Days of our Lives: May 27 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 27 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Marlena (Deidre Hall) gently reviving John (Drake Hogestyn).  (Remember from yesterday's Days of our Lives, Roman tried to arrest John who punched Roman, so Marlena was forced to sedate him with a drug.)  Roman (Josh Taylor) reminds John that cocaine was found in his containers at the docks.  John is freaked out because he doesn't take kindly to restraints.  Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) enter the room, and EJ asks John if he needs a lawyer.

Bo (Peter Reckell) asks to meet Daniel (Shawn Christian) to talk over something at the pub.

Ava (Tamara Braun) goes to the police station to handle some paperwork regarding her father's body.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) runs into her there and calls her a bitch.

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) knocks on Philip's door.  She hems and haws, not really getting to the point.  Finally, she tells Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) that she is leaving Salem.  She doesn't have any plans to come back to Salem (although, one should never say never).  She wants to make a fresh start somewhere else.  To try to dissuade her, Philip kisses her.  They are interrupted by a knock at the door.  It's Henderson with an express delivery for Chloe.  She opens the package and finds her divorce papers.  Philip decides to take her mind off of things by taking off her clothes.  Accompanied by a sexy, wailing saxophone, they fall onto the bed and have sex.  Afterwards, Chloe admits that sex was a mistake and they shouldn't have done it.  Philip again uses his kisses to ease her prickly conscience.  They get undressed again for round 2.

At the police station, Chelsea bitches to Ava about how she nearly killed her family (in the plane crash and then in the abduction).  Ava gets angry because she's tired of having to explain herself.  Chelsea tells her to stay away from her and her family.  Ava compliments Chelsea about what she did to save her dad's life and explains that not everyone is lucky enough to have a dad who loves you.  Abe (James Reynolds) tells Chelsea that Bo is at the pub, so she leaves to look for him.

Bo, plus Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Nick (Blake Berris), want to ask Daniel about his opinion on how to make the pub eco-friendly.  Daniel is at first uncomfortable because he thinks they want to talk about Chelsea.  Then, he gets more uncomfortable because they want him to spout suggestions on making the pub green without so much as giving him time to think.  Presumptuous, much?  Daniel says that converting pubs isn't his area of expertise and defers to Nick, since he's the environmental genius.  Nick gets all uppity and in his face.  Chelsea arrives at the pub and into this awkward mess.  Bo realizes that there is some kind of masculine posturing going on between Daniel and Nick, but can't stay to talk about it.  Chelsea tries to ask Daniel about their previous conversation, but they are interrupted by a hot MILF whose daughter Daniel has operated on in San Francisco.  Chelsea smiles as Daniel hugs the child.  Chelsea follows Daniel out of the pub.  Daniel thinks that she only has feelings for him because he's a hotshot doctor, but she says he couldn't be more wrong.  Daniel gets a mysterious call on his cell and tells the caller that it's not really a good time to talk.  He agrees to meet the mysterious caller under a cloak of secrecy.  He gets off the phone and tells Chelsea to tell everyone he says good-bye.

John immediately hires EJ to represent him against the police.  Sami begs EJ to do all he can to help John; she doesn't think John is responsible for the drugs.  Everyone except for Sami leaves to go down to the station.  Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) comes in; he and Sami talk about Ali.  Sami fills Lucas in about John's situation.  The conversation turns to EJ, as it is wont to do.  Sami exclaims that she isn't in love with EJ and she never was.  Conveniently, EJ overhears her saying this.  She admits that she has feelings for him and sees the good in him, but that doesn't have anything to do with love.  EJ storms in, looking for his briefcase.  He's furious.  Sami wants to sign the annulment papers.  He obliges angrily, and leaves.  Sami signs the papers and looks over at Lucas.  They play with the twins, looking like the perfect, happy family.  Unfortunately, Lucas brings up EJ again.  He is unhappy to hear that he'll have to share fatherhood with EJ.  Lucas finally confesses to Sami that he doesn't really want to move on and move forward with their relationship.  He can neither forgive nor forget that she slept with EJ.

At the police station, Marlena intercedes to Abe on John's behalf.  John explains that because of the way Stefano programmed him, he can't control how he behaves when he is restrained.  EJ finally shows up to act as John's attorney.  He spews a whole bunch of legalese, which Ava overhears.  She now plans to hire EJ to represent her as well.  Wow, business is booming for EJ now.  Marlena speaks to Roman privately and reminds him how dangerous it is to lock John up, given his precarious mental state.  Abe says that he has no choice, though.  He has to

Ava approaches EJ and asks him to take her case.  EJ immediately refuses, but she wants him to consider him.  Ava is willing to double what John is paying him.  Finally, EJ agrees to take her on as a client.  EJ sits wearily down, recalling how eagerly Sami signed the annulment papers.  He is on the brink of giving up on her.

Next on Days of our Lives:  Lucas wants to see Sami, Kayla visits her baby, Nicole walks in on Chloe and Philip in bed.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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