks if she's only saying no because she feels guilty for their near-kiss.

After the break, Belle denies almost-kissing Philip.  She tells him that he's confusing friendship for something else.  She flashbacks to the time they spent in the hotel.  In the flashback, she says that she'll always be his friend.  In the present, Philip says that he knows that things are not over between them.

Max and talks to Stephanie about Rawlings' girls.  He wonders why she is still defending him.

Bo tells Steve that he thinks that the call they got from Roman yesterday, in which he said that he is going after Andre, was made under duress.  Bo gets a call on his cell for someone to go to the pub.

Lexie is sitting with Shawn in the hospital.  She tells him that Belle loves him.

Belle continues to do her best to tell Philip that she is not interested in Philip anymore, even though they once were married.  She asks him to back off, but it's not looking like he wants to.

Back with Max and Stephanie.  She denies that she is back in Jeremy's pocket.  She gets offended and leaves the table.

Belle tells Philip that because she is juggling nursing school, raising a toddler and working at the pub, whatever free time she has should be spent with her family.  He says that he thought he was her family.  She thinks that maybe she can't help him anymore with Billie.  She leaves in the middle of her shift, it appears.

Stephanie is at home now.  There is a knock at the door and it's Jeremy, who is not on the run yet.  He declares his love for Stephanie.

Lexie gives Shawn some advice.  She says that she almost ruined her marriage with Abe, but he loved her so much that they were able to make it work.  She wants Shawn to fight for Belle, but his plan is to wait for Belle to prove her love to him, to show him that he can trust her.  At that moment, Belle arrives with flowers.  Lexie leaves, but not before Shawn thanks her for everything.

Shawn asked Lexie about her first day of nursing school.  She 'fesses up that Philip asked her to dinner with Claire, but she said that she couldn't.  She admits that she hasn't been fair to him by accusing him of being jealous.  She says that he had every right to be jealous.

Eyepatch Steve runs into Lexie at the hospital.  He had to rush his son to the emergency room, and Lexie says that she'll page Kayla about it.

Stephanie, who is sick of Jeremy's declarations of love, picks up the phone and threatens to turn him in.  But Jeremy takes the phone away from her and continues to tell her that he loves her.  He gets suspicious and accuses her of having relations with Max after their time in Vegas.  He kisses her passionately.

Belle continues her confession to Shawn.  She tells him that she spent a lot of time with Philip, helping him find his son, but she realizes that he can look for his son on his own.  She tells Shawn that she just came from telling Philip that she is committed to Shawn and can't spend any more time with Philip anymore.  Shawn is very pleased with this, since this was exactly what he was looking for, and they kiss.  However, not so fast.  Philip comes barging into the hospital room to report that he just got a call about his son from Billie.  He excitedly says that by this time tomorrow, he could have his son back.  Belle stands up and agrees that that's great news, while Shawn looks crushed that Philip stole his thunder again.

Stephanie breaks off the kiss with Jeremy, incredulous that she is letting herself get back with him.  Jeremy is tired of running, but is not ready to turn himself in.  He asks Stephanie if he can crash with her for the time being.

Bo and his mother Caroline are still worried that there is still no word from Roman.  But Grandpa Shawn is firmly in denial about the reason for Roman's absence, and Caroline begs her husband to do something about it.

The emergency pediatrician reports to Steve that they had to pump his stomach.  The baby was exposed to a highly toxic chemical, but he was admitted early enough that he's going to be alright.  Steve is shocked to learn what happened.

Stephanie tells Jeremy that he can't crash with her because she is still living with her aunt.  He is desperate and asks if he can move back into her parents' apartment.  There is a knock at the door, and it is Max.  Max says that he doesn't like how they left things, and he really needs to talk.  She doesn't let him in.

Philip says that he is going to go find his son before Lauren takes him across the border.  Shawn is cold to him, but when he leaves, he tells Belle that she should go with Philip.

Steve suspects that DiMera put the poison in his son's bottle because Kayla is a Brady.  He regrets killing Stefano when he had the chance.

Meanwhile, China Lee tells Nick and Chelsea that she is leaving the country and needs to leave her kids with Nick.

Bo keeps asking Grandpa Shawn how the vendetta started.  Knowing that is the way to finding Roman.  Gramps hesitates, and then the camera cuts to the cemetery.  The camera pans underground to reveal Roman waking up in a coffin underground.  He yells for help, but there is nobody to hear him.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Steve thinks everything is his fault, Belle asks Shawn what his ulterior motives are

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