Days of our Lives: October 19 Recap
Days of our Lives: October 19 Recap
Days of our Lives opens right where yesterday's episode left off.  Marlena tells Stefano that she will despise him until the day she dies, and screams for him to get out.  He says that he prays that the Bradys won't have any more funerals, a pointed message to Sami.

Kate continues to talk to EJ.  Kate says that she wants the vendetta to end, for Lucas' sake and for her grandchildren's sake.  EJ leaves the pub, but before he does, Kate tells him that if Sami marries him to end the vendetta, she'll be a hero.  Kate thinks about her past with John and bids him adieu.

The mourners follow as the pallbearers carry John's casket out of the church.  The whole scene is shot for dramatically, in slow motion.

Marlena goes home to her bedroom and looks around, despondent and grieving.  She is carrying the flag that was draped over his coffin.  She walks around the room, crying and smelling his clothes.  She breaks down in sobs.

Bo examines the broken headlamp that was recovered at John's accident, but he's doing this at Brady's Pub.  Isn't this more suited to the crime lab, maybe?  Across the room, Max asks Stephanie how she's doing.  Max says that John and Marlena had one of the great loves in history.  Billie tells Chelsea to be careful, both of the DiMeras because, being a Brady, she may be a target, and of the campus rapist.  Outside the pub, Lucas comforts Sami and finally admits that Sami is right.  He can't deny anymore that the only way to end the violence is for her to marry EJ.

Tony feels bad about John's death because he's related to Stefano.  He introduces Anna to Lexie and invites Lexie and Abe over for dinner.  Stephanie realizes that she's never been there to support her parents, so she reaches out to them by trying to be more accessible.

Roman, Bo and Abe continue to work on deciphering the serial number of the headlamp.

Sami assures Lucas that she doesn't want to marry EJ, but they both know that she has to.  He holds her and tells her that he's never going to stop loving her.  EJ, spying on them, sees all of this.

Gramps proposes a toast for John as everyone remembers his life.  There are lots of flashbacks to his scenes from over the years, and it is all very touching.

It's the Drake Hogestyn clip show!  Marlena sits in her room as the rain comes down hard and remembers John.

As if they don't have any more grief, Kayla and Steve rushes to the emergency room because Pocket is sick again, with the same symptoms.  Pocket was moved to another foster home, and still shows signs of poisoning, so Steve is hopeful that that means he and Kayla can get him back.  Philip rushes to the hospital also.  Steve asks that he apologize to Kayla for accusing her of poisoning the baby, and when Philip refuses, he and Steve get into a scuffle.

Bo and Shawn go out for a run to the pier and talk about how Shawn will be joining the police force.  Bo tells him that neither Hope nor Belle want Shawn to join the force because they are worried about his safety.

The next morning, Belle brings her mother some tea and some pastries from the French bakery.  Neither of them slept last night, but both have perfect hair and makeup.  Marlena explains that they have to go through all the stages of grief.  She finally understands how her patients have felt when they were going through their own grief.  She realizes that she had no idea what her patients were going through at all, but now she does.   Sami arrives bearing French pastries and coffee and joins her mother and half-sister in bed.  Sami's hair looks fabulous with a sleek black headband.  Sami cutely tells Marlena that she and Belle are going to move in with Marlena for as long as she needs, until she can face the world again.  Marlena says that they are so sweet

Next week on Days of our Lives: Bo doesn't want Shawn to join the force, Marlena warns Sami that EJ can't be trusted, Philip kisses Belle.

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