Days of our Lives: October 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 12 Live Thoughts
Today's Days of our Lives picks up with Gramps trying to pull the plug on Andre.  He locks the door and is about to kill Andre, but he's interrupted by the ghost of Coleen who tells him not to become one of them, not to let vengeance get the better of him.  Gramps ignores her, and goes for the plug anyway.

With all the Bradys supporting her, Sami tears up the annulment paper.

Belle parks in an empty parking lot.  It's her first night in the clinic, shadowing a nurse.  EJ stalks her, while talking to himself evilly.

At the pub, everyone celebrates Sami.  John tells her how proud she is of him, even though they haven't been all the close lately.  Sami tearfully tells him that he's her dad too, and they hug.  Grams tells Bo and Hope and Gramps went to visit a friend in the hospital.  They're all worried that he's going to do something rash with Andre.

Gramps, whose Irish accent is a bit uneven I'd say, is about to pull the plug on Andre, but at the last minute, he decides against it.  But Andre does it himself!  Andre turns his own respirator off.  The cop and a nurse try to get in, but the door is locked.  Gramps just sits down and says, "God rest his soul."

Belle gets a call from Marlena.  When she hangs up, she gathers her things together and gets out of the car.  She accidentally locked her keys in the car.  EJ, still talking to himself, ominously starts his car.  Belle turns back because she realized that her keys are in the car, and EJ is about to strike.  Only this time, he gets a call from Sami on his phone.  Sami asks him to come to pub.  He says that it's Belle's luck night.

Grams tells Bo and Hope that Gramps feels responsible for what happened to Coleen.  Grams realizes that every year around October, Gramps would get a terrible anger, but he would never tell her what he's angry about.  Bo and Hope leave to go find Gramps so that he won't do anything stupid.

At the hospital, the nurse and the cop finally break down the door.  They get a crash cart to shock his heart.  The cop asks him why he didn't open the door.  Gramps tells him to call his son the lawyer and that he's not going anywhere.  He's right where he needs to be.

Andre is dead!  Stefano wheels into Andre's room on his Rascal scooter.  He demands to know what happened that led to his nephew's death.  The doctor tells him that Gramps was in the room when the life support system was turned off.  Stefano spends a moment alone with his dead nephew.  He commends Andre for being his most loyal soldier and gently pulls the sheet over his head.  Then he rolls out on his Rascal scooter to glare threateningly at Gramps while quoting Italian opera.  He confronts Gramps.  He tells him that the vendetta is ON again!  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  All I have to look forward to, really, is Lucas pronouncing it "VAN-detta."  Days of our Lives should hire a speech coach for him.

At the pub, John and Marlena leave to go help Belle, whose keys are locked in her car.  EJ arrives, and Sami tells that she is not marrying him, but she still hopes that he will do everything he can to end the vendetta.  Lucas gloats that he won.  EJ, clearly upset, tells Sami privately that she has to stop ignoring her feelings for him.

Marlena and John find Belle's car in the very remote and deserted parking lot.  They Marlena realizes that the passenger side door is open.

Stefano wants the cop to arrest Gramps for the murder of Andre DiMera.  Bo and Hope arrive at that moment.  Bo asks his pop what really happened, but Gramps stays silent.  Bo defends his father to Stefano.  But Stefano says that even if he himself is killed, his sons would avenge his death.  Bo reports that Sami is not going to marry EJ because she ripped up the annulment papers.  Stefano wheels away in his Rascal scooter so that Gramps can have a private conversation with Bo and Hope.  Gramps tells them that Stefano deliberately told him about the Italian mother, and that he tried to kill Andre, but Coleen's spirit told him not to.  He tells Bo and Hope that right before Andre turned off his own respirator, there was a brief flicker of remorse in his eyes.

At the pub, Sami tells EJ that she'll never forgive him for the night that he raped her.  EJ pleads with her to forget about everything else about the two of them.  If there were no vendetta, how would she feel?  Sami says that she feels nothing and that she loves her husband.  She tells him to leave her, her marriage and her family alone.  Bitchy Sami is back and rips into EJ about how Santo and Coleen's story was not a love story; it was a tragedy.  EJ says that from this moment forward, anything that happens to her or her family is because of her and her only.

Stefano vows to Andre's dead body that he will avenge his death.  Bo comes in to say that Hope took Gramps home.  Bo says that Andre was the one who offed himself.  Stefano promises that there will be a trial and Gramps will spend the rest of his life in jail.  Stefano says that if the justice system doesn't go in his favor, he'll find another way to get even.

Marlena and John are still outside Belle's car.  John walks out into the parking lot as a speeding car rams into him.  John goes flying, as Marlena screams in fear.

Bo tells Stefano that he's worse than Santo ever was and to go back to Italy.  Bo is very angry and has trouble spitting his words out.  He says that his pop couldn't and wouldn't murder Andre.

Sami tells EJ that another way to end the vendetta is to convince Stefano to end it once and for all.  EJ doesn't care about anything except for himself and Sami.  Sami realizes that EJ might have a plan to hurt her family and is frightened.  Poor Lucas looks so tiny and dwarvish next to EJ.  Marlena calls Sami, devastated about John.  He's not looking too good.  Sami tells Lucas and EJ about John.  Sami realizes that it might have been a DiMera who did it.  Belle comes back to the car and sees her parents and runs over.  Marlena immediately suspects that Stefano was behind the hit and run.

Next on Days of our Lives: John is still on the ground, EJ still wants to marry Sami.

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