Days of our Lives: November 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives continues for yet another day.  Today's Days of our Lives begins with Cordy telling her sorority sisters that she can't testify against Ford Decker as the campus rapist.  Billie (Julie Pinson) asks for more time.  Some more sorority girls arrive.  In order to empathize with Cordy, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) tells her about a near rape that she went through.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) flashbacks to horrible scenes from her own rape, but we still can't see the rapist's face.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) continues to argue with the ghost of Coleen (also Alison Sweeney).  Sami says that she tried her best to give EJ (James Scott) the will to live, but Coleen sees right through her.

At the hospital, EJ is still crashing and there is worry of infection.  Stefano (Joe Mascolo) mopes about outside the room.  Tony (Thaao Penghlis) arrives to sneer at Stefano.

Tony and Stefano's argument is interrupted when the doctor returns to tell him that they are giving him massive doses of antibiotics to help stave off infection.  Stefano knows that he's given up hope, and that's why he called Tony here.  He needs Tony to help restore EJ's will to live.  Now it's Kate's (Lauren Koslow) turn to show up.  Stefano is really grasping at straws because he enlists Kate's help too.

Coleen tells Sami that she is taking the "ay-zee" way out and that Sami is not being honest about her true feelings.  Sami turns on some music really loud to drown out Coleen's voice, but then Lucas comes out from the nursery to turn it down lest she wake the babies.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) comes over because Lucas wants to know what he did with their mother's gun.

Cordy is still wavering in her decision to testify.  She comes from a poor family, so the other girls offer to pitch in.  She thinks that none of them have any idea of what she's going through right now, but Stephanie finally speaks up and says that she knows exactly what she's going through.  But then, after the break, Stephanie said that she wasn't talking about herself, she was talking about her mom.  Billie pipes up and says that Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) was a victim until she stepped forward and pressed charges.  Cordy is on the cusp of agreeing to testify, but Ford peaks out from the dean's office, and Cordy loses her nerve.

Coleen continues to convince Sami that she has feelings for EJ.  Outside the apartment, Philip tells Lucas that he got rid of the gun.

Kate walks into EJ's room and apologizes for threatening him and Stefano earlier.  EJ, who is still clutching the picture of Sami and baby Johnny, asks Kate to do something for him.

Ford and his father and the dean try to end the hearing, but Morgan steps forward and announces that she'll be more than happy to testify.

Coleen tells Sami to go to EJ and tell him that she loves him.  Sami answers back with incredulous anger.

Morgan wants to testify and the dean can't say no because having a new witness is well within the rules.  Cordy hugs and her and thanks her.  The dean allows only four other sorority girls in the room, including Stephanie and Chelsea.  Stephanie, looking uncomfortable, opts to stay outside with Cordy.

Sami, lying on the couch now, tells Coleen that she's not going to tell EJ that she loves him when she doesn't.  Coleen asks Sami if she's afraid that she does in fact love EJ.

Philip tells Lucas that he threw the gun in the lake, but Lucas is upset because he needs to know if Sami was a target.  There was a bullet hole in her dress.

Stephanie asks Billie how much of a chance they have, and Billie gives it to her straight.  Date rape is really hard to prove and universities tend to want to sweep it under the rug.

Morgan answers questions from Ford's father.  Things are not looking good for Morgan and co.

Tony tells Stefano that EJ getting shot is ultimately all Stefano's own fault because of the vendetta.  Kate comes out and tells them that EJ wants to see Stefano.  EJ tells Stefano that he loves his father but he can't live like this.  He wants Stefano to get him a gun so that he can take his life.

Kate calls Sami and asks her to come over to the hospital because EJ is dying.  Coleen tells Sami that she's his only hope.

The girls come outside.  They've lost their case and everyone is despondent except for Chelsea.  Chelsea tries to rally the troops, saying that it's retaliation time.

Sami runs out of the apartment to get to the hospital and tells Lucas that she has some errands to run.

Chelsea gives everyone a task for her master plan.  They're going to cover the entire campus with flyers with the truth about Ford Decker.  Some of the girls are hesitant because they don't want to get in trouble, but Chelsea convinces them.

Lucas goes back inside to take care of the babies, and Philip takes the gun out of his pocket.  He didn't get rid of it after all.

Sami shows up at the hospital and asks to see him.  Stefano warns her not to upset EJ.  She goes into the room.  She apologizes for fighting with him and says that she's not going to go away.  He tells her to go back to Lucas because he's the one she loves, and she responds with, "What if he's not?"  This makes EJ perk right up, and I predict a swift and speedy recovery.

Next on Days of our Lives: Bo asks Kate for the gun, Shawn asks Steve if anything's wrong, Lucas tells Billie that he needs a lawyer.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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