Days of our Lives: November 8 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 8 Live Thoughts
Yesterday was Days of our Lives' 42nd anniversary!  Today's Days of our Lives begins with Shawn doing clerical work at the police department.  Shawn gives Bo the lowdown on his first night at the cop shop.  Salem sounds like a terrible place to live, listening to these two talking.  Shawn calls Belle who is at home with Claire Bear.  She's still worried about Shawn.  She passes the phone to Claire, who says hi to her daddy.  Then Philip walks in and both girls stop talking.

Now we're back at the wedding.  There are three guns pointed at EJ from secret locations in the church.

Shawn calls Belle's cell phone back, but doesn't get through.  Philip brings Claire's toys back to Belle in a box.  Belle asks him to leave because she has to study for a test.  Philip leaves, but promises that when Claire grows up, he's going to tell her the truth about why he wasn't involved in her life.

EJ takes his vows and puts the ring on Sami's finger.  The three guns are still trained on him.  Sami takes her vows too, after hesitating for a moment.  EJ moves in to kiss Sami but she pushes him away.  At that moment, three shots ring out in the church and EJ falls to the ground.

Philip apologizes to Belle for pushing all of Shawn's buttons every chance he gets.  Claire runs back downstairs and climbs up on the bar stool to get to her box of toys.  There's a hot pot of coffee next to the box.

Shawn tells Bo that he's not going to go after Philip for writing the letter.  They get called to the church because there was a gunshot wound.  Shawn forgets his cell phone behind in the station.  At the church, Stefano is furious that the paramedics aren't doing more.  EJ can't feel his legs.  It finally hits Sami that she's married to EJ.  She says that the vendetta is over now, but Stefano might be thinking that he wants to start a new vendetta for his son getting gunned down.

Belle offers to talk to Shawn about letting Philip stay in Claire's life.  Just as he's out the door, Claire falls off the stool and the coffee pot falls and breaks on the ground.

Lucas comes home early, and after dismissing the babysitter, he goes to the cupboard and opens a bottle of liquor.  He is tempted to take another drink.

Stefano tells Sami that only she can give EJ the will to live.  He makes her keep her promise to be the wife he wants, and if she does this, then Stefano will keep his promise to end the vendetta.

Philip comes back to the pub go get his jacket and finds Claire hurt.  He offers to take her to the emergency room.

Billie goes over to Lucas' to find out if Lucas knows about the shooting.  Lucas tells her that he knows EJ was shot because he was there at the wedding when it happened.  Lucas says he didn't do it, though.  Sami is still at the church when Bo and Shawn arrive.  Roman is not there.  Sami says that she has to go to the hospital.  She is sad because today was supposed to mean the end of the vendetta and the violence, but she knows that because a Brady attacked EJ, the last shots of the vendetta have yet to be fired.

Belle and Philip are at the hospital.  Claire is going to be okay.  Belle feels like a terrible mother, but Philip reassures her.  She leaves to call Shawn, but he doesn't answer because he left his phone at the police station.  Kate comes in and asks how bad it was.  Kate thinks it's about EJ, however, and there is a bit of miscommunication.

Billie asks Lucas if he needs to call a lawyer to protect himself.  He has motive written all over him.  He also has means because he owns a gun, but Billie doesn't know that yet.  As soon as Billie leaves, Lucas takes his gun out again.  At the church, Sami asks Shawn to call Lucas and tell him what happened and that she loves him.  Brady's men find three spent bullet cases, but they were found in different areas of the church.  That means three shooters.  However, only one of those bullets made its way into EJ's spine, so Bo thinks it was two amateur shooter and one who knew what he was doing.  The first person of interest is Kate Roberts because Stefano told the police that she was threatening him and EJ with a gun before the wedding.

Steve comes back to Brady's Pub.  He takes a gun out of his jacket and hides it in a cubby hole behind the bar.

At the hospital, Kate asks Philip to take her gun and get rid of it for her.

Philip picks Claire up and offers to take her and Belle home.

Lucas is sitting on the couch, fondling his gun.  Bo and Shawn knock on the door to question him, and he quickly puts the gun back in the drawer.

Sami and Stefano are at EJ's side at the hospital.  EJ starts to talk like he's not going to make it, but Stefano tells him that he's going to live.  The doctors show up to take him to the OR.  He tells them that he has suffered a lot of blood loss and an injury to the spinal cord.  Stefano tells Sami that if EJ dies, the vendetta will continue until the last Brady walking on earth is dead.  Just when I was glad that the vendetta would end and we could all move on with other, more interesting storylines, the vendetta comes back to life and slaps me in the face.

Next on Days of our Lives: Bo and Shawn question Lucas, Belle tells Philip that he has to stop using Claire to get to her, Abe questions Roman about his whereabouts during the shooting.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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