Days of our Lives: May 6 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 6 Live Thoughts
On today's Days of our Lives, Sami (Alison Sweeney) is in her pajamas and wearing glasses, getting ready for bed.  She and John (Drake Hogestyn) have a conversation about what he was like before he lost his memory.  Sami tells him that they never really got along very well because he was always self-righteous.  She sees the minidisc that they found on Stefano's safe.  John hasn't yet tried to see what's on it, though.  His instincts tell him that the disc may contain things that he doesn't want to know about.

Today's episode of Days of our Lives is like a crash course in Days history.

Nicole and EJ (James Scott) are having a clandestine meeting.  It turns out that EJ paid Nicole to speak to Mr. Burke, the immigration officer, to testify that he and Sami are in love with each other.  Wait, I thought EJ was broke, and was only taking Nicole on as a client for money.  So, they're paying each other off, and it cancels each other out.  Actually, EJ says that he took on some other clients and that's how he got the money to pay her.  He warns her not to tell Sami about his underhanded actions.  Nicole tries to lay her wily snares on EJ, but he is not interested.  He shows his smarmy side by saying that when he first met her, he knew that she could be someone he could use.

EJ asks Nicole what she plans to do after she gets half of Victor's money.  She says that she feels like staying around in Salem, and getting the other half of the money by wooing Philip.

John wants Sami to tell him all about Marlena and why she fell in love with him.  We are treated to many, many flashbacks from Days of our Lives past, complete with bad hair and over-acting, chronicling the beginning of Marlena and John's relationship.  She even gets to talking about why she rebelled against him so much.  She said that he ruined her life and Marlena's life.  The last time he had amnesia, for example, John left Marlena in the middle of their honeymoon in Hawaii and then went and hooked up with Hope.  Then, she tells him about when they all found out that he wasn't Roman and how devastating it was for her family.  Sami urges John to look at what is one the disc, so John takes it and puts it in his computer.  He presses play, and a whole bunch of scramble images show up.  John figures that it must be encrypted.  Sami offers to give the disc to Roman to get some of his ISA buddies to decode it.  John thanks her for the offer, but he wants to sit on it for a while.

Sami and John continue on with their trip down memory lane.  Sami tells him about how Victor Kiriakis discovered him.  John decides that he's sick of being a victim, used and abused by Stefano and Victor, and he vows to end it right now.  Sami and John talk about how good John was with Belle.  Sami confesses about the time she faked the paternity test results and about how she kidnapped her little sister and tried to give her up for adoption.  Sami muses that this new John is making every effort to keep from getting close to anyone.  She knows that he really does have feelings for Marlena.  She asks him if he loves her, but then he abruptly gets up and goes to bed.  As soon as they are away, a gloved man sneaks into the room and steals the minidisc.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kate and Martino have another date, Lexie gives Ava a clean bill of mental health.

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