Days of our Lives: October 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 18 Live Thoughts
It's flashback to the '80s on Days of our Lives today.  Marlena walks the pier at night remember John Black from the days when he had a mullet the size of Kansas.  Roman comes to the pier to look for Marlena.  She is distraught and not at all ready to say good-bye to John.

Tony goes to Stefano's room at the hospital with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate sardonically John's death.

The Bradys are assembled at the pub, everyone laying out food for John's funeral.

We return from commercials to find Tony warning Stefano that John's death is most definitely Stefano's problem.  The Bradys aren't going to take his death lightly, and will go after Stefano.  As far as Tony is concerned, Stefano is already dead.

Roman says that he knew to look for Marlena at the pier because John had told him about the time he saw her there when he was in the coma.  Marlena too thinks that the DiMeras were behind his death.  Roman tells her that every single member of the Brady family will be with her every step of the way.

Bo and Hope are at the church.  They are early for John's funeral.  The coffin is draped with an American flag and the whole place is filled with flowers and candles and photographs of John.  The priest comes in to tell them that Vivian Alamain sent all of this, along with a check to cover the expense of the entire funeral.  She is John's aunt.

At the pub, Steve remembers that he was the one who brought John to Salem in the first place.  Stephanie offers sympathies to the Carvers.  Jett asks Chelsea where Nick is, but Nick is at home with the kids.  Belle reports that Brady and Chloe can't make it because they are snowed in.

EJ came to the pub to offer his condolences, but Lucas answers that by sucker punching him in the gut.  Sami yells that today is not about any of them, it's about John and everyone should show him some respect.  Lucas apologizes to Sami later on.  She says that she understands, but that the only way to end the violence is if she marries EJ.

Shawn brings Belle to the church.  Belle talks to John in apostrophe, and it's pretty heartbreaking.  She and Marlena are really good criers.  Mourners file into the church and light candles for the departed.  Organ music plays softly in the background.  Belle, who is sitting in the front row, turns to see Philip entering the church.  The priest walks up to the front and begins the funeral proceedings.  Surprisingly, in the middle of the service, Victor Kiriakis comes in and strides up to the front.  Addressing everyone, he says that he knows he's not welcome, but he's got a few words to say.  He says that John was his former son-in-law and also his friend.  Victor takes full responsibility for their parting.  He pays his respects to Marlena and Belle, and then Gramps meets him to shake his hand.

At the hospital, Stefano calls for his limo.

It's Grams' turn to give her eulogy.  She considers John an honorary Brady.  Then Hope speaks.  She breaks down in the middle and can't finish.  Anna goes next and speaks of John's great skills as a father.  Then Abe Carver's turn.  Man, this must be a really long funeral service.  I hope the food at the pub is still warm when they go there afterwards.  Abe is proud that John will be buried with full policeman's honors and salutes the casket.

EJ and Kate are at Brady's Pub, helping themselves to some spirits.  Kate knows that EJ must be happy because he's always wanting John dead.

Finally it's Belle's turn.  She puts a fingerpainting done by Claire on his photograph and cries.  I know a lot of Days of our Lives fans are sad at John's death, and man, this whole episode is so sad.  Sami hugs Belle and starts her eulogy.  Sami promises that John's death will count for something.

Is the entire population of Salem going to give a eulogy?  Roman remembers the fake Roman Brady.  He takes this opportunity to recap the famous Days of our Lives Roman II/John Black storyline.

EJ tells Kate that he didn't kill John, nor does he know who did.  Kate says that he was taught to hate the Bradys long before he even met them.  But once he met them, he even fell in love with one of them.  She says that the Bradys didn't deserve the vendetta and John didn't deserve to die.

Finally, Marlena goes to the front of the church and thanks everyone for coming today.  In the middle of her eulogy, there is a disruption.  Stefano wheels into the church in his Rascal scooter and announces that he came to pay his respects, but Marlena scream at him to get out.

Next on Days of our Lives:  Marlena yells at Stefano to get out, Steve and Philip get in a scuffle over Tyler/Pocket, Lucas finally agrees that Sami has to marry EJ.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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