Days of our Lives: October 23 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 23 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives, Abe Carver found out that the headlamp was traced back to a man in Chicago, but he has no criminal record.

At Brady's Pub, EJ reminds Lucas that a few months ago when everyone thought Sami's twins were EJ's, Lucas had promised to raise the twins like they were his own.  Now that EJ is going to marry Sami, EJ expects Lucas to let him raise the boys like they are his own.

Marlena leaves to call Sami's doctor to meet them at the hospital, but there's no time.  Those twins are comin' out now!

Abe says that he only has a PO box address for the guy in Chicago and Bo will have someone stake him out.  Bo gets a call from the commander at the police station.  He wants to meet Bo and Shawn at the station as soon as possible.

Claire, who was kissing Philip, is explaining to Shawn that he was just lighting a candle for her father.  She asks Shawn to take her home, where she belongs.

Lucas reminds EJ that Sami will be his wife in name only.  As soon as Stefano dies, she's going to go back home to Lucas.  But EJ says that will only happen in a perfect world.

Marlena tells Sami that if the paramedics don't get there in time, she'll deliver the babies herself.  She might be a psychiatrist, but she also has a medical degree, and did a rotation in obstetrics.

EJ assures Lucas that he's going to raise the children as if they were his own.  Lucas dredges up EJ's past sins and brings up the time when EJ allegedly shot John.  EJ plays the calm, collected British gentleman.  It's striking how different EJ and Lucas are.  Lucas is the American hothead, and EJ has the dry British deadpan.  Sami calls Lucas in a panic and tells him to get his butt over to Marlena's.

Claire and Shawn walk out of the church.  He offers her his jacket because she's cold.

As Lucas is leaving to go to Marlena's, he asks Bo to do him a favor.  EJ overhears, and Lucas calls a truce to put the kids first.  EJ agrees and they shake, but Lucas uses the opportunity to cuff EJ to the railing with handcuffs borrowed from Bo.  Lucas leaves; Bo and Abe smirk.

Sami is seven centimeters dilated.  But she's in so much pain, and calls out for Lucas.

Shawn asks Claire if she found comfort in church, rather passive aggressively, I might add.  Bo calls Shawn to meet him at the station.

EJ is furious that he is being held against his will.  Neither Bo nor Abe have the key.  EJ tells them to fetch him some bolt cutters, but Bo just accuses him of orchestrating the hit on John Black.

Lucas has finally arrived at Marlena's.  The first baby's head is crowning.  The head is out and Marlena's got the shoulders out.  The first baby is out!  Marlena wraps it in towels and brings the baby boy up to meet his parents.  This is a very emotional couple weeks on Days of our Lives, what with the death of a beloved character, and now with the birth of twins.

At church, Philip prays and thanks God for Belle.  He kind of confides in God, like He's one of his buds at the bar.  He tells God that Belle clearly hasn't fully committed to Philip yet, not having even set her wedding date yet.  He tries to convince God that he wants Belle back because he loves her, not because he wants to beat Shawn.  As he finishes his prayer, none other than Belle comes back because her car won't start.  She probably heard the whole thing.

At the police station, Commander Flynn tells Shawn that his enrollment in the police academy has been postponed pending further review because he defied a court order earlier this year when he fled the country with Belle and Claire to get away from Philip Kiriakis.

After the break, Philip drives Belle back home, after having her car towed to a mechanic.

Bo and Shawn are extremely angry about the court order business.  Shawn tries to explain himself, and vows that he's going to fight this.

Belle, is a bit embarrassed at the mess in her apartment and scurries to make the bed.  But Philip says that she's still hopeless at making beds and offers to do it for her.  Philip tells Belle that he's still in love with her, and she asks him to leave.  He says that she wants her back, but she doesn't answer.

Kate saunters into Brady's Pub to find EJ still cuffed to the rail.  He asks her to free him, but she turns to leave to go to Sami and Lucas.

Lucas and Sami were going to name the boy Roman Thomas, but Sami thinks that they should name it John instead.  They introduce Marlena to John Roman Roberts, just as contractions start for the second baby.

EJ finally gets himself free, and he and Kate go to Marlena's, where Sami is in the middle of pushing.  But this second baby is not so easy.  The cord is wrapped around its neck.

Shawn tells Bo that he knows that Philip was the one who narced on him.  He tells his father that he walked in on them kissing at the church.

Philip apologizes to Belle for ruining their marriage.  He says that there were three people who were responsible: himself, Belle and Shawn.  Philip said that walking away from Belle was the biggest mistake he ever made, but it's not too late for them to get back together.  Belle says that she's with Shawn now and that it's too late.  Philip reminds her that she did her sharing of kissing back at the church, and tells her not to give up on them.

Marlena's got the cord unwrapped from the baby's neck.  Sami gives one last push, and the new baby girl is born.  She's going to be just fine!

Philip clarifies that he doesn't want to have an affair with Belle; he wants her to choose him.  She says that she kissed him because Philip makes her feel safe.  But Philip says that if she were completely happy with Shawn, then she would have slapped Philip instead of kissing him.  He tells her that he wants to make love with her, but if she wants him to walk out of her life, then he will.

Kate and EJ have arrived at Marlena's, as Sami and Lucas coo over how perfect and tiny their son and daughter are.  Marlena bitches at the unwelcome guests to please get out of there.

Shawn plans on showing Belle what a despicable character Philip is.

At Belle's apartment, Philip opens the door.  He tells Belle that she just has to say the word, and he will walk out that door and out of her life forever.  She considers this, and goes over to close the door.  She tells him that she couldn't bear it if she didn't have him in her life.  They kiss again!

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami's babies might have different fathers!

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