Days of our Lives: November 14 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 14 Live Thoughts
On today's Days of our Lives, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is loitering outside of the dean's meeting.  Morgan Hollingsworth shows up, and they discuss that Cordy's testimony is the only way to prove that Ford is the campus rapist.  Unfortunately, Cordy hasn't shown up yet.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is out in the hall talking to Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).  Kayla asks if Stephanie has seen her father, but she hasn't.  Kayla gets off the phone and goes into St. Luke's to find Steve (Stephen Nichols) looking for clues.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) asks Kate (Lauren Koslow) for his gun back because he doesn't want the police to get their hands on it and trace it back to him.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) visits EJ (James Scott) at the hospital.  He snits that he'd rather that she not pretend to care about his paralyzed condition.

Kayla asks Steve outright where he was during Sami's wedding.

Billie (Julie Pinson), Jett (Marcus Patrick) and the dean come out of the room to introduce himself to the girls.  Ford shows up and immediately lays on his smarminess.

Sami tells EJ that she really does care and refuses to leave when he asks her to.  He demands to know what she's doing there because he doesn't believe that she actually does care about him.  She says that she's sorry for what he's going through and for the pain that he must be in.

Lucas asks Kate whether she shot EJ, and she says no.  She finally 'fesses up that she gave the gun to Philip.  He asks her if she tried to shoot Sami during the wedding.  Kate is indignant at the accusation.

Sami agrees that she did want to make their marriage as miserable as possible for him, but she didn't mean for him to get paralyzed.  He asks her to leave again, but she tells him that she held him in her arms when he got shot and stayed by his side while waiting to hear his prognosis.  She says that she thought he might need her.

Ford says that since he is the son of a board member, so as soon as he is let off the hook, he's going to ask his daddy to revoke Alpha Chi Theta's charter.  Ford makes fun of Chelsea's taste in men and things get very heated.  All the while, Stephanie is silently reliving her terrifying sexual assault.  One thing that I don't understand, though, is if Ford did assault Stephanie, why isn't he gloating about it?  I can see why Stephanie would keep mum about it, but he certainly wouldn't.

Steve tells Kayla that he was at an autoparts store during the wedding, but he doesn't have any proof that he was there.

EJ tells Sami that he wants her to go home to Lucas and that he'll talk to his father to end the vendetta anyway.  EJ wants this because he has nothing to offer Sami anymore.  Of course, Sami doesn't immediately jump up and go home to her husband because we all know that she secretly loves EJ.

Kate looks Lucas in the eye and says that she did not try to shoot Sami.  But Lucas still needs the gun back because if the police find it, they'll also find out that he bought two guns on the night EJ got shot and he'll shoot right up to the top of the suspect list.  Kate asks him if he was the one who shot EJ.

Ford continues to wax evil until Billie gets in his face and tells him that if one more peep comes out of his mouth, she will personally remove him from the building.  Then, this old dude shows up who says that if Billie goes through with that, then he'll have her fired.  The old dude is Crawford Decker, Ford's father and lawyer.  Ford smirks.  Ford is certainly one of the most unambiguously evil villains on Days of our Lives.  They don't even try to make him look sympathetic.  Andre was pretty evil too, but at least he started out wanting Stefano's approval, and he did get a little bit remorseful right before he died.

EJ has a petulant tantrum about how his life is over now, but Sami reminds him that when she first met him, she was attracted to his charm and charisma and not to his legs.  He begs him not to give up.  He says that he has nothing left to live for, but she reminds him that he still has a son.  She begs him to fight.

The dean seems to be really tight with Crawford Decker.  Chelsea stomps on Ford's foot, mock-accidentally, and goes outside to call Cordy once more.  Billie asks for more time so that they can wait for Cordy to arrive.

Kayla is finding holes in Steve's alibi, and reminds him that he promised that he'd never lie to her.  She asks one more time if he shot EJ.

Kate and Lucas still haven't admitted to anything when Sami comes home.  Sami says that EJ is dying, but Lucas wants to know why she cares so much.

Chelsea can't get ahold of Cordy and suspects that Ford did something to Cordy to prevent her from showing up.

Sami tells Lucas all about EJ.  She is afraid that if EJ dies, Stefano is going to hold them responsible.

At the hospital, Stefano confronts EJ and tells him to stop sulking.  The machines start beeping like crazy and EJ starts convulsing.

At the last minute, Cordy shows up.  She tells Billie and the girls that she can't testify against Ford.

Lucas convinces Sami to lie down and take a nap.  He goes to check on the twins, and while he's doing that, Coleen's ghost appears.  Coleen reminds her that Sami alone has the power to re-instill the will to live within EJ.

The doctors bring a crash cart to revive EJ.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lucas asks Philip for the gun back, Sami talks to Coleen some more, Stephanie empathizes with Cordy.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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