Days of our Lives: November 30 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 30 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Nick (Blake Berris) and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin).  They have printed out the incriminating pictures that they took in Ford Decker's room from the last episode of Days of our Lives.  Chelsea wants to wait for Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Cordy before bringing the photos to Bo (Peter Reckell).

Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Bo are having drinks at Brady's Pub and they tell Shawn (Brandon Beemer) that the gun he found was traced to Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow).

Belle (Martha Madison) is trying to make her way out of the hotel after her meeting with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson), but she is stopped by Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) who is back in town for their high school reunion.  Chloe is suspicious that Belle might be cheating on Shawn.

Bo tells Shawn that his application to the academy is being fastracked because he found the gun, but Bo is cautious and skeptical of Belle's support.  Steve brings Shawn a bottle of champagne from Gramps' private stock and tells him to go find Belle to celebrate.

Kate, who was arrested by Roman (Josh Taylor), calls Philip but can't get ahold of him.

Stephanie finally shows up, sans Cordy, and Chelsea leads her into the pub to show Bo all the evidence she has collected against Ford.  Stephanie is upset when she sees what her friend has done.  She says, "Are you crazy?  Why would you do that?"  Bo says that he can't use the evidence because it was obtained illegally, but Steve says that maybe they can pretend that someone dropped them off at the station anonymously.  Stephanie flashbacks to her rape, and we finally see the face of the rapist.  Not that we didn't already know that it was Ford, like, ages ago.

Chloe suggests that she and Belle and Shawn and Philip all have dinner together,  Philip gets a call from Kate and leaves his hotel room to go to the police station and runs into Chloe and Belle in the hallway.

Chelsea points out that there were two Alpha Chi Theta sisters documented in Ford's journal, but they can't figure out who the second sister is.  Bo agrees to get a warrant so that they can find solid evidence against him.  Unfortunately, Ford cleaned out his room and got rid of all the evidence.  The pictures that Chelsea and Nick took are not enough to bag him.

We have returned for the second half of Days of our Lives.  Philip is at the police station with Kate, who is royally pissed off.  She knows that Philip sold her out to try to get back with Belle, and swears that if she's going down, she's going to bring him down with her.

Belle comes home to find Shawn all dressed up in his cop uniform.  He turns on some porny music and they role-play about searching her person.  He busts out the cuffs too.  It's kind of embarrassing to watch this, actually.

Bo says that he'll bring the photos to some cops who will do a sweep of the area.  Steve wants to pay Ford a visit, but Stephanie protests desperately against the idea and pleads with them all to forget they ever saw the pictures.

Roman brings Kate coffee.  Kate says that she doesn't need a lawyer right now, she needs a friend.  A friend who will go into the evidence room and make sure that gun is never seen again.  She asks Roman to be that friend.

Philip meets with Chloe who reports that she and Brady have gotten a divorce, around the time of John's death, and that her career as an opera singer is failing.  Chloe promises to keep the fact that she saw Belle coming out of Philip's room and lied about it a secret.

Steve and Bo barge into Ford's room.  They want to have a chat with him about the girls he's raped.  Bo punches him in the gut.

Philip lies that he and Belle meet on neutral ground to discuss Claire.  Chloe doesn't really buy it, but the conversation moves forward.  She says that she's moving back to Salem for a few weeks, months, years, she's not sure.  She leaves Philip's room and pulls out her phone.

Ford is looking really scared as he tries to deflect Steve and Bo's questions.  Bo gets all bad cop on him and threatens to beat him up if he goes near their daughters.

Roman says that he can't tamper with evidence, but will forget that she asked him to.

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