Days of our Lives: November 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Bo (Peter Reckell), demanding to know where Kate's (Lauren Koslow) gun is.  He tells her that the police searched through every dumpster within a 15-mile radius of the DiMera mansion and turned up nothing.  He demands to know where the gun is.

Caroline (Peggy McCay) is excited about Shawn's (Brandon Beemer) wedding.  She offers the pub as the place for their reception, and brings him to show off the centerpieces she's just made.  Steve (Stephen Nicols) comes back to retrieve the gun that he stashed behind the bar, but almost gets caught by Shawn.

Billie (Julie Pinson) comes over to visit Lucas (Bryan Datillo).  He complains that Sami (Alison Sweeney) has gone to the hospital to visit EJ (James Scott).  He asks Billie for the name of a good lawyer because he plans to sue for sole custody of his as-yet unnamed daughter.

At the hospital, EJ continues to play the woe-is-me card, so Sami berates him for giving up.

Kate continues to deny knowing anything about the whereabouts of the gun.

Steve quickly pretends to pour himself a drink to get Shawn off of his scent, but he's acting all squirrely.  Steve goes outside and calls someone, we don't know who yet, and explains that he wasn't able to procure the gun because Shawn was there, but he'll get it soon.

EJ thinks that Sami is only at the hospital because she pities him or because Stefano threatened her in some way.  But Sami said that neither of these is true, and that she's really there because she cares about him and doesn't want to see him abandoning his only son.  Of course, her delivery is pure bratty Sami Brady of Days of our Lives of yore.

Roman (Josh Taylor) shows up to help Bo interrogate Kate.  Roman goes to search Kate's place.  Shawn calls Bo to tell him about Steve,   They plan to meet.

Billie agrees to help Lucas get a lawyer under one condition: she wants him to talk it over with Sami first.  But Lucas no longer trusts Sami.

Sami tells EJ that everything between her and Lucas has changed and she doesn't know what the future holds.  EJ asks if that means there might be a possibility between Sami and EJ.  Sami responds that there's no way she could fall in love with a loser, and that's exactly what EJ is right now, so he better buck up and get the hell over it.  That's not really an answer to his question, though.

Bo goes over the pub to talk to Shawn.  He scolds him for leaving the station without telling anyone when he found out that Claire was brought to the emergency room.  He says that Shawn has to put the police department over his family and friends.

Shawn tells Bo that he learned his lesson about taking off without telling anyone.  Then Shawn tells him about Steve's odd behavior.  He did some snooping and shows Bo that he found a gun behind the bar.

EJ tells Sami to stop pretending that she cares about him and that his son needs him.  EJ doesn't want to saddle his son with an invalid father, nor will he allow Sami to play his nursemaid for the rest of his life.

Bo praises Shawn for keeping his prints off of Steve's gun.  He's got good instincts and he'll make a great cop.  Shawn's proud of himself, but he's more worried that Steve might have been the one who shot EJ.

Sami bitches EJ out for giving up.  Then tells him that she'll help him.  But he doesn't believe that she actually means that.

Bo says that they don't have any proof yet that Steve was the one who put the gun behind the bar, but he has an idea for obtaining that proof.

Lucas leaves a message for Sami that he needs to talk to her about something important.  There is a knock at the door, and it's a police officer bringing Will home after being busted for underage drinking.  It's his first offense, so he's getting off with a warning.  Lucas yells at Will for going down the drinking path that nearly ruined him, but Will says that he wants to go back to live with Carrie and Austin.  That way he won't need to watch his mother ruining everybody's lives.

EJ makes one last plea for Sami to please just get out.

Roman comes back to the station to see Kate after having looked through her house.  He found a gun there and brought it back.  He asks her if she wants to amend her statement.

Steve comes back to the pub to find Shawn, and asks for two bowls of chowder to go.  Shawn and Caroline go back to the kitchen to get them, and in the meantime, Steve looks for the gun behind the bar.  As he's doing that, Bo appears and asks him what he's doing.

Lucas gets off the phone with a private school in Switzerland that will accept Will as a student.  Will is seriously annoying me, though.  Is there something wrong with his face?  Lucas tells him that he loves him and that he needs to have a stable family, which he can have with Carrie and Austin.  Lucas promises to figure out a way to make everything okay.

EJ tells Sami to go away.  Instead Sami climbs into bed with him and hugs him.  And that's it for Days of our Lives today.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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