Days of our Lives: October 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives opens right where last Friday's episodes ended.  John is on the ground, after being hit by a speeding car.  Strangely, the blood on his head is completely dried.

Tony arrives at the hospital to learn from Stefano that Andre is dead as a doornail.  Stefano tells him his theory that it was Gramps who killed him.  Tony is happy that Andre is dead, but Stefano tells him that Tony must take Andre's place as head of the DiMera family.

Sami is upset to hear about John, and thinks that she is responsible for this.

The ambulance and the Salem police arrive to take John away.

Stefano and Chelsea go to the sorority house to find Morgan getting ready for her date with Max.  Cordy also has a date with Ford, but she's been in her room getting ready since lunch.  The girls hear an ear-splitting scream from Cordy's room, and they all run to see what happened.

Stefano tells Tony that he was raised a DiMera.  Stefano says that while he's in Tuscany to do some business, Tony has to take over.  Tony is still super pissed off about being sent to Melaswen for 20 years.  Tony guarantees that if he becomes head of the family, the cycle of murder and violence dies with Stefano.

Sami and Lucas go to the Belle and Marlena.  Sami is still crying, thinking that it was all her fault, which Lucas reminds her again.  Belle doesn't want to be alone, and asks Sami to ride with her to the hospital.  This leaves Lucas alone, looking worried.

EJ comes back to the hospital to find out that Andre is dead.  This confuses him because if Andre is dead, then who ran John Black down?  The doctor tells Marlena and Belle that John is in critical condition.  He is suffering a lot of internal bleeding.  Tony and Anna offer their sympathies.

The sorority girls are in full-on emergency mode.  All the girls are dispatched to retrieve their hottest outfits and makeup kits to transform Cordy into a babe for her date with Ford.  Chelsea and Morgan take it upon themselves to do her makeup, while Stephanie is instructed to look out for Max or Ford.

Stefano is shocked to find out about John.  So, nobody on Days of our Lives knows who attacked John.  EJ is starting to show his true colors by being happy about this situation.  He knows that Sami will never believe that a DiMera did not order the hit on John, so this is what finally needed to happen to convince Sami to marry him.

Max and Ford arrive at the sorority house.  Ford is kind of a d-bag; he insinuates that his date, Cordy, isn't as great a date as Morgan is.  The girls aren't done with Cordy's makeup, so Stephanie goes outside to stall them.

At the hospital, Tony and Anna take their leave to go to the alley to see if the police have found anything about more about the driver who hit John.  Marlena is very gracious and thanks them for their support, and tells them that she's glad that they are in her family.  Sami apologizes to Belle for letting this happen to John.  Belle tells her that there's nothing to apologize for.  Sami then goes to ask the nurse if she has an transparent tape.  I guess the Scotch brand is trademarked, huh?  I'm guessing that she wants to put eh annulment paper that she tore up back together.  John is wheeled out of the OR, and EJ shows up at the hospital.

Stephanie flirts with Ford, who has enormous elephant ears.  In fact, I think that his right ear is even bigger than her left.  Ford tells her that he's upset that Stephanie didn't win the bid on him.  The girls are finally ready for their dates.  Morgan is hideously overdressed, but Cordy looks fantastic, in a sleek red strapless sheath.  Ford is pleasantly surprised at her appearance.  He's kind of shallow, isn't he?

Marlena and Belle get the bad news about John's condition.  His back was broken in two places, his collarbone shattered, the list goes on.  The surgeon says that his injuries are so severe that surgery isn't possible.

Meanwhile, Sami has taped the annulment back together.  EJ comes in just as she's putting the paper in her purse.  He tells her that Andre is dead.

Ford tells Cordy, a bit ominously if you ask me, that they are going to have a night that both of them will remember for the rest of their lives.  Chelsea is so happy that they joined the sorority because she had so much fun helping Cordy out.  Stephanie isn't paying too much attention, though, because she's too busy being jealous of Morgan.

At the hospital, Stefano gets a delivery.  It's marked "DNA results Samantha Jean Brady."  He opens the letter and says, "Just as I thought."  I wonder if this means that EJ is the daddy of the twins!  Somewhere else in the hospital, Sami gives EJ the repaired and signed annulment paper, and tells him that she'll marry him.

The doctor tells Marlena and Belle that John's organs are failing and he doesn't expect him to make it through the night.  They cry.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie wants to install a webcam in the Max's bedroom, Sami and Lucas argue again, John is still alive.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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