Days of our Lives: October 8 Recap
Days of our Lives: October 8 Recap
Today's episode of Days of our Lives picks up right where Friday's left off.  Lauren has just fallen down the stairs.  She is barely conscious.  Philip runs to get a doctor.  He asks her if Tyler is alive, but she is in too much pain to answer.

While mopping the floor of the kitchen of the Brady pub, Sami relives the brush with death that she and EJ experienced in the kitchen.  She remembers that while EJ was unconscious from gas inhalation, she admitted that she cared a little about him.  EJ arrives to offer his services, but she rebuffs him coldly.

The doctor and a nurse move Lauren to a stretcher as she screams in agony.  Philip holds her hand to comfort her.  She manages to say that Tyler is alive.

Meanwhile, Shawn is also in pain, after his run-in with Lauren.  The stern nurse tells him that the skin grafts on his back are still healing, so he has to take it easy.  But he's lying on his back, so shouldn't that be painful too?  Belle is at his side and assures him that his actions did not cause Lauren to fall down the stairs.  Shawn says that he didn't run after Lauren to help Philip, he did it to help himself.  His reasoning is that the sooner Philip gets his kid back, the sooner Shawn gets Belle back, all to himself.  Shawn challenges her to call him out on his jealousy, but she confesses that she subconsciously encouraged the jealousy.  She thought she could assuage the guilt that she was feeling for keeping Claire away from Philip by helping Philip find Tyler.  Shawn and Belle apologize to each other and kiss. 

Outside of Lauren's hospital room, Philip calls Billie to fill her in on the details.  All he really knows is that Tyler is alive.  In the room, the doctors are working furiously to revive Lauren who is crashing.  Philip watches from outside the room as the doctors defibrillate her heart.  Nothing works and the doctors call the time of death.  Philip is devastated because Lauren is the only one who knows where Tyler is.

Back in Shawn's room, Shawn tells Belle that they and Claire should go on a vacation after he is released from the hospital.  Philip enters the room to tell them that Lauren is gone.  Belle and Shawn offer to help find Tyler, now that he knows that he's alive.  Philip thanks Shawn for all he did to keep Lauren there.  Billie arrives and says confidently that they are going to find Tyler and bring him home.  She thinks that Tyler has been in Salem all along.

It would not be an episode of Days of our Lives without Sami arguing with either EJ or Lucas.  Today is EJ's turn.  At the Brady Pub, she and EJ continue to bicker.  Maybe they should get married after all!  EJ deduces that Sami is upset with him because she nearly lost him and nearly losing him made her realize that her feelings for him are stronger.  Sami vehemently disagrees.  EJ wants them to try to make the best of it, but Sami doesn't care.  She declares that she doesn't love him and doesn't want him; she is only agreeing to marry him to stop the war between their families.

EJ tells her that he wants her to want him, to share a bed with him.  She insists angrily that she will never share a bed with him.  She wants separate beds and separate bedrooms and separate sides of the house.  EJ says that the terms of the vendetta are for Coleen and Santo's souls to be unified.  Just being roommates will not be fulfilling the spirit of Santo's wishes.  Sami accuses him that EJ is just using the vendetta to get Sami into bed, but EJ is adamant that she must become his wife in every sense of the word.  Sami is so fed up with him that he tells EJ to leave right now.  EJ complies, and goes out to the bar to pour himself a shot.

Hope comes into the kitchen and Sami yells at her, thinking that she is EJ coming back.  Hope is there to make some herbal tea for Gramps.  She tells Sami that nobody expects her to go through with the marriage to EJ.  Sami says that Coleen chose love over her family, but she can't do that.  She must choose her family over love and hopes that Lucas will someday understand that.  Hope asks Sami if there is anything else that is motivating Sami to marry EJ.  Sami indignantly says that she is getting sick of people making implying that she has feelings for EJ.  Hope says that she has to look into her heart to know what the right thing to do is.

After Hope leaves with the tea, EJ comes back into the kitchen.  EJ tells her that he will respect her wishes and keep separated bedrooms.  He says that he will lie to Stefano about it as well.  Sami asks EJ what he expects in return and he says nothing.  She is immediately distrustful at EJ's change of heart.  He says there's no catch, he just wants to the opportunity to prove to her how much he loves her.  He kisses her on the cheek, and she doesn't pull away.  He leaves the room, and she rolls her eyes.

Next on Days of our Lives: Nick objects to Chelsea and Stephanie's bachelor auction, Sami and Lucas continue the same arugment they have been having for weeks, Stefano has something EJ would find very interesting.

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