Days of our Lives: October 22 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 22 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins immediately post-punch: Steve had punched Philip in the face for not apologizing to Kayla for accusing her of poisoning Pocket/Tyler.  He does apologize, but pretty insincerely, and promises that as soon as the doctor gives the baby a clean bill of health, he's going to take his son home.

Bo and Shawn continue their conversation about Shawn joining the police force.  Bo reminds Shawn that Hope won't be able to take it if something bad happened to Shawn.  Bo finally admits that it's not just Hope who couldn't take it.  Bo himself wouldn't be able to either.

Steve tells Philip that there is no way he is taking the baby until the DNA test proves that he is the father.  Steve accuses Philip of treating the baby as just another Kiriakis acquisition.

Shawn really wants to become a police officer to give back to the community.  He makes his case with much heart, and Bo agrees to deal with his decision somehow.

Sami and Belle are still attending to Marlena.  They repeat that they want to move in with her.  Marlena is grateful.

The doctor tells Kayla and Steve that Pocket/Tyler hasn't been poisoned.  He has MMA, methyl melonic acidemia, a rare genetic disorder that makes the body produce chemicals that produce symptoms of poisoning.  The child services agent tells them that the case is officially closed.  The current family who is fostering Pocket/Tyler arrive as well.  They have fallen in love with the boy as well, and even call him Pocket.  Kayla and Steve watch this other family coo at the baby, realizing that he was taken to a good family.  Philip is still insistent that he's the father, even though he really doesn't have anything to prove it, except coincidence.  He thinks that Pocket is his son, just because he appeared around the same time that Tyler disappeared.  But I'm sure women are getting knocked up all the time in Salem.

Days of our Lives is continuing to feed Sami the same lines she's been reading for the past month.  She insists to Marlena and Belle that the only way to stop the violence is to marry EJ.  She says that she'll be safe because EJ loves her, but Marlena warns her that Stefano said that he loved her too, and then John was killed.  Sami promises that she will never become a DiMera, she is Brady through and through.  Marlena and Belle, ever the voice of reason, tell her that there are limits to what she can do to help her family.

The police academy runs by the pier.  The commander, old Ironpants, who is running a workout session stops to talk to Shawn and Bo.  He tells Shawn to join him at 0500 tomorrow morning for breakfast tomorrow.

The child protective services agent says that Pocket/Tyler will remain with the Wilkins family, the new foster family for the time being.  Kayla's face is full of feeling.  She is one of my favorite characters on Days of our Lives.  Steve asks Philip if he wants the baby just for company in his lonely mansion.  He suggests getting a dog instead.  Kayla pleads with Philip to ask himself what's right for the baby.  He says that he is a good father to Claire, but Kayla says that the Pocket/Tyler's needs come first right now, not Philip's.  Sometimes the right thing is letting go.  She is speaking to Philip, but also about herself, because she knows that right now, the new foster family might be the thing that the baby needs right now.

Belle begins to take Sami's side.  She remembers that when she was on the run with Claire, she had to do some crazy things to protect her daughter.  She understands that Sami needs to protect her family the only way that she can.  Marlena, however, is still dead set against the union.  Sami makes a hasty exit.  She is going to turn this vendetta back on Stefano and make it hurt.  Belle has to go pick up Claire from preschool, but promises to be back later.  Marlena is alone again.  She dials the phone.

Bo is proud of Shawn and believes that he is up to the responsibility.  He also asks him when he and Belle are going to get married.  As Shawn leaves, Bo tells himself that his son is going to be alright.

Belle is at church and lights a candle for her father.  Philip finds her there and tells her how sorry he is for her loss.  She tells him that even though she is grown now, she's still her daddy's little girl.  Philip holds her hand, but she pulls away and asks about Pocket/Tyler.  Philip says that his foster parents are great.  He says that he is going to have to give up his son.

At the hospital, Kayla holds Pocket for one last time before giving him up to the new foster parents.  It's so sad!  Steve holds him too, and says good-bye to Pocket-man.  Steve and Kayla console each other and promise that they will talk about trying to have a baby someday.

At the church, Belle doesn't understand why Philip is going to give up his son.  Philip says that it's because he wanted him for all the wrong reasons.  The new foster parents who have him right now have already started the process to adopt him, and they love him like he's theirs already.  He says that Tyler deserves two parents, and having Tyler around will not be able to fix what's wrong with Philip.  But he says that Belle can fix him and tells her that he loves her.  She tries to protest.  He tells her that he wants her back and leans in to kiss her.  Just as she kisses him back, Shawn walks into the church and sees them kissing.

Sami comes back because Marlena wanted to apologize for ending their conversation on a bad note.  Sami starts to have contractions that are very close together.  She's going into labor!  Marlena gets on the phone to call an ambulance.

Next on Days of our Lives: Shawn's enrollment in the police academy is postponed, Sami goes into labor.

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