Days of our Lives: November 21 Recap
Days of our Lives: November 21 Recap
On Days of our Lives, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin), Morgan, Carmen and Cordy (who is now played by a different actress), have finished plastering the campus with flyers showing Ford Decker to be a rapist and have gone to the Cheatin' Heart.  Ford is glaring at them through the window.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) walks out of her room with the pregnancy test stick to show Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and is surprised to find Steve (Stephen Nichols) there as well.  Steve was told that the pregnancy test is Kayla's.

Belle (Martha Madison) calls Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) on his private line and he tells her to take the private elevator up to his office.  She arrives, finding him in the middle of business phone calls.  But in yesterday's episode of Days of our Lives, Philip came back from getting totally hammered at the Cheatin' Heart, so how is he all of a sudden sober?  He kisses Belle on the cheek.

Stephanie lies that she doesn't feel like studying with Steve.  Kayla asks Steve to get them some hot chocolates and once he leaves, Kayla and Stephanie find out that Stephanie is not pregnant.  Stephanie is relieved and glad that her mother is there for her.  Kayla tells her that she needs to get an HIV test also.  Stephanie says that she went to the clinic already and her tests came back negative for everything, but she needs to go back again in six months for a follow-up HIV test.  Kayla offers to go with her for her next test.  Kayla is a really awesome mom here.  She brings a tear to my eye when she tells Stephanie that she's so proud of her for facing her problems like a grown woman instead of hiding.

Billie (Julie Pinson) goes to the bar to scold the sorority girls for their bold move of putting up the Ford flyers.  She's afraid that Ford will retaliate on them, and asks Chelsea to move back in with her until Ford is caught and put behind bars.  Ford busts into the bar and yells at Chelsea at the top of his lungs.  He calls her a bitch and asks if she was responsible for the flyers.  Billie tries to calm him down.  Ford threatens to sue them for libel.

Stephanie gets a message from Chelsea to meet her at the Cheatin' Heart so she goes right away, asking Steve for a raincheck on the hot chocolate.  Kayla tells her to invite Cordy over to stay with them for the holiday weekend, and Stephanie agrees.  Once Stephanie leaves, Steve asks Kayla why she lied to him about the pregnancy test.  Kayla says that Stephanie was embarrassed and didn't want him to know, but Steve is really angry.  Kayla begs him not to tell Stephanie that he knows because she wants Stephanie to continue trusting and confiding in Kayla.  Kayla then asks Steve what he thinks about having another child, and Steve says that he is into the idea of having a child.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea gets so fed up with Ford that she punches him in the nose.  Ford promises to press charges because he was just assaulted, but everyone present denies seeing anything.  Ford leaves the bar, and passes by Stephanie who is standing by the door.  He whispers that she's the campus slut, as she glowers with shame.  Billie applies ice to Chelsea's swollen fist and tells them that they have to stop their Ford is a Rapist campaign.  Billie says that she'll talk to Abe Carver (James Reynolds) about putting an undercover cop on him.  Stephanie invites Cordy to come over for Thanksgiving weekend.  Stephanie flashbacks again on her frightening rape.

Belle tells Philip that he was right about Hope (Kristian Alfonso).  Hope told Kayla who probably told Steve about her infidelity.  She says that she still wants to marry Shawn (Brandon Beemer) but not in front of all those people who know about her.  Philip acts cold and distant and tells her to do what she feels is right.  She complains that she thought that she could talk to him if she needs him, but he doesn't want to talk to her like a friend to help her fix her problems.  He gave her the number so that they can talk about them, not about Shawn.  He calls her a brat for wanting her cake and eat it too, which makes Belle realize that Philip isn't being very nice.  Philip tries again to woo Belle, to convince her that the one she really wants is Philip.  He leans in for a kiss, and she kisses back.

Meanwhile, Shawn is over at Hope's having some mother-son bonding time.  Bo (Peter Reckell) comes home with Shawn's tuxedo from the tailor.  Peter Reckell got a haircut and it looks kind of cute.  Hope privately tells Bo that she slipped.  They try to make best.  Shawn comes down to hear his mother say aloud that she hopes Philip won't ruin the wedding.  He assures her that Philip will do no such thing.  Bo offers to uninvite Shawn, but Shawn says that he'll take care of it.

Belle and Philip are in the midst of making out in various stages of undress when Shawn calls Philip to uninvite him to the wedding.  While he's on the phone, Belle leaps up off the couch and leaves via the private elevator.

Friday on Days of our Lives: Lucas names his daughter, Shawn and Belle have their wedding.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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