Days of our Lives: November 7 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 7 Live Thoughts
Philip Kiriakis is on the phone with some business partners in Japan as Days of our Lives begins for another day.  Kate Roberts comes to talk to him, and he fills her in on giving up Pocket/Tyler.  He complains that he can't spend time with Claire either because Belle refuses to admit that she wants Philip over Shawn.

Shawn and Belle have just announced the news to Bo and Hope that they are going to get married on Thanksgiving.  Bo and Hope pretend to be happy for them.  Bo asks Shawn to go downstairs with him for a father-son celebratory drink.  Hope expresses grave disappointment with Belle's growing deception.

EJ has made all the preparations for his wedding to Sami.  He insists that the time is right, and in 36 hours, they will be married.

Bo tells Shawn that it might not be the right time to get married, and Shawn gets suspicious that something else is up.

Belle assures Hope that she's marrying Shawn because she loves him, and what happened with Philip will never happen again.  Hope tells her that she and Bo will keep her secret from Shawn.  Belle is upset to learn that Bo knows of the secret.

Kate wants to know why Philip thinks he has a chance with Belle, and asks him if something happened with them.  He says that nothing happened, keeping their afternoon o' sex a secret.  Kate thinks that Philip has to let her go, and he throws her attitude toward Sami's and Lucas' marriage in her face.

EJ tells Sami and Lucas that he doesn't have a choice.  The wedding must be tomorrow because Stefano's health took a turn for the worst and will be going back to Italy soon.  He wants the wedding to happen before he leaves.

Kate says that what she did with Sami and Lucas is completely different because she thinks that Sami will do nothing except make Lucas miserable.  Philip says that he's going to do whatever it takes to make sure that Belle and Shawn don't get married.

Belle promises to Hope, swearing on her life, that she'll promise never to betray Shawn again.  Belle is still worried about Bo keeping her secret, however.

Downstairs at the pub, Shawn suspects that Bo's reluctance has something to do with Belle.

Over Lucas' protests, Sami agrees to go through with the wedding tomorrow.  Lucas sulkily storms out and slams the door.  After he leaves, EJ demands that Sami bring him his son.  Doesn't he care that the baby is asleep?  Why can't he just ask to go to the bedroom to watch the boy sleep?  Lucas goes immediately over to Stefano's to yell at him for forcing Sami to marry EJ.  Lucas mentions the attack on Kate (which was staged by EJ and Kate), and Stefano knows nothing about.  This only serves to anger Lucas even more.

Bo, although he still looks conflicted, doesn't tell Shawn about Belle.  Rather, he says that he thinks she's great, and they toast to her as the next in a long line of great Brady women.  They go back upstairs, and Shawn is all smiles.  Looks like Bo will keep the secret, for now at least.

Sami brings little Johnny out.  He has a very full head of hair and is awfully large and well-developed for a newborn.  She let's EJ hold the baby and lectures him that from now on, his life is forever changed because the baby's needs must come before his or Stefano's, and what little Johnny needs right now is to be with his sister.  EJ agrees that he can stay here tonight, but after tomorrow, he and Sami and Johnny will spend their lives together as a family.  What I don't get about this particular Days of our Lives storyline is that the girl baby is still Sami's daughter.  So, he plans to take Sami's daughter away from her?  Who's going to raise her?

EJ storms over to Kate's.  He's livid that that she would stage the attack on her with EJ.  Kate denies the accusation, but Lucas calls EJ and confirms that the shooting was all fake.  Kate claims that she did it because she cared.  She claims that she wants the vendetta to end as much as the Bradys do.  EJ says that because of what she did, she's lost him and her grandchildren forever.

Sami wants to know why Lucas called him.  EJ tells her that she has to ask Lucas.  EJ leaves and Sami has a vision of her great-aunt Coleen talking to her.  Coleen says that by marrying EJ, Sami is getting exactly what she wanted, what they both wanted.

Bo asks Hope if Shawn wants to get married so soon because he suspects something.  Upstairs, Belle asks Shawn if Bo is really ready for them to get married.

Sami tells Coleen that the only thing he feels for EJ is disgust, but Coleen says that if that were really true, there would be nothing in the world that could make her marry him.  Coleen thinks that since she was the one who started the vendetta, it's fitting that Sami be the one to end it, and end it the right way.  She says that Sami should look inside her and see the man she desires the most, EJ.

Stefano wants EJ to take the baby to Italy where he would be brought up properly, but EJ says that he can't do that to Sami.  Stefano doesn't see it that way.  He doesn't want the boy to be brought up by the Brady's so-called buffoonery.

Belle and Shawn kiss.  Shawn leaves to go brush his teeth, giving Belle a chance to remember her afternoon o' sex with Philip.  Her phone rings and it's Philip.  She actually answers the phone.  If she really wants to cut him out of his life, shouldn't she stop answering the phone.  I guess this means that Philip really is right that Belle wants him.  He asks her to meet him somewhere public.

Lucas rushes over to the pub to ask Bo and Hope to gather all the Bradys together to crash EJ's and Sami's wedding.  He wants to stage an intervention.

Coleen tells Sami that she'll soon realize that EJ is the one she wants to be with.  And then, all of a sudden, Coleen disappears.

Stefano is proud of EJ for putting Santo's soul finally at peace, but warns him that his work is not done yet.  The future of the family is in his hands.

Next on Days of our Lives: The Bradys gather for the intervention, Kate pulls a gun at Stefano.

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