Days of our Lives: October 29 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 29 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins at the sorority house.  Chelsea is still missing and the girls plus Max are searching for her everywhere.  Max calls Nick to help out in the search.

Sami and Lucas canoodle in the hospital bed, savoring every moment they have together.  Sami recaps that as soon as she's recovered from delivering the twins, they have to fly to Santo Domingo to get a quickie divorce.  Kate is still hanging around outside the hospital nursery.  We are treated to an extra-long flashback from, like, two days ago.  Maybe the Days of our Lives writers couldn't come up with enough material to fill today's entire hour.  EJ walks in on Kate.  Kate tells him to stay away from Lucas and Sami's children.  He tells her that he has a plan to bring her back into Lucas' good graces.

Billie has arrived at the sorority house, and Max fills her in.  She calls Jett to check the call logs to see if there was a call from the security office to Chelsea about her car.  Morgan organizes all the girls to get them together.  Billie gets a call back from Jett, who says that no one from campus security called Chelsea, meaning that she was set up.

Sami explains that in the Dominican Republic, you can get a divorce in 24 hours.  Lucas is taken aback.  He thought he would have months while a traditional divorce was being filed before he had to give up Sami.  He changes his mind, and refuses to grant Sami a divorce.

EJ  asks Kate to convince Lucas to grant Sami a divorce.  In return, EJ can guarantee that he can get Lucas to forgive her.

One of the sorority girls brings everyone flashlights.  Billie announces that the Salem PD have begun the search for Chelsea.  Everyone splits up into teams to search.  Max had called Ford Decker, who arrives grumpily.  Max informs him that Chelsea is missing.

Kate whines to EJ that Lucas hates her, but EJ promises that if he lets her, then he'll get her back into her son's life.  I'm not quite sure why Kate is even considering this because Lucas let her spend time with her grandchildren, just last episode.  Kate refuses to help EJ.

At Alpha Chi Theta, Ford gets defensive about Chelsea, but he says that he doesn't know where Chelsea is.  Max gets hot-headed when questioning him.  Nick leaves to go look for Chelsea, and then gets a call from her.  She says tearfully that she's in big trouble.

Sami assures Lucas that she is going to exploit EJ's love for her to destroy him and the entire DiMera family.

EJ and Kate continue their argument.  He tells her in no uncertain terms that he will be very disappointed in her if she doesn't deliver with her end of the deal.  That EJ, he's very good at threatening people.

A bad guy takes the phone from Chelsea and gives Nick an address for where he must go.  The bad guy threatens to kill her if Nick brings the police.  Chelsea begs Nick to do what he says.

Sami tells Lucas that she is going to go through with the divorce, with or without Lucas' help.

As Kate is talking to EJ, a nurse takes the girl baby somewhere.  I know that the boy baby is named John Roman, but did they name the girl yet?

Max and Morgan haven't found her and come back to the sorority house.  Max plans to go down to the police station to give a statement on Chelsea.  Meanwhile, Nick has arrived at the address.  As he enters the house, Artemis and DeMarquette, Days of our Lives' resident child-idiots, runs in after him.  They found the address on a scrap of paper at home and took a cab there.  He tells them to hide behind the couch.  The bad guy comes him and Nick asks for proof that she's still alive.  Chelsea calls out for him to please help her.  Nick tells the bad guy to let Chelsea go and take him instead, but the bad guy isn't interested in him.  He wants Artemis and DeMarquette.  Nick lies that they are with a sitter, and the two men get into a scuffle.  Too bad Nick is so scrawny.

Kate finally agrees to help EJ.  He tells her that his plan for getting Lucas to forgive Kate is by hurting her.  Meanwhile, Lucas has finally convinced Sami to let him take care of EJ and not to get the quickie divorce.

Nick is getting his ass kicked by the bad guy when the two dimwits run in to see what's going on.  Nick yells at them to run away, and hangs on to the bad guy's legs to give them a head start.  But he's not successful.  The bad guy locks Nick in the same room where he's holding Chelsea, and we find out that Chelsea is standing on a bomb.  If she moves off of it, the bomb will go off.

Kate finally agrees to help EJ.  They will only pretend to put Kate's life in danger, to convince Lucas that he has no other choice but to divorce Sami.  Sami has fallen asleep in Lucas' arms.  She has a nightmare that she's walking in the morgue, full of bodies covered in white sheets with toe tags on.  EJ's voice is reading off a list of her family members.  She pulls off the sheet of one of the bodies, and it's John, evidently a zombie now.  Bo and Marlena are dead too.  John tells her that she was the one responsible for killing them all.  Then, all the bodies rise again, and she screams in terror.  She wakes up from her nightmare and tells Lucas that she doesn't care what he says, she is going to get that divorce whether he agrees to or not.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie confides in Kayla about Max, Max picks a fight with Ford, Chelsea doesn't want to die.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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