Days of our Lives: October 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 2 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, Lucas and Kate get into the car after leaving Stefano's hospital room.  Lucas accuses his mother of scheming to rip Sami away from him.  He tells her to get out of his car and out of his life forever.

Andre, who has brought Roman over to the pub where Sami and EJ are, is still waxing evil.  He strapped a bomb around Roman's chest.  Roman is unconscious, most likely drugged.  EJ tells Andre that the vendetta is over at Stefano's order.

Bo tells everyone to scour the cemetery for any sign of Andre and Roman.  It was Roman's badge that was in the Benjy's coffin (I missed this detail yesterday).

Steve still has his gun pulled on Stefano.  Stefano tries to reason with him.

Kate has not left Lucas' car.  She tries to explain to him that all she's ever wanted was for him to be happy.  His voice rises about an octave as he whines that all she's ever done was try to keep him away from Sami.

Stefano asks Steve why he wants to kill him.  Steve tells him that Benjy was in the coffin, buried alive, and is now dead.  Stefano is shocked to hear what happened and realized that Andre must have done it.  Steve says that Stefano trained Andre to be a killer.  Stefano challenges that if Steve kills him now, then the vendetta will keep going.  He tells Steve to call Sami for proof that he did his part in ending the vendetta.

EJ tries to explain to Andre that he and Sami are going to be married, which will end the vendetta.  He puts his arm around Sami, but she shakes free, saying that she only agreed to it if her father is safe.  She says that he's clearly not, since he still has a bomb strapped to his chest and is drugged.

Kate is upset to hear Lucas would really throw her out of the car.  She repeats that she wanted so much for Lucas.  She feels the need to clarify that she wanted good things for him.  He doesn't buy it, however.  She continues, but he insists that he doesn't want her around, whining the whole time.

Sami clarifies that the deal she made with Stefano was that she would marry EJ if her family was safe.  She tells Andre to get the bomb off Roman's chest.  EJ offers to get Stefano on the phone, so that he can clear things up with Andre and he can get on with marrying Sami.

Instead of shooting Stefano, Steve sits in the corner of Stefano's room crying about Benjy.  Stefano also mourns Benjy's passing, but Steve thinks he's faking it.  Steve takes more time out of threatening Stefano by tearfully remembering Benjy.

At the cemetery, Bo realizes that Steve tricked the cop who was supposed to be guarding Stefano's room.  Doh!

Things don't happen quickly on Days of our Lives, and Lucas would probably agree with me vociferously.  He is annoyed that Kate hasn't gotten out of his car.  Kate tells him about the day that he was born and cries quietly while talking to him.  She says that she swore to herself that she would do everything to make sure that she could provide everything for him.  He whines that she gave him everything except for the freedom to live his own life.  He repeats again that he wants her gone, out of his car and out of his life.  She finally leaves.

Really, why can't Steve just shoot Stefano, if only to get him to stop talking.  Stefano gets philosophical about death.  He always lived in the shadow of death, so he's not afraid to confront it.  He yells at Steve to shoot him.

Andre is still not convinced that Stefano called off the feud.  He gives them all five minutes to get ahold of Stefano, and then turns on the bomb timer on Roman's chest to count down five minutes.

Steve doesn't pull the trigger because he has something special planned for Stefano.  He tells him to get up and follow him.  Bo calls Steve and tells him to stop it.  Bo and Hope head out to the hospital to try to stop Steve from doing something rash.

From his car, Lucas calls Sami but gets her voicemail.  He says he doesn't want to fight anymore and that he loves her.  When he gets off the phone, Kate gets back in to tell him that she had nothing to do with Sami's decision.

At the pub, Sami uses EJ's phone to call Bo because she doesn't know how to diffuse the bomb.  Roman is coherent enough now to tell his daughter to get the hell out of there.

Bo gets to the hospital, but Steve has already absconded with Stefano.

Kate's pleas to Lucas fall on deaf ears.  He tells her that she is dead to him now.  He says that his name is no longer Lucas Roberts.

Sami finally gets ahold of Bo and tells him that Roman is at the pub with a bomb.  She begs him to tell her what to do.  Hopefully, after 45 full minutes of all talk and no action, Bo will talk Sami through the steps to diffuse the bomb.  I really would like some action sometime soon.  Bo and Roman try to convince Sami to leave, but she is stubborn.  Sadly, we don't get any more action than that.

Steve has brought Stefano to the local news station where they are standing on camera in front of the weatherman's green screen.  Steve's got Stefano on gunpoint.

Lucas tells Kate that he's going to file papers and change his name to the name he should have taken in the first place, Lucas Borden.  Lucas' car radio magically turns on to an emergency broadcast of Steve and Stefano.

Sami finally realizes, with one minute left on the bomb clock, that it's time to say good-bye to her father.  Andre also takes his leave, but just as he is about to leave, Andre's eye catches the TV above the bar.  On TV, Steve tells Andre to bring Roman or else Stefano will die.

Next time on Days of our Lives: Stephanie and Chelsea find out if they make it into the sorority, the Steve and Stefano showdown continues at the news station.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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