Days of Our Lives: September 17 Live Thoughts
Days of Our Lives: September 17 Live Thoughts
A new week begins on Days of our Lives.  Belle and Shawn are still locked in the cooler.

Stefano's fake funeral is still underway.  Benjy wheels up to give a eulogy, but then pulls a gun out, stands up and shoots Stefano.  Gasps abound from the pews.

Sami is panicking to Lucas about saving Belle.  Sami wants to find some way to end the vendetta of DeMera family.  EJ arrives in her hospital room and says that he can help.  Lucas is skeptical and thinks that Sami has an obsession with the vendetta.  He's sick of it.

Shawn wants to blow the door down, but Belle is worried that it might kill them.

Kate is standing on a stool with a noose around her neck.  She is saved, but her rescuer is knocked out from behind by the culprit.

Stefano is not dead because he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.  Now that he is alive and everyone knows it, the police put him in custody.

The police have figured out that somebody set a timer on the fusebox to make the lights in the funeral home go out.  They suspect Andre.  Stefano denies ever having stolen a section of his son's liver, and the detective says that he will recover in a private clinic with an armed guard.

Sami wants EJ to leave so that she can talk to Lucas.  EJ says no.

Belle and Shawn say that they love each other, right before he lights the fuse on his makeshift explosive.

Both Belle and Shawn have survived the explosion, but the door is still not open.  Shawn has sustained burn injuries.  Belle gets the fire out, and fortunately, Bo has arrived at the pub and lets them out.

EJ and Lucas continue to fight over Sami.  Lucas accuses him of being in love with her.  EJ admits that he is in love with her.  Sami looks shocked and touched; Lucas looks furious.

Bo tries to call Roman for help, but neither he nor Kate is answering their cellphones.  He calls Abe Carver, the cop, to see if they have apprehended Andre yet.  Abe says that they are going to check the cemetery, but unbeknownst to Abe, Andre is disguised as the limo driver.

Lucas gets a call from his mother who is in trouble.  She is calling from a payphone, and needs his help immediately.  He leaves right away to help her.  Sami tells EJ to go with him to help, but not before telling him never to say that he loves her out loud again.  He says unconvincingly that he was only kidding and he thought that she would have known that.  Alone in the hospital room, she cries quietly to herself, when Marlena comes in.

The ambulance comes and takes Shawn away.

At the cemetery, the funeral attendants are still waiting for Roman.  All of a sudden, everyone hears creepy, maniacal laughter from nearby.

Sami confides in Marlena that even though she loves Lucas, he doesn't understand why she is spending so much time with EJ.  Lucas doesn't understand why she needs to find out what started the vendetta.  Marlena tells her that she shouldn't deny her feelings for EJ if she has them.  Sami denies that she feels anything for EJ, but then flashbacks to an intimate conversation they had in the past in which he kisses.  Marlena consoles her by saying that Sami is strong and confident, but apologizes for having left her father for John.  Hope comes in and reports that Shawn and Belle are okay.  Sami wants to know if Andre threatened her father.

Lucas and EJ find Lucas' mother.  She says that Andre left her there and took her clothes.

At the cemetery, the cops find a digital recorder that is playing the maniacal laughter.  Andre is playing games with them, it seems.

Kate gets dressed with the clothes that Lucas and EJ brought.  EJ smarms that she is lookin' great.  Kate runs over to the cemetery as Lucas threateningly tells EJ to stay away from his wife and his mother.

Sami is getting panicked about Andre threatening her dad.  She tries to leave to go find

Now we are treated to a flashback of when old Shawn Brady was a little boy.  Young Stefano tells Young Shawn that his mother is alive and well in Italy.  In the present, old Shawn sighs with resignment.  He's still sitting alone in the dark in the funeral parlor.  He gets up, blows out the last remaining candle and walks out.

Meanwhile, Andre, who is in possession of the cellphones of many a denizen of Salem, uses Roman's phone to call the party at the cemetery.  Pretending to be Roman, Andre says curtly, "I'm going to take Andre down tonight," and hangs up.  The camera pans to the right to reveal a shirtless Roman who has been knocked out and is lying on the ground next to Andre.  And so ends Days of Our Lives for today.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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