Days of our Lives: October 4 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 4 Live Thoughts
Today's Days of our Lives begins right where we left off yesterday.  Andre has just left the news station with Hope as his hostage.  Lucas has just overheard Sami begging an unconscious EJ to wake up.  Lucas leaves immediately, so he doesn't actually see that as soon as EJ comes to, she tells EJ that Lucas is her everything, and that marrying EJ is not something she's looking forward to.

Andre has brought Hope to the roof of the news station.  Bo instructs the other cops to cover all the exits, as he wants to deal with Andre alone.

Chelsea and Stephanie still have no idea what's going on with Hope, as they are busy as bees planning their bachelor auction.

EJ is miraculously better, despite looking like he was on death's door just a moment ago.  Sami tries to get up to go to the hospital, but she's having trouble getting up.  She brushes away his offer and leaves.

Steve tells Roman to get to the hospital.  Roman tells his cop underlings to arrest Steve to the cell at the police station.  Roman is worried because he hasn't heard from Lucas about Sami's whereabouts.  Obviously, it's just because Lucas is a big crybaby and he's probably pouting somewhere.

Bo is still trying to talk down Andre.  Hope tells him that Stefano will give him anything if he ends the vendetta.  Bo tells him that if he lets Hope go, he promises to let him walk.  Andre inches toward the edge of the rooftop.

Max comes to the bar and tells Chelsea and Steph that he's looking for a job.  Stephanie tells him that she and Jeremy are totally over, and also asks him if he would like to be a volunteer for their auction.

Bo offers Andre a deal: if Andre testifies against Stefano about all the things he was asked to do, Bo will give Andre immunity.

The cops are about to take Steve away, but Steve wants a little bit of time to exchange barbs with Stefano.  Stefano says that he'll have a good time destroying Steve.  Steve really gets under Stefano by giving him lip.

EJ comes over to the news station, and Stefano is so happy to see him alive.  EJ reports that he and Sami were tied up in the kitchen with the gas on, but they both escaped safely.  EJ assures his father that their family still has honor, and that this is the beginning of a new DiMera dynasty.

Sami goes to the hospital to see her father.  They have a tearful reunion.  Sami said she didn't see Lucas.  She got some tests to make sure the twins were okay after her gas inhalation.  Sami gives her dad a homemade card.  Roman tells Sami that she can't marry EJ because revenge runs into the DiMera's blood.

Andre and Hope are right on the edge of the roof.  But this is Days of our Lives so I doubt that anything is actually going to happen.

Chelsea and Stephanie fill in Max about the details for the auction.  Max isn't interested because he doesn't want to have his heart put through a meat grinder again.  As soon as he leaves, Chelsea tells her friend that he still wants her.

Lucas has finally showed up after pouting in a corner or wherever he was.  He comes to Roman's room and sees Sami.  He's acting all cold, and she notices right away.  Lucas suggests that they both leave Salem together.

At the news station, EJ and Stefano discuss EJ's future with Sami and the twins.  He knows that he can raise the babies to be DiMeras in every way.

The standoff is STILL going on up on the roof.  Can the action go any slower?

Max asks Adrienne for a job at the bar.  He's very convincing.  He doesn't want to work for his folks at the Brady pub because they don't need the help.  Adrienne finally relents and gives him the job.  Across the busy bar, Stephanie decides to offer free beer and pizza on the night of the auction.

Kayla runs over to the news station and gets filled in on the recent events.

Adrienne loves the idea of the auction and offers to foot the beer and pizza bill.  Stephanie is ecstatic, but Chelsea is uncomfortable accepting such a generous gift when she knows that Adrienne can't afford it.  Adrienne pulls Steph aside to tell her about Steve at the news station.  Max offers to take her.

EJ continue to scheme with Stefano about separating Sami from Lucas.  EJ needs his father's help.

At the hospital, Lucas and Sami talk about leaving Salem.  She says that it would nice to get out of there and away from danger, but Sami doesn't want to leave home.  Salem is supposed to be somewhere in the Midwest, isn't it?  I thought it was par for the course for young Midwestern kids to flee the heartland for hipper places?

Up on the roof, either Andre or Hope or both have fallen down to the sidewalk.  After commercials, we find that it was Andre who fell.  He's still alive, but very badly injured.  Bo was quick enough to get ahold of Hope's hand and pull her to safely.

Kayla tells Steve that what he did was so brave but so sad for all of us.  I like those two.  The cops finally take Steve away, and he glares at EJ and Stefano with his unpatched eye as he walks by.

EJ tells his father that his plan for Lucas is like Santo's plan.  Santo took Coleen away from the church she was most devoted to, and EJ will take Sami away from the husband she is devoted to.

Will, Sami and Lucas's awkward looking son, shows up and is dismayed to hear that Sami may be walking out on the family.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stefano vows that Steve will spend the rest of his life in jail.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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