Days of our Lives: November 23 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 23 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today before Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn's (Brandon Beemer)  wedding.   Marlena (Deidre Hall), Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) are helping Belle get ready.  Marlena gives her the purity rings that she and Shawn used to wear in high school to wear on a chain around her neck.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is having drinks at Brady's Pub (isn't it like 10:00 in the morning?) when he decides to call Belle.  As soon as Belle realizes who is calling her, she hangs up.  Hope becomes suspicious.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) are dressed for the wedding.  Steve is in a tux!  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) isn't going to the wedding, she says that she doesn't want Cordy to have to spend Thanksgiving alone.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) has a moment alone with Shawn and tells him that she's so happy for him, but is sad that John and Zach aren't there to celebrate with them.  Shawn assures her that they are there in spirit.

Philip calls Belle back again, and she pretends that it's her friend calling.  Hope asks her to tell the truth.

Lucas announces to everyone that the name of his daughter is Alice Caroline Horton, after her two great-grandmothers, and they'll call her Allie for short.  Sami is upset to hear this because he didn't consult her before naming her.

Stephanie suggests having a girls' day with Cordy to make her feel better.  Steph doesn't want Cordy to lose her self-worth, otherwise Ford Decker really wins.

Belle assures Hope that she is really ready to marry Shawn.

Steve delivers a gift to Shawn from Victor Kiriakis.  It's a watch, and Shawn puts it on.

Billie (Julie Pinson) goes to the pub to give Philip some moral support.  Philip is still sure that Belle will be thinking of him when she walks down the aisle to marry Shawn.

The wedding has begun.  Of course, they have Pachelbel's Canon for the processional of the bridal party.  Belle gets a look of fear on her face when she catches sight of the watch that Shawn is wearing.  It's the same watch as Phililp's, and she starts to remember the times that she kissed and had sex with him.

Philip tells Billie that he sent a little reminder to Belle (the watch) to make sure that he thinks of him.  Billie accuses him of sounding more like Victor every day.

Belle imagines that it's Philip at the front of the church and freezes, but Marlena whispers to her that John is with her.  Belle walks up and the ceremony begins.

Stephanie and Cordy are hanging out at home when they are interrupted by a loud banging on the door.  It's Ford Decker who yells at them to open up or he'll break down the door.

Shawn and Belle recite their vows.  But it's really more like a conversation.  It looks like it's going well, until Belle looks at Shawn's watch again and says, "Stop, I can't do this."  She backtracks and says that she can't say her vows if he keeps interrupting her because she had everything memorized.  So, she continues with her vows and promises to be a good wife and to love him, and to be faithful to him for the rest of their lives.  Phew!  The ceremony ends and they are husband and wife.

Philip tells Billie that he's going to keep fighting for Belle.

Ford yells through the door that if she keeps posting those flyers over campus and if she tells anyone about their night together, he's going to make her regret it.  Of course, Cordy thinks he's talking to her, but he really shouldn't know that Cordy is there at all, so he's probably really talking to Stephanie.  Which means that the person who assaulted her was most likely Ford.  Again, I need to ask, if Ford really was the one who raped Stephanie, why hasn't he crowed about it to her and everyone else?  Why is he keeping it a secret?  It makes no sense, Days of our Lives.

A woman wearing high-heeled shoes sneaks into the DiMera mansion where Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) is hanging out.  We only see her feet at first, so we don't know who it is.  But we soon find out that it's Marlena, and Stefano has been expecting her.  He tells her that he loved her and wanted her and wants to make the dream his dream a reality.  Marlena stays silent.

The reception is in full swing, and I'm disappointed to say that it is really tame!  I thought they were supposed to be Irish!  Where are the jigs?  Where's the rowdiness?  Chelsea catches the bouquet, and Nick (Blake Berris) gives her a big kiss.  Sami and Lucas put their most recent fight on hold for a moment and dance together.

We cut immediately back to Marlena and Stefano.  Marlena tells him that she is his queen, but she's also his killer.  The killer instinct is deep inside of her, but when it comes out, it'll come out with a vengeance.  She leaves.  Way to go, girl!  He screams out to the air, "I'm not finished with you, Marlena!"

Steve is obviously wearing a clip-on bowtie with his tux.  Hope goes upstairs and sees Belle's cell phone.  She wants to find out what Belle was lying about earlier.  She sees that there is one voicemail message, so she listens to it.  It's a message from Philip, who says that he knows Belle still loves him--he knew it when they had sex, and he knew it when he held her in his arms last night at Titan.  Oops, guess the cat is out of the bag.

Next on Days of our Lives:  EJ and Sami talk again, Hope tells Marlena about Belle and Philip, Belle and Shawn canoodle.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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