Days of our Lives: October 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: October 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins at the bar.  Philip tells Belle that he's sick of waiting to get his son back.  He tells her that he is planning to break into Mrs. Meyers' (the child protective services agent) office while she's at lunch.

Gramps goes to the hospital to see Andre.  The cop who is guarding his door informs him that Stefano is in the room with him. 

Lucas has assembled Hope, Bo, John and Marlena at the Brady Pub and appeals to them to help him save his marriage.  He tells them about the annulment papers that Sami almost signed.

Philip tells Belle that social services took Pocket/Tyler away from Steve and Kayla, so he needs to break into Mrs. Meyers' office to find out where his new foster home is.  Belle tries to dissuade him from breaking and entering.  If he gets caught, then he might lose Pocket/Tyler forever.

Andre is unconscious in the hospital room.  Stefano tells his motionless body that he should punish him for what he did to Benjy, but then realizes that he's not actually the one who killed Benjy.  The one who killed Benjy is the one who turned Andre into a soulless killing machine, namely Stefano himself.  He grieves and promises Andre that he will fix everything.  Once Andre is well, Stefano tells him that he'll take him to Italy.  Gramps enters the room at that moment and announces that he has business with Stefano and Andre.  Stefano says that, as far as the vendetta goes, he does not like how they ended things.

Sami arrives at the pub to see the Brady family assembled.  Allison Sweeney finally gets to change out of that fugly green dress that she's been wearing for the past week.  Now she is in a flowered muumuu.  Lucas finally sounds more sensitive.  He says that she has to trust him and her family to keep her safe.  EJ barges in on their family powwow.

Belle begs Philip to remember his military training and make a plan before marching in.  All of her warnings go unheeded because he is being stubborn and irrational.

Stefano and Gramps argue about the vendetta started.  Gramps defends Coleen as being an innocent victim, but Stefano argues that she just used Santo as a way of getting out of the convent and Stefano's Italian mother was the real victim.

The Bradys snarl at EJ that he's not invited here.  EJ asks them to give him time to make his case to Sami as well, but the Bradys all stand shoulder-to-shoulder around Sami.  They all tell him that she's not going to sign the annulment papers, so he gets up to leave.  Sami goes to close the door behind him, and before he goes, he asks if Will is back in town.  He insinuates that Will is in danger of becoming the latest victim at the hands of the DiMeras if she doesn't sign the papers.

Belle tells Philip that her mother, who works at the University Hospital, might be able to help Philip out.  He is still determined to break into Meyers' officer, but Belle convinces him that she might be able to change the agent's mind.

Stefano continues to make the case that Coleen was an evil witch who stole another man's wife, which broke his mother's heart.  Gramps says that Coleen thought his mother was dead, and finding out that she was alive drove her to throw herself off a cliff.  The Bradys never even found her body, and Stefano lets slip that there was a reason why they couldn't find it.

At the Brady Pub, all the Bradys are so proud of Sami for holding her ground against EJ.  She desperately tells them to stop celebrating because the vendetta is not over like they think it is.

Belle approaches Mrs. Meyers during her lunch hour.  Mrs. Meyers is impressed to hear that Philip is a decorated war hero, a veteran of two tours of duty.

Stefano says that his parents' marriage was an arranged marriage, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't love between them.  Stefano says that he told Gramps on purpose that his mother was alive so that he would go and tell his da' about the Italian mother.  Gramps storms out of the room upon learning that Stefano's machinations led Gramps to destroy his sister's life.

Sami is still wishy-washy about signing the papers.

Days of our Lives is interrupted during Belle's conversation with Mrs. Meyers a special NBC weather report for severe thunderstorm warnings.  Sorry folks.

After the interruption, Belle excitedly reports to Philip that Mrs. Meyers is going to allow him to take a DNA test and even try to get him a visit with Pocket/Tyler tonight.  He is so grateful.

Stefano and EJ are at Andre's beside.  EJ tells Stefano that he made a threat on Will's live to convince Sami to marry him.  Stefano is incredulous to hear such a plan.  He is angry that EJ would hurt an innocent child to get his way.  Stefano is too filled with grief and doesn't want to fight anymore.  EJ doesn't want him to stop fighting because Sami is what he's ever wanted.  Stefano is back in his Rascal scooter.  He tells his son that the love of a Brady woman is what led to the downfall of the DiMera family.  But EJ loves Sami and will do anything he can to get her, no matter what.  Stefano tells him to leave her children alone.

At the pub, the Bradys warn Sami that EJ will use her children to manipulate her into doing whatever he wants, and that agreeing to marrying him will only further put her babies in harm's way.  They've got a point here.  Why didn't they bring that up with her before?

Philip celebrates Belle's great news by laying a wet one right on her lips.  She pulls away, awkwardly, and tries to play it cool.  But Philip is doing that thing that soap actors do, gazing into her eyes soulfully.  Belle leaves the bar, and a creepy EJ follows her, scary music playing all the while.

Stefano goes to Gramps and says that he's sorry he used him when they were boys.  Stefano scoots away in his Rascal scooter, and Gramps goes into Andre's room alone, just as Andre is waking up.  Andre painfully reaches for the button that will call a nurse, but Gramps locks the door and goes for the button that controls Andre's life support.

Next on Days of our Lives: EJ goes after Belle.

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