Days of our Lives: November 27 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 27 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Belle (Martha Madison) paying a visit to Lucas (Bryan Datillo) and the twins.  Belle wants to have some sister time with Sami (Alison Sweeney) but Sami isn't home yet.  Lucas asks Belle why she isn't at home with Shawn (Brandon Beemer), or is the honeymoon over yet?  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) goes over to Brady's Pub to sneer at Shawn.  Philip offers what looks to be an insincere truce, and offers his hand to shake.

Bo (Peter Reckell) continues to question Marlena (Deidre Hall) about her whereabouts during Sami and EJ's (James Scott) wedding.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) interrupts to ask Ho what the heck he's doing, questioning one of their closest friends.  Bo really hopes he's wrong about Marlena, but he has to follow all of his leads.

EJ tells Sami that it's time for Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) to meet his grandson, but Sami is adamant that it's not time; she has her hands full with all her other troubles, like fighting with Lucas for custody of Ali.

Lucas gets Belle a drink and she asks him how he's doing.  Lucas asks Belle how she would feel if Shawn were running back and forth between her and another woman, like Sami is doing to Lucas right now.  Or, how would Shawn feel if Belle had another man.  Belle says that she doesn't know what she would do and offers her sympathy.  Lucas talks about the twins, and says that Ali sometimes gets a mischievous look in her eyes, except he pronounces it "mis-CHEEV-ee-us" instead of "MISS-chiv-us."  Seeing as he also says "VAN-detta," Days of our Lives might do well to hire a speech coach for him.

Marlena tells Bo and Hope that she has been having a hard time since John's death and came over for comfort, but now she finds herself interrogated for attempted murder.  Marlena says that she won't answer any more questions until Bo gets a search warrant, and leaves.  Hope comes to Marlena's defense, but Bo's plan was to rile Marlena enough so that she'll go home and dispose of the evidence so he can catch her in the act.

Belle denies that Sami loves EJ, especially considering what he's done to her.  But Lucas is suspicious of Sami's motives.

At the hospital, Sami still refuses to let Stefano meet her son.  EJ suddenly grimaces in intense pain.

Belle reassures Lucas that Sami will always be there for him.  She lets slip that Shawn will always be there, clearly worried about her own secret.

Roman (Josh Taylor) comes over to Bo and Hope's and tells them that he has a lead at a cabin near the DiMera mansion.

Stefano walks in on EJ and Sami to have a talk regarding their family situation.

Marlena puts gloves on and takes a gun out of a drawer.  She puts it in a black trash bag and opens the door to throw it out.  But Hope is standing outside the door.  She knowingly offers her a hand with the trash.  Marlena is none too pleased that Bo put a tail on her.  Hope says that nobody knows about this except for the two of them and Bo, and asks her to tell her the whole story from the beginning.

Belle comes back to the pub to find Philip there.

Stefano tells Sami that male DiMera children must be raised a certain way, and we get to see old Sami Brady.  She gets pissed off and yells at Stefano for his presumptuousness.  EJ takes Sami's side that now is not the right time for Stefano to meet the child.  Stefano reluctantly agrees, and Sami thanks EJ for his support.  She reminds him that she comes from good stock too; the Bradys have their own traditions in raising their children.

Philip gives Belle a note that reads that Shawn went to shadow his father on a case.  Philip her why she didn't return his calls.  She curtly tells him not to call her again.  Philip offers a way of making Shawn look like super-cop to ensure his enrollment in the academy.  He says that he will give him evidence that will bust the EJ-shooting case wide open, and he asks for an evening alone with Belle in exchange.

Bo and Roman head over to the cabin.  Inside, Shawn is getting his ass handed to him by another officer for messing up the crime scene.

Marlena confesses to Hope that she brought Claire to a babysitter, put on her black dress and loaded John's gun.  She wanted Sami to leave EJ at the altar, but she didn't, so Marlena pulled out her gun.  Her hand was shaking so hard that she could barely aim.  She heard a shot from somewhere else in the church that startled her so badly that she pulled the trigger.  Then she heard another shot ring out, followed by the sounds of someone running away.  Hope deduces that Marlena can't be sure that it was her bullet that found its way into EJ's back, but Marlena doesn't quibble over the details because she meant to shoot him.  Great, so all this talk, talk, talk, and we STILL don't know who shot EJ.

Sami returns home to Lucas.  She's in the doghouse because she missed two feedings and all the milk she left is gone now.  Sami asks him if he still loves her.

Marlena asks for time to spend time with her family and get her affairs in order before being locked up.  Hope says that they don't know whether Marlena was really the shooter, and they'll do everything in their power to keep her out of prison.

Philip promises Belle that he just needs one night with her.  If after that night, she still doesn't want him in her life, then he'll leave forever.  Hasn't he already promised that?  Belle tells him to shove off.

Lucas says that he does love her, but he can't stand that she is running off to EJ.  They begin to kiss as the twins start crying from the other room.

Stefano is furious that EJ has taken Sami's side.  He threatens that if EJ can't handle her, then he'll have to take over.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea wants to bring Ford Decker down, Bo lectures Shawn, Marlena asks Belle if she wishes that she married another man.

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