Days of our Lives: May 7 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 7 Live Thoughts
Today's episode of Days of our Lives opens with Kate (Lauren Koslow) eating breakfast at the pub with Martino Vitali.  He tells her that she always made him want to become a better man.  Dr. Daniel Jonas walks into the pub, and the music immediately gets somber.  Henchman Eddie escorts Daniel over to Martino's table.  Martino wants Daniel to take over the care of his daughter Ava's case.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) meets Max (Darin Brooks) for breakfast at the pub as well.  He reports that not only has he found the error in Nick's grant proposal, but he's also fixed it.

At the hospital, Lexie (Renee Jones) tells Abe (James Reynolds) that Ava is mentally fit to appear before a judge.  Lexie also wants to start going to couples therapy with Abe, with a therapist other than Marlena.

Lexie turns Ava over to Roman (Josh Taylor).  He wants to take Ava down to the station for booking, but she just sits, stony-faced and unresponsive.  At the police station, Abe says that Ava's lawyer is trying to get her arraignment postponed indefinitely.  Bo shows up at the police station too.  He very unprofessional yells at her and threatens her, taunting her that she doesn't have her Patch with her.  Roman and Abe finally convince Bo to leave, and on his way out, Ava tells him that she's sorry and that she deserves to be punished for what she did.  Bot learns from Roman that it was the drugs that made Ava crazy, so he decides that it's time for him to have a chat with Martino Vitali.  Abe tries to talk him down.  Another cop comes into the office to report that Dr. David Nuessbaum's body was just pulled out of the river - the psychiatrist that Martino hired for Ava.  That's all Bo needs to get Martino in an interrogation room.

Daniel sees that he is backed into a corner regarding working for Martino Vitali.  It was Kate who suggested Daniel in the first place, since he is a top-notch physician.  Martino wants him to see whether the drugs Ava has been taking will not cause permanent damage.  Daniel says that his daughter needs a good psychiatrist, so he can't help him.  He leaves, and Kate runs off after him, as Martino looks menacingly at Daniel.  Outside the pub, Kate asks Daniel to reconsider, but Daniel refuses because he doesn't want Chelsea involved with shady mob characters.  Kate's eyes are opened to Daniel's crush on Chelsea and asks him about it.  Daniel denies it and says he has a plane to catch.

Kate goes back to the pub.  Martino asks her to dinner and asks her to consider revisiting their relationship.  Kate says that some things are better left in the past.

Bo (Peter Reckell) is doting and waiting on Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) hand and foot.  He's all dressed up to go to work, but Chelsea reminds him that he's supposed to be resting as well.  She very cutely tells him to sit his butt down and bond with her.  He wants to know about a dream that she had last night.  Morgan drops by with some goodies from the coffee shop, and Bo manages to sneak away to go to work.

Stephanie questions Max about what he did to Nick's proposal, and Max gets all dodgy.  He says that he merely recopied his work that was damaged when the drink was spilled on him.  He gives Stephanie an envelope and asks her to mail it to the grant office, but not to tell Nick about it.  Nick (Blake Berris) himself walks into the pub and asks what they're talking about.  Max secretly sneaks the envelope over to Stephanie. They say that they were just talking about hanging out later.  Nick sits down and apologizes for freaking out to Max yesterday.  Then he asks if he has seen his grant project, but Max plays dumb.  Stephanie comes back and knows something is fishy about Max.

Nick goes over to visit Chelsea.  Almost a second later, Daniel shows up at the door as well.  Awk!  Ward!  Chelsea quickly makes an excuse to get rid of Nick.  Daniel tells Chelsea that he has been asked to stay in Salem to consult on another case, but whether he takes it or not depends on her.  He says that he was this close to leaving Salem but he got paged to come back.  He was relieved because he didn't want to leave her.  He tells her that it's wrong for him to have feelings for her because she's his patient, but she insists that he should just let it happen.  She goes in for a kiss, and they make out passionately.

At the police station, Abe tells Ava that her psychiatrist Dr. Nuessbaum was found murdered.  She's not surprised.  Ava makes bail and is free to go.  Looking extremely frightened, Ava says she doesn't want to accept the bail because she has no where to go.

Nick comes back to the pub to vent to Max about getting the brush-off from Chelsea.  At the same time, Bo blows into the pub to have a little talk with Martino.  The episode of Days of our Lives ends with Bo punching Martino in the face.

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami asks EJ whether he was with Nicole, Chelsea asks Daniel if he's married, John tells Marlena that he knows a lot more about their past than she thinks, Bo continues his confrontation with Martino.

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