Days of our Lives: November 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives continues where we left off with Cordy telling Stephanie and Chelsea that Ford raped her in his dorm room the night they went out.  She's not clear on the details, however, because she's pretty sure he drugged her.  Ford has also drugged Morgan, who just drove him home. She's starting to feel dizzy from the drug that he slipped into her drink.  Max flashbacks to the events at the party prior to Ford leaving.  He is starting to get worried about Morgan because she's not back yet.  But if he were really worried, can't he just walk there?  Ford said that he only lives six blocks away.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  Salem is supposed to be in the Midwest somewhere, where people drive everywhere.  Morgan sees Ashley, who had been hanging out with Ford.  She looks visibly distraught.

Down in Santo Domingo, Sami fell asleep during the massage, and Lucas finds the message from EJ, which reads that EJ is the father of the boy.

Lucas remembers the conversations he had with both EJ and Sami about the babies' parentage.  Sami wakes up, and Lucas asks her when she was planning to tell him that EJ is little Johnny's father.

Kayla and Steve are looking after the babies.  He kisses her to thank her for saving him from himself.  Steve says that the babies need as much Brady love that they can get.

Bo and Hope hang out at home with their baby daughter Sierra.

Cordy says that when she woke up, she was completely naked and in a strange bed, and she knew that she had been raped.  Chelsea wants to call the police, but Cordy doesn't want to because she thinks that she'll be blamed.  This triggers some uncomfortable memories for Stephanie, in which an as yet unknown man tries to force himself on to her.  Stephanie finds out from Nick that Morgan drove Ford home, which makes her panic that Morgan is in danger.  Sure enough, Ford has just laid Morgan's unconscious body on his bed and starts his evil business.

Ashley tells Max that Ford got physical with her, but she kicked him where it counts.  Max wants her to call the police.  Chelsea finds out that Morgan is in danger, so she asks everyone at the party whether they know where Ford lives.  This burly guy tells her to check Ford's webcam, but won't tell her the url.  I don't get it.  Is it not 2007 on Days of our Lives?  Can't they just look up on the Salem University website to find out where Ford lives?  Anyway, Cordy hears all this through her bedroom door, and I bet she's going to step up and volunteer the information.

Lucas fights with Sami about why she kept the message from EJ from him.

Kayla is looking at pictures of Sierra in her Halloween costume that Hope sent her, feeling nostalgic about Pocket.  To help get her mind off of it, Steve takes a can of baby powder and playfully threatens to douse her with power.  Kayla shouts at him, "Steve, don't you dare!" and EJ, hearing her protests from the hallway, thinks that Steve is hurting the babies.  EJ busts the door in.  Kayla tries to call security and Steve manhandles EJ to throw him out.  EJ has the DNA results in his hand and shows it to them as proof that he is the father of the boy.

Stefano tells Kate that he wants the DiMera heir to be raised in Italy.  Kate warns him that if he tries to tell Sami how to live her life, she can become very dangerous.

Sami pleads with Lucas to be a father to little Johnny, despite his real paternity.  Lucas is afraid that their daughter will always feel like she's in the shadow of her DiMera brother.  He doesn't want their daughter to turn out like Lucas.

Chelsea finally secured the url of Ford's webcam and everyone at the party sees Morgan unconscious while Ford begins to unzip his pants.  Someone recognizes the dorm, and Max races over there to save Morgan.  Hopefully, someone will also call campus security right about now too.

Hope has gotten Bo a scrapbook for his birthday.  She and Caroline and Kayla worked on it all summer, and it contains a photographic family history of the Bradys.  Bo loves it, and kisses her.

Sami tells Lucas that their daughter turns out just like him, because then they'll be the luckiest parents in the world.  She says that the girl is lucky to have them as parents, and Johnny is lucky to have Lucas as his step-father and role model.  But Lucas is worried that EJ will never let him anywhere near him.

EJ pleads with Steve and Kayla to see the boy for just a moment, but they don't let him.  He says he'll be back with a court order.

The people at the party are still watching the webcam.  Stephanie looks distressed.  Billie and Jett arrive, and Chelsea tells them to go to Sebastian hall.  That was kind of stupid.  Seeing as how time is of the essence, shouldn't Chelsea have told them to go there first?  Max busts in on Ford and punches him.  Jett arrives shortly to provide backup.

EJ goes back to Stefano and Kate, complaining that he wasn't able to see his son.  Stefano gets on the phone to obtain a court order.  Kayla calls Bo, explaining the situation, and Bo has an idea.

Jett and Billie have brought Morgan and Ford back to the Alpha Chi Theta house.  Jett explains that they can't keep Ford in custody until someone positively IDs him as the campus rapist, but Morgan is too drugged to do it.  So, Chelsea asks if there is anyone at the party who has been attacked by Ford, but has kept quiet until now.  The camera focuses on Stephanie's face, which has an expression of worry and fear.  She is obviously hiding something, but she doesn't say anything.  Fortunately, Cordy steps forward and identifies Ford as the man who raped her.  Billie says that she is going to get statements from everyone who has had dealings with Ford to build a case for his immediate expulsion.  Cordy tells Stephanie that she has decided not to drop out of school.  Stephanie hugs her and while she does, she flashbacks to her own sexual assault.

Bo's idea was to put a person in front of Kayla's door wearing hazmat gear.  He told EJ and Stefano that the room is under quarantine, so nobody is allowed to enter or leave.  It works for now.

Next on Days of our Lives: Bo warns Shawn not to fight with Philip anymore, Hope says that sometimes the truth can be more hurtful than lies, Philip asks Belle which man she wants.

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