Days of our Lives: November 19 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 19 Live Thoughts
On today's Days of our Lives, Belle (Martha Madison) gets into her car.  Philip jumps into the passenger, annoying her.  She reminds him that she is marrying Shawn (Brandon Beemer) tomorrow.  He tells her that she's confused and she can't marry Shawn while she's confused.  Belle slips and says that Philip is everything to her, and then immediately corrects herself, saying that she meant to say Shawn.

Roman (Josh Taylor) interrogates Kate (Lauren Koslow) about a gun that they found.  He arrests her and begins to read her Miranda rights.

Bo (Peter Reckell) catches Steve (Stephen Nichols) acting all suspicious behind the bar.  Bo and Shawn ask him if he shot EJ (James Scott).

At the hospital, Sami (Alison Sweeney) is holding EJ in her arms.  He still doesn't believe her that she cares about him, so she proves it by planting a big, wet kiss on his lips.

Roman finishes up the MIranda rights and tells another police officer to process Kate for arrest.  She threatens that if she is arrested, she'll sue the city of Salem for everything.  Roman asks the other officers to give them a moment.  He tells Kate that he's trying to help her and asks her where the gun is.  All she says is that she didn't shoot EJ.

Instead of answering Bo's question, Steve monologues.  He says that his gun hasn't even been shot, but Bo says that he could have cleaned the gun.  Steve finally admits that he was at the church during the wedding, intending to shoot EJ.

Sami starts crying after her kiss and tells EJ that she's so scared of losing him.  She and their son both need him.  He asks her if she forgives him for all the terrible things he's done to her and Lucas.

Back to Belle's car, Belle continues to tell Philip that Shawn is her all, but Philip doesn't accept that decision.  He reminded her that they had that afternoon of sex after her father died.  Haven't we seen this exact same conversation before on many other episodes of Days of our Lives?  Philip asks her to look him in the eye and tell that she doesn't care about him, but she doesn't answer.

Bo asks Steve to tell him exactly what happened when he got to the church.  He says that he was at the church, planning to shoot Junior, but he thought better of it.  He heard three shots and doubled back to find EJ on the ground.

Kate finally confesses to Roman that she gave the gun to Philip and asked him to get rid of it for her.  Roman needs to see Philip right away.

At the hospital, Sami says that all the hurtful things they've done to each other (including, I suppose, the RAPE) are in the past and they are different people now.  She asks him to promise that he'll fight to get better.

Bo notices that the serial numbers on Steve's gun have been filed off.  Steve explains that he took it from the DiMera mansion.

Belle tells Philip that of course she can't tell him that she doesn't care about him--they've been friends since they were kids.  But she insists that Shawn means more to him.  Philip finally gets out of the car, but only after making several more entreaties for her to call him.

EJ tells Sami that she's given him something to live for, to hope for.  Sami kiss him again.  But she gets up to go because she has to take care of the twins.  But as soon as she leaves the room, he snarls at Stefano that she's going to be sick after her performance in there.

Roman tells Bo what he found out about Kate's gun, and Bo tells Roman that he thinks Steve is also a suspect.  However, Roman confesses that the gun that Steve hid in the pub is his own.  Steve lied to protect Roman.

Kate tells Philip that she told Roman the truth about her gun.  He's furious to hear this because he doesn't want to be implicated.

Sami tells Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) that she gave EJ a reason to live, and he is grateful.

Belle comes back to the pub and shows Shawn the dress that she bought Claire for the wedding.  Shawn immediately breaks protocol and tells Belle all the details that Steve is a suspect in the case.  I'm pretty sure that police officers aren't supposed to discuss ongoing investigations.

Roman tells Bo, with Steve at his side, that he went to the church with another gun, and asked Steve to hide it for him.  Philip comes in and says that he hired a lawyer for himself and Kate and that nobody is going to get a search warrant.

Belle talks about how many preparations she has to do for the wedding, and blurts out that she does want to marry Shawn.  This makes him suspicious that someone has been trying to convince her otherwise.

Stefano visits EJ, who is in good spirits.  He is finally letting himself believe that the bullet in his back have brought out deep feelings of affection in Sami.

Belle immediately reassures Shawn that the only thing that is wrong is that she is obsessing about all the details of the wedding.  She remembers that Philip asked her to call him on his private number, and she takes out the card that he wrote it on.

Philip tells Kate that he referred Bo and Roman to his lawyer.

Shawn dresses Claire the in the dress that Belle bought and they are both excited about the wedding.  Belle leaves to get some more preparations ready with Hope.

Bo tells Roman that he's going to cover for him and not tell anyone about it.  They decide that they have to find the shooter before Stefano does.

Stefano insists that they must raise his son as a DiMera.  Stefano can't stand the thought of his grandson becoming a Brady, so he says that Sami must not be allowed to raise the boy.

Next on Days of our Lives: Hope asks Belle once again if she wants to marry Shawn, Stephanie is upset and Kayla helps her.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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