Days of our Lives: May 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 5 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) have their immigration hearing.  Roman (Josh Taylor) suggests that they have it at his office at the police station, since he is a busy man.  John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) show up to give their testimonies as well.  Also, Nicole Kiriakis née Walker crashes the party.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) has a drink at the pub and tells Max (Darin Brooks) that he can help him earn some extra cash and help him finish his community service at the same time.  He wants to hire Max to keep an eye on things down at the docks with the intent of nailing John Black.

At the hospital, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) questions Martino Vitali about why he put his daughter's care in the hands of a doctor who made her unstable and dangerous.

Nicole tells Sami that she is volunteering her services as a character witness in EJ's immigration hearing.  There's a hilarious moment in which EJ explains why he doesn't have dual American and UK citizenship, and Nicole wrinkles her brow, saying something about a "very confusing backstory."  Oh, meta-humor!  I love it!

The immigration person questions John Black first.  John says that because he lost his memory, he is able to observe Sami and EJ as an unbiased outsider.  He believes that they love each other more than they even realize.  It's Nicole's turn afterwards, and we don't get to see anything of her interview until she comes out.  When she's done, Nicole taunts Sami so Sami nearly tackles her.  The immigration officer interviews Sami and EJ next.  He asks Sami whether she loves EJ, and she says yes.  You know?  I totally buy it too.  Then, EJ launches into an impassioned speech about how much he loves his family.

At the pub, Max tells Philip to go shove it with his offer to spy.  Morgan Hollingsworth overhears everything and tells Philip to leave her friends out of it.  He offers to buy her a drink, but she declines and asks for a game of darts instead.  While he's fetching the darts on the board, Morgan throws one through his sleeve as a warning to stop intimidating her and her friends.

At home, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) confides in her grandmum Kate (Lauren Koslow) about her medical condition.  She really doesn't mind that she is now infertile (especially since Days of our Lives characters tend to procreate like bunnies anyway), but she is mostly hurt that Dr. Daniel would drop her as a patient.  Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) knocks at the door and suggests that he and Chelsea take Uncle Mickey's boat out to the Horton cabin.  Chelsea gets avoidy on him and makes the excuse that she is still tired and needs to rest, so he leaves.  As soon as she's gone, she calls Daniel, but then hangs up as soon as he answers.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) goes over to visit Chelsea, and they engage in girltalk about Max and Daniel, respectively.  Stephanie finally gets Chelsea to admit that she is in love with Daniel Jonas.  Things are looking dire for Nick.  Chelsea is certain that Daniel doesn't see her as anything more than a patient, but Stephanie isn't so sure.  Steph leaves to let her friend get some rest, but she is quickly replaced by a new visitor.  Daniel himself comes to Chelsea's doorstep to say one last good-bye before leaving town for good. 
She bitterly asks him if that's what he does: he blows into town and then leaves to go catch a wave, without taking the time to make relationships.  He tells her to say good-bye to everyone, and walks to the door.  But!  Suddenly, he comes back and lays a big wet kiss on her lips.  It's the kind of spectacular kiss that young girls dream of.  Without saying another word, he goes, leaving Chelsea in a pleasant stupor.

Nick goes over to the pub to vent about Chelsea kicking him out to Morgan and Max.  After spilling beer on himself, he gets fed up with the universe and storms off.  Max cleans up Nick's table and he finds that he left all of his work behind.  Max sits down and sifts through the stack of papers, rewriting stuff.  Stephanie catches him fiddling with it, and Max says that he's just fixing it.  Stephanie doesn't get suspicious at all.

At the hospital, Ava is in discomfort because she is going through drug withdrawal.  She asks her father if there really was something wrong with her all the time she was locked up.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) tells Martino to go, and Kayla backs him up.  Martino tells someone on the phone to "Just get it done," out in the waiting room, and Steve witnesses all of this.

Kate meets Martino at the pub.  They greet each other with a big hug, like they are old lovers or really good friends.  She look distracted, and he asks what is going on with her.  She tells him that she's still shaken up after stumbling onto the murder scene in the alley behind the Cheatin' Heart, where Earl the snitch was offed by Vitali's henchmen.  He plays dumb, though.

Next on Days of our Lives: John finally looks at what's on the minidisc.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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