Days of our Lives: October 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 16 Live Thoughts
Max's date with Morgan is in full swing on Days of our Lives.  Max has brought her to the Brady Pub and brings over a full plate of chili fries.  Morgan looks apprehensive and uncomfortable because she's clearly never slummed it so much.  But Max's idea to bring her to the race track and then to the pub seems to have been a hit with Morgan.  They make gooey eyes at each other over the chili fries.  By the by, Morgan Hollingsworth is played by Kristen Renton.

Belle is still in the hospital outside of John's room.  She calls Hope.  John is still unconscious.

EJ reminds Sami that Lucas also needs to sign the annulment paper.  Sami assures him that he will.  Lucas walks in on them.

Stephanie is lurking around the entrance to Brady's Pub.  She followed them all night.  Chelsea arrives to chide her friend for being jealous.  Stephanie suspects that Morgan is only faking enjoying herself and she says that they need to save Max.  Inside the pub, Morgan tells Max that Stephanie is spying on them and has been following them all night.

Belle refuses to say good-bye to her father because she still wants them to fight to save his life.  She goes outside to tell Sami and Lucas that it looks unlikely that John will make it through the night.

Morgan realizes that Max and Stephanie used to date, and guesses that Stephanie still has feelings for him.  Outside, Stephanie is obsessed, but in complete denial.  Chelsea reminds her that Steph was the one who dumped Max in the first place, but Stephanie didn't know that he would rebound this quickly.  She's worried that the way Max is looking at Morgan means that he's falling for her.

Marlena tearfully talks to an unconscious John.  He slowly wakes up, but he's groggy and can't speak very well.  He says that he heard every word that she said to him.  Outside the room, Belle and Sami talk about John.  I notice that Allison Sweeney has the teeny-tiniest nose!  It's like barely a blip on her profile!  But they really do look like sisters.  Days of our Lives did a good job casting them, and Marlena as well.  They hug, and then Shawn comes in to join in the hug.

Lucas accuses EJ of being responsible for the hit on John, but EJ denies everything.

Morgan asks Max what happened with Stephanie.  Max says that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore.  Darin Brooks looks like he has the beginnings of an unfortunate soul patch on his chin.  It seems like the date is going really well.  Outside, Chelsea susses out the truth: that Stephanie's real worry is that Max will develop feelings for Morgan.

At the hospital, John knows that his chances aren't very good.  He tells Marlena that he knows she can be strong for the rest of the family, and tells her not to cry.  He's starting to say stuff that characters say when they're about to die.  Maybe the cover of Soap Opera Digest was true, that they really will kill off John.  He asks Marlena to lie down next to him for five minutes.

Lucas has a standoff with EJ.  Lucas really has to strain his neck to look up at EJ.  He is so much shorter!  According to IMDB, James Scott is 6'4" and Bryan Datillo is only 5'8".  Woah, the difference in height is so comical!  No wonder Lucas is so insecure!

Grams brings apple pie over to Max's and Morgan's table.  Morgan asks him what happened with him and Stephanie, how long they dated and why they broke up.  Outside, Chelsea gives her friend some wise advice.  She tells her that she should just be straight with Max and tell him how she feels.

Sami and Lucas have their same argue about getting an annulment that they have been having forever.  Sami says that she doesn't have any other choice.  Marlena comes outside to tell Belle that John's awake, but that doesn't mean he's doing better.  Marlena tells Shawn that Belle is really going to need him and to stay close to him.  Belle goes in to talk to her father.  She puts on a brave face and tries not to cry.  She hugs him.  He tells her to turn Claire into a Cubs fan.  Is Salem supposed to be in Illinois then?

At the pub, Caroline tells Max about John's accident.  Max offers to give Grams and Gramps a ride to the hospital as soon as he drops Morgan off.  Morgan says that she can get a cab home so that he can be with his family.  He tells her that she's pretty terrific.

Stephanie says that if she goes to Max and tells him that she still has feelings for him, the only thing that will happen is that Max will just get weird and worried that Jeremy will come back and sabotage everything.  Max and Morgan walk outside and run into Chelsea and Stephanie outside.  Max asks Stephanie to take Morgan back to the sorority house.

John tells Belle that everything's okay.  She wants to say so much to him, but doesn't know where to start.  He asks her to promise never forget him.

Marlena interrupts Sami and Lucas' argument.  Meanwhile, EJ is lurking around the corner with the annulment paper.

Chelsea leaves to go tell her mother about John.  Morgan kisses Max good night, right in front of a displeased Stephanie, and he leaves to go.  Geez, Days of our Lives has lots of short men on the cast.  Max is barely taller than Morgan.

The family has all gathered at John's bedside, Claire included.  Claire is really adorable, but doesn't get that she's supposed to be looking at John right now.  Child actors can be so difficult!

Next on Days of our Lives: Nick is still harboring Jeremy, Morgan tells Stephanie that an Alpha Chi Theta does not take another girl's guy, Bo confronts Stefano about John's accident.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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