Days of our Lives: October 24 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 24 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with Philip and Belle.  Philip has just asked Belle to tell him whether she wants him to leave her life for good.  She says that she couldn't bear to have him out of his life.  They kiss, and fall on the bed.  Belle momentarily says that she can't do this, but she continues to kiss him anyway.

Shawn is down in the pub and tells Hope about his postponement of his enrollment in the police academy.  Upstairs, Belle and Philip are undressing each other.  It is H-O-T.  Shawn is about to go upstairs and walk in on them, but Hope stops him to talk more about the postponement.

Sami is in the hospital now, lying next to the babies.  Lucas comes in to greet his wife and new children.  They talk about how great Marlena was delivering the babies.  They set about to choosing a name for the baby girl.  Sami nixes Julia Roberts.  She also doesn't like Jane.  Lucas looks a bit worried about what EJ said about the twins not resembling each other.  Sami explains that they are fraternal twins and have no reason to look alike at all.  Elsewhere in the hospital, Marlena is talking to a lab technician about having another DNA test done to make certain that both babies are Lucas'.  EJ eavesdrops on this conversation.

At Brady's Pub, Shawn tells Hope that he thinks that Philip sabotaged his entry into the police academy.  He says that he saw them both at the church, and it looked like he walked in on them in the middle of something.  All the while, Belle and Philip are certainly in throes of lovemaking.

Sami assures a very insecure Lucas that he is the father of both children because they had the DNA test to prove it.  EJ tells his plan to Kate, and Marlena interrupts to curse him out and slap him for raping Sami and causing their whole family unspeakable pain.

Hope assures Shawn that Belle loves him and wouldn't have agreed to marry him if she still had any feelings for Philip.  Shawn is sure that Philip, with all his Kiriakis money, paid off Commander Flynn.  Upstairs, Belle is still having sex with Philip.  She knocks down a vase, which falls and breaks, making Belle look up and realize what she's doing.  She has awesomely messy sex hair in the scene.

EJ and Marlena continue to exchange harsh words.  EJ asks her why she was talking to the lab tech just now, and suspects that she isn't sure about the paternity of the babies.  Lucas tells Sami that he thinks they need another DNA test, and Marlena tells Sami that she agrees with Lucas.

Hope tells Shawn not assault Philip and instead, to do some detective work to see if Philip has been doing anything underhanded.  Upstairs, Belle tells Philip that it was a mistake and that he has to get out of here.  She says it was just sex, that's all it was, and it will never happen again.

Marlena and Lucas just want to erase any shadow of a doubt of the paternity of the babies, but Sami will not agree to it.

Kate tells EJ that if she ever finds out that he had anything to do with John Black's death, then she'll kill him herself.

Shawn is very upset because Belle said that she was going to meet him at the pub.  Her car isn't in the parking lot, but Philip's is.  He thinks that Philip has been up there this whole time.  Hope tries to calm him down.  Upstairs, Belle finally succeeds in getting Philip to leave.

Marlena tries to reason with Sami that she needs to have all the information about her babies because they might have a congenital condition that is passed down from the father's side.  Marlena says that the lab tech recommends a re-test.  Sami says that she doesn't care who is the father because the babies are hers and Lucas' and they are going to love them no matter what.  This finally convinces Lucas not to take another test if she doesn't want to.

Shawn is about to go upstairs to see if Philip is there, but Philip comes down the stairs first.  Upstairs, Belle rips the sheets off the bed, crying of guilt.  This is so exciting!  Infidelity and mysterious parentage on Days of our Lives!

Marlena asks to speak to Sami alone, so Lucas goes to the cafeteria.  Outside the room, he runs into Kate, and he accuses Kate of putting EJ up to the idea to question the babies' paternity.  He accuses of Kate of doing whatever it takes to keep him and Sami apart.  Inside the room, Marlena suggests doing the DNA test secretly, without EJ or Lucas knowing about it.

At the pub, Shawn and Philip have their showdown.  Philip asks Shawn what he's doing there.  Hope brings Claire upstairs to see what Belle is up to.  Belle is sweeping up the broken pieces of the vase, looking horribly guilty all the while.  Hope espies the heap of bedding in the corner.

Kate brought the babies a gift, but Lucas throws it right back to her.  He tells her never to buy them anything, and as far as he's concerned, Marlena is their only grandmother.  EJ shows up, while Lucas accuses Kate of working with EJ.  Lucas makes a scene, yelling at EJ and threatening his life.

Philip tells Shawn that he was just walking Belle to her door.  Shawn tells him that Belle is off-limits, but Philip says not for long.  He says that Belle is miserable, and Shawn should pay more attention to him.  Philip says that he will always love Belle and she will always love him.  Upstairs, Belle makes excuses about the mess, that she was doing laundry and knocked the vase over.  But Hope says that she loves her son and will do anything to protect him and demands to know what happened here with Philip.

At the hospital, a nurse comes into the room to get a DNA sample.  Sami is scared that EJ might be the father of both of them, but Marlena reminds her that this is what they thought at the beginning of the pregnancy and everybody including Lucas was very supportive.  Sami eventually agrees to the test.

Next on Days of our Lives: The Salem police arrest EJ, Hope wants to know if Belle had sex with Philip, Philip and Shawn continue to fight over Belle.

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