Days of our Lives: November 8 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 8 Live Thoughts
Steve, Kayla and Roman are shocked to find out that Sami is getting married to EJ, at the beginning of today's episode of Days of our Lives.  Roman is worried that Marlena is going to lose when she finds out about this.  Bo and Hope deliver Lucas' request to enlist all their help to stage an intervention.

Lucas is at home with the babies.  Sami comes in, dressed all in black.  That's what she's going to wear to her wedding because it feels like it's a funeral.  He tells her that if she goes through with this, their future is over forever.

Stefano and EJ are all dressed up for the wedding.  They are beaming.  Kate busts in, furious that EJ told Lucas that the attack on her was staged.  She pulls a gun on them.

Everyone asks Roman to be the one to convince Sami because he has been the one she's been craving love and respect from.  Roman reluctantly agrees to go along with the intervention, but says that if it doesn't work, he's going to shoot EJ Wells dead.

Kate blows up at EJ and Stefano for stabbing her in the back.

Sami makes the final preparations to leave, getting the babies' bottles ready for the last time.  Will walks in.  He has a veritable mop on his head.  He is incredulous that she is actually going through with her marriage.  Young Will towers over Lucas.  Maybe they should stand next to each other because Lucas really looks like a midget.  Will changed his mind and doesn't want Sami to go through with her crazy plan.  Will says that he wants to go back to Europe to live with Aunt Carrie and Uncle Austin.  He wants to go back because he can't stand to see Sami with EJ.  Will doesn't have very good parental role models, huh?  Lucas thinks it might be a good idea for Will to go back to Carrie and Austin.  After staring at Lucas longingly, Sami turns and walks out the door.

EJ rushes to go out the door to get to the church.  Kate stops him because she wants her gun back (the gun that Lucas gave her).  She tells Stefano that Sami is finally out of Lucas' life, but she can't enjoy it.

Sami waits at St. Luke's and prays that she doesn't know what to do.  She wants to end her family's suffering, but she doesn't know how to walk away from Lucas and Will.  She's afraid that she might be causing more harm than good and doesn't know if she's doing the right thing.  The ghost of Coleen walks up and says that she already knows she's doing the right thing.  Coleen says that she loved Santo because she could be who she truly was, which was far from a saint.  And that's the same thing with Sami and EJ.  Coleen says that Sami can only deny her desire for EJ for only so long.  Sami screams for her to shut up.  EJ comes in and asks her who she was talking to.

The Bradys leave the pub to go stop the wedding.  Roman is packing heat, just in case.

EJ tells Sami that she's free to return to Lucas if she wants.  She says that as soon as her family is safe, there'll be nothing he can do to stop her from going back to Lucas.  But for now, she agrees to go through with the wedding.

We have returned for the second half of Days of our Lives to find Lucas, sitting alone in his apartment.  Kate comes over to apologize, but he doesn't accept it.  She says that she'll do anything to make it up to him, so he asks her to stop the wedding.

Sami runs out of the church to find her whole family there waiting for her.  All the Bradys come at her from all sides with rapid-fire reasons for why she shouldn't marry EJ.  The camera work gets jerkier and jerkier, their voices get echoy.  Sami gets more and more confused until she collapses to the ground from the pressure.

Lucas is at home, talking to the babies, and the babysitter comes in.  While she's washing her hands, he takes a gun out of a drawer in the locked bureau.

The Bradys help Sami to her feet after she comes to.  She asks them for their support.  Roman says that if she marries EJ, they're not going to support her because she's making a terrible mistake.  Roman begs her one more time to choose them and trust them.  She chooses EJ and walks back into the church.  Roman says that now, it's all up to him.  They all go back to the pub and Roman pours himself a drink.  Bo tells him to give him his gun, and to go home to support Marlena.  Roman gives up his gun.  Kayla warns Steve not to do anything rash.  Steve says he'll go home but he needs to make a stop beforehand.

Roman's got a gun in his sock, so he's still armed.

EJ and Stefano are waiting at the church.  An old woman wearing all black comes in.  Stefano isn't too worried about her because he thinks she's just some old woman who is there to pray.  But we all know that it's probably Lucas, Roman or Steve.  Indeed, the camera shows us that there are three faceless people pointing guns at EJ, so it's probably all three of them.

Next on Days of our Lives: Three gun shots ring out during the wedding.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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