Days of our Lives: October 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Will, who is home to Salem a day earlier than expected.  Will is tall and gawky.  Will wants to know why Sami is planning to divorce Lucas.  He thinks she's crazy.

At the bar, Belle has a drink while she remembers the time she and Shawn were locked in the Brady pub freezer.  Shawn is still in the hospital for the burns on his back that he suffered, but there are people on Days of our Lives who spend less time in the hospital for gunshot wounds.  Philip comes by to tell her that his search for his son Tyler is over.

In the hospital, Shawn is bored out of his mind because of all the forced rest he has to endure while his burns heal.  While he goes to get a magazine, Lauren sneaks into the hospital, and he follows her.

Belle is bubbly and happy to hear that Philip's search is over, but the reality is that the search is over because he can't find either Lauren or Tyler.  Philip is afraid that Lauren may have left the country and Tyler could be dead.  He vows that he can't let his search consume him.

Kayla tells Adrienne that Steve's best bet is to plead insanity, that Benjy's death made him snap.  Kayla is beginning to mourn Benjy's death, now that she's had time to think about it.  Adrienne is sympathetic and is glad that Andre is in custody.  Kayla, however, blames Stefano for this.

Bo is at the police station and Stefano is also there, waiting for the D.A.  Bo doesn't mince words in telling him about how bad a man Stefano is.  Stefano, on the other hand, gloats about how Sami and EJ are to be wed.

Sami and Lucas try to explain the situation to Will.  If she marries EJ, then the DiMera's vendetta will be over.  If she marries him, then there will be no more attacks, no more sending Will off to Switzerland, and Will and the twins will be safe.  Will tries to understand, and actually thinks that she's amazing for doing this.  Now if only his father could learn to be as understanding.  (He obviously isn't, though, because he still has that broody, pouty look on his face.)  Sami is gratified to hear that he gets it that she's making this incredible sacrifice for her family.

Belle chews Philip out for giving up on his search for Tyler.  I really like Philip's sad, hang-dog look.  It's fetching.  Philip thinks that maybe it would be better for Tyler to be raised by a normal family because he had such a hard time being a Kiriakis.  Belle promises that she will support him throughout his search, and they hug.  Philip, bad boy, gets a bit handsy during their hug.

At the hospital, Shawn is still tailing Lauren, who goes into the bathroom.  He tells a nurse that he needs to make an emergency phone call--a kid's life could be at stake.

Philip's watch gets tangled in Belle's hair during their hug, which makes them remember all the happy times they had when they were married.  Shawn calls Belle, who doesn't answer her phone.  Belle is also quite fetching.  I envy her hair.  I like these two together.  Shawn calls Philip and tells him that he's got Lauren cornered in the hospital, and he needs to get his butt over there.

Will is upset at the DiMeras still.  Everyone else is too, buddy.  This kid is so awkward and gawky, it's kind of endearing.  I wish he had more screen time on Days of our Lives.  His neck is like so long.  Will gets that Sami's marriage to EJ will not be a real marriage, just a piece of paper, and tells his dad that they should support her big time.  Will has to get home.  Sami is really happy that he understands, but Lucas is still pissed off because he thinks that Sami has feelings for EJ.

Kayla goes to the police station and finds out that Stefano is there.  She looks like she means business!

Lauren walks out of the bathroom and Shawn holds her against her will until Philip gets there.  Lauren says that he's wasting time because Tyler's gone.

Kayla tells Stefano that she wants him to drop all the charges against Steve because he owes it to Benjy.  Kayla bitches him out that Stefano stole Benjy's liver to save himself, but he says that it was Andre's doing, not his own.  Stefano says that he had nothing to do with Benjy's murder, so Kayla tells him to prove it by letting Steve go.

Lucas tells Sami that he saw her holding EJ in her lap, ergo, she must have feelings for him.  Sami explains that she thought he was dying and was glad when he revived.  They get into a huge fight.  Lucas is really trying my last nerve here.

Back to Kayla and Stefano.  Stefano says that he will keep on punishing Steve until his dying day.  It has nothing to do with Santo's vendetta, it's Stefano's fight.  Kayla wishes that she had killed him when she had the chance.

Lauren pretends to start crying, which makes Shawn loosen his grip on her.  Bad move, because she takes that opportunity to shove him against the wall.  Too bad, considering he has second degree burns all over his back.  She tries to make a break for it, but is stopped by Philip and Belle who arrive just in time.  Lauren says that Tyler is gone, and Philip shakes her until her teeth rattle.

Sami and Lucas are STILL having the same conversation that they have been having for like the last three weeks.  He says that she has feelings for EJ, she swears that she doesn't.  Neither makes any effort to meet the other halfway.  May the writers were having an off-day when they wrote this, so they just copied the script from yesterday.

Kayla tells Stefano that she almost pulled the plug on him when he was in the hospital in Italy.  But he just mocks her and says that she wouldn't have the nerve.  Kayla tells him that the Hippocratic Oath means nothing to her when it comes to him.  Kayla tells Bo on her way out that she knows that Steve will be alright.

More Sami and Lucas.  I will not recap what they are saying because it is all the same old stuff.  Okay, there's a little bit of new stuff.  Sami begs Lucas to wait for her until her marriage with EJ ends.  He kisses her gently and then says good-bye.

There is a scuffle at the hospital as Lauren tries to escape from Philip and Shawn.  I can't believe that no one has called security on them. Lauren makes a break for it, but then falls down the stairs.  Luckily, she's in a hospital and there are lots of doctors around.

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami turns her bitch on for EJ, Philip needs to know if Tyler is still alive.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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