Days of our Lives: October 26 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 26 Live Thoughts
Today's Days of our Lives begins at the Alpha Chi Theta sorority house.  Stephanie and Chelsea have been moving their belongings in to the sorority house all day.  Chelsea is really excited to be living in the house as freshmen.  Inside, Max is hanging out with Morgan.  Morgan offers to help Chelsea and Stephanie with their stuff.  The rooms that they can take are a single on the second floor, or a shared room with Cordy on the first floor.  Chelsea offers to take room with Cordy, but Stephanie doesn't really care anyway because she is more preoccupied with watching Max across the room.

Lucas and Kate are watching the babies in the nursery at the hospital.  EJ goes into Sami's room, where Sami is eating green Jell-O.  EJ claims that Sami's son is the spitting image of him, and Sami tells him to shut up.

Chelsea and Stephanie get settled in while Stephanie makes comments about Max and Morgan.  Chelsea doesn't want to talk about Max.  They decide to ask Cordy if she wants the single room, so that they can be roommates.  As they go outside to join the party, Morgan catches Max looking at Stephanie and asks him what's going on between them.

Lucas tells Kate that one of the babies might not be his, and that the guy who killed John was Andre DiMera's cellmate.  Lucas says that all signs point to Stefano, but Kate denies that Stefano was behind it.

Sami fights with EJ about his claim on the twins' parentage.  He tells her again that he loves her, and wants to try to make the best out of it.  Sami sarcastically asks if he wants to live together happily as husband and wife.  He says that he just wants to be good friends.  Sami counters that they are not friends, and their marriage is going to be the marriage from hell.

Max explains to Morgan about his past relationship with Stephanie.  Morgan offers to bow out, but Max convinces her that he wants to hang out with Morgan, not Stephanie.  Chelsea talks to Ford Decker, who went out on the date with Cordy.  He said that Cordy was weird and insecure and didn't have a good time on their date.  Ford tries to put the moves on Cordy.

EJ and Sami continue their fight.  Poor Alison Sweeney.  All of her scenes are so repetitive.  Meanwhile, Lucas tells off Kate for pulling every trick in the book to keep him away from Sami.  He tells her that he is through being her son; he's already filled out the forms to change his name to Lucas Horton.  Kate is devastated to hear the news that Lucas chooses Sami and the kids over his own mother.

EJ asks Sami whether she is truly committed to ending the vendetta.  If she isn't, then she's going to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder.

Chelsea laughs at Ford's pickup lines, and says that, for the record, she is so not going out with him.  Oh, I just had a thought.  This is just speculation, not a spoiler, but Ford is probably the attempted rapist that Billie warned the girls about.  Ford is definitely on the creepy scale for Days of our Lives men.  He sees Cordy and tries to say hi, but Cordy pulls away, screaming, "Don't touch me!"  Morgan convinces Max that although he is but a poor bartender, she does want to be exclusive with him.  Didn't they just meet a week ago?  Why do they have to move so fast?  They kiss.

Chelsea goes to check on Cordy, who won't come out of her room.  Morgan, Chelsea and Stephanie come in to see what's wrong.  She won't say what's going on with her, except that she dropped all her classes and is leaving school.

Kate is about to leave when the nurse carts the babies out.  It's feeding time, and offers to let Lucas bring them over to Sami's room.  Kate tells him that he's already a wonderful father and that she's very proud of him.  He tells her to wait before she rushes off.

Sami is still eating that green Jell-O.  EJ says that they have to marry as soon as possible.  He tells her that if she flies down to Santo Domingo, she can get a divorce with 24 hours.  She tells him to go ahead and make the arrangements to go down there.

Ford is working the party.  He whispers into Carmen's ear, but she walks away.  Max approaches him with a watchful eye.  He knows something's going on with that dude.  Cordy tells the girls that she just wants to go home.  Oh, and she's a physics major!  Way to stereotype the Asian chick, heh.  Chelsea suspects that her departure has something to do with her date with Ford.  They ask her to come out to the party, but she abruptly says no, that she just wants to be alone.  The three girls leave the room, and all agree that something isn't right, but there isn't anything they can do tonight.

EJ says that if they don't get a divorce soon, her family will continue to be at risk for another attack from Stefano.  Lucas walks in carrying the fakest-looking doll in his arms.  As EJ walks toward him, Sami tells im not to take a step closer to her child.  Kate comes in next, holding the girl.  EJ leaves, telling Sami to do what she has to do.

Morgan tells the sorority girls to be here when Cordy's parents come to pick her up.  Chelsea asks Ford whether he knew anything about Cordy dropping out of school.  Ford thinks it's a good idea because he thinks she needs meds.  Chelsea and Max agree that Ford reminds them both of Jeremy.  Stephanie storms out of the house alone after Chelsea urges her to tell Max how she feels.

After commercials, Lucas asks Sami what EJ was talking about.  But she doesn't want to talk about it right now.  So he lets it go and admires how beautiful their twins are.  Kate gets up to leave, but Sami says that she can spend time with her grandchildren if she wants.  EJ watches this from outside and gets an idea.

Chelsea goes into Cordy's room and asks how her parents reacted when she told them she was quitting school.  Chelsea says that Ford was trying to hit on her, and Cordy shouts not to let him do that.  Chelsea knows that something is up, but gives her room.  Meanwhile, Ford tries to manhandle another sorority girl.  Max puts a stop to it.  Woah, they're really making Ford seem unequivocally evil here.  Chelsea gets a call from campus security that she left her lights on in her car.  She goes out to check on her car, when she is grabbed from behind.

Next on Days of our Lives: Billie finds out that Chelsea was set up, Lucas takes back his agreement with Sami, Kate refuses to help EJ.

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