Days of our Lives: May 22 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 22 Live Thoughts
Am I having deja vu?  Today's Days of our Lives opens, just as it did yesterday, with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) holding her baby boy in her arms.  Ava (Tamara Braun) walks in and snatches the baby away as Kayla screams after her.  Kayla wakes up in a start to find that it was all a dream.  But then, Ava walks into her room!

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) goes by the pub, but it is closed early.  The bartender lets him in anyway.  Philip lets another guy in and they discuss a shady deal.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) swears to Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) that this was the first and only time she and EJ had sex.  She can't really explain why she did it, but she says that the email he sent her telling her to move on really hurt her.  Lucas is just sore that she chose to move on with EJ.  They have the shouting match of the century.  EJ (James Scott) steps in to help out Sami, but she and Lucas ask him to leave.  John (Drake Hogestyn) walks in the room just as Lucas calls Sami a lying, cheatin' whore, and immediately runs in to defend Sami.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) joins the party as well.  Everyone fills in Marlena about how Lucas caught Sami in bed with EJ.  Marlena is shocked, but John isn't.  Sami stutters out an explanation.  John steps up and tells Lucas to back down because nobody talks to his step-daughter like that.  Lucas demands an explanation, so Sami tells him that EJ helped her out so much with the children and turned his life around.  She was lonely and vulnerable, especially after Lucas told her to move on.  Then, Sami brings up all the things that Lucas did that ruined their lives too, like shooting EJ, and EJ has been a better husband to her than Lucas has.  Sami asks John for his objective opinion.  John says that part of him sides with Lucas, but most of him is relieved that Sami and EJ finally did it because the sexual tension between the two of them was driving him nuts.  Ha!  Lucas has had enough of it, so he walks out the door.  But then his ankle monitor starts beeping.

Kayla describes her nightmare to Ava, who has come bearing flowers.  Ava understands why Kayla would be having such a nightmare but she assures her that she is a new Ava now, no longer crazy.  Ava wishes that there were something she could do to help because she feels responsible for everything that happened.  Ava is so grateful for Kayla for finding out about the drugs she was on, even when she didn't have to, and allowing her to have her life back.  Ava isn't sure how long she'll be free, since she has to stand trial and she doesn't have her father to get her out.  Kayla suggests that she take her father's money and do something good to counteract all the bad things that her father did.

Ava leaves and comes back, dressed in nurse's scrubs.  She sneaked into the NICU and took pictures of the boy on her camera phone to show Kayla.

Philip is in the midst of his deal.  He promises the guy a bunch of money as long as he keeps Philip's and Victor's name far away from anything.  After the guy leaves, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) walks in and asks what that was all about.  Philip asks her stay out of it, but she isn't willing to back down without a fight.  She also wants to talk about them and the future.  She wants him to help her forget about Brady, in a no-strings-attached-type of agreement.  Philip agrees, with a smoldering look in his eyes.  Chloe makes a thinly veiled blowjob reference, and they kiss.

EJ walks around outside the pub where Nicole finds him.  He asks to be alone, but she says that they need each other.  Nicole apologizes for crashing by the mansion earlier all drunk, but she needs his help to get her dog, Pookie.  Pookie will be released from the animal hospital tomorrow morning, but Nicole wants EJ to work his lawyerly magic to get Pookie released tonight.  EJ is sick to death of hearing about Pookie and tells her to go shove it.  But backed into a corner, he finally agrees to help her as long as she answers one question: "What is wrong with her?"  He doesn't think that she is as shallow as people think she is, but she doesn't have the confidence to believe it.  He also says that she'll find a guy soon enough.  She tries to snare EJ, but he says that he belongs to Sami.  Nicole warns him that Sami only loves Lucas, and EJ doesn't have a snowball's chance.  Nicole deduces that Lucas walked in on EJ and Sami in bed together.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip asks Morgan to spy, Lucas asks EJ to move out.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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