Days of our Lives: May 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 15 Live Thoughts
Sami (Alison Sweeney) rushes back home after finding out that EJ and Nicole were making out at the gym and vents to Rolf on today's Days of our Lives.  Rolf shushes her, saying that "the kleine Kinder, they are schlaffen!"  But then, remembering John Black's directive to get rid of his German accent, he busts out with a kind of hilarious American accent.  Sami is royally pissed off that EJ would be cheating on her with Nicole.  Back at the gym, EJ (James Scott) breaks off his kiss with Nicole, saying that he feels like he's cheating on Samantha.

Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) arrests Martino Vitali and Angelo.  Martino grandstands that the cops have nothing on him, but Bo tells him that they found evidence belonging to Dr. Nuessbaum on the henchman who was hired to whack Steve.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) goes over to Bo and Hope's to find Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) in pain.

Nicole understands why EJ wants to stay faithful to Sami, for the sake of the child they have together.  EJ says it's not just about the child - he really loves her.  Nicole says Sami will never stop loving Lucas, so he doesn't really have a chance, but EJ's got a plan.  The prison has a very big over-crowding problem, so they are planning to release some of the inmates into a home-arrest program.  He has called the warden to see about getting Lucas released into that program.  He figures that he wants to win Samantha's fair and square, with Lucas there too.

Rolf continues to serve as sounding board for Sami.  He thinks that there is "pfunff, pfunff, pfunff" in her heart for EJ.  Rolf is in rare form in today's Days of our Lives.  He advises Sami to dispense with all emotions except for terrifying, paralyzing fear.  Rolf reports to Sami that he overheard EJ on the phone with the warden at Lucas' prison earlier today.  He tells her that EJ was trying to negotiate Lucas' early release.  Sami is grateful to Rolf for telling her all of this and asks him to continue to snoop around.  Rolf agrees, but only if she pays him back at some time in the future.  Uh oh!  Bargain with the devil, that.

Nicole is alone at the Salem Healthclub, now dressed after her rendezvous in the steam room with EJ.  She starts hitting a punching bag, and then decides to start drinking heavily.  Good thing she stashed a flask in her gym bag.

EJ comes home, and Sami confronts him about his activities with Nicole.  EJ denies that anything happened.  Then Sami asks him about why he's trying to get Lucas out of prison.  He says that it's just out of the goodness of his heart, and he just wants her to be happy.  But she reminds him that the night Johnny was conceived was also the night that EJ raped her.  He tries to apologize, saying he never intended to hurt her.  He thought that she felt the same way, but he was deluding himself.  But she says that it wasn't just that night.  The worst part was the way he behaved afterwards.  He explains that it was because he was responding to how much she was disgusted with him.  He apologizes again and again, and says that everything he has done since that fateful night has been to reform himself for her.  He doesn't expect her to forgive him anytime soon, but he hopes that it will happen someday.  You know what?  He's pretty convincing.  I think he's sincere about it.  Sami is still miffed that he was cavorting in steam rooms with Nicole, and EJ says nothing happened because he told Nicole that he loves Sami.  Sami then agrees to give EJ a clean slate, just like that.  She is about to explain why she's giving him a second chance, but Nicole comes barging in, drunk off her ass.  Sami physically throws her out, and then demands that EJ stay away from Nicole.  EJ's all amused and asks, "What are you going to do?"  That is Sami's cue to give him another big, passionate kiss.  She breaks away and then freaks out again.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) asks Max (Darin Brooks) to meet her at the pier.  She wants to discuss the events that have transpired with Nick's grant proposal.  Max doesn't 'fess up completely, however.  He is still covering up what he did and why he did it.  Stephanie eventually melts and forgives him.  Max has prepared a little picnic spread.  They enjoy their sandwiches, and then get busy with the kissing.

At the pub, Bo monologues to Martino that the evidence they found on the henchman will connect to Nuessbaum's death and then back to him.  Ava pipes up, saying that she can prove that the henchman works for Martino.  He tries to shush her, but she's on a roll.  She accuses her psychiatrist of messing her up, but Angelo corrects her.  He says that Dr. Nuessbaum was giving her the wrong drugs on order from Martino.  Ava realizes that he did it because she had a memory about her mother that he didn't want her to remember.  She remembers that her mother wanted to leave, so Martino took her out.  She freaks out, hitting him and crying.  Pretty good performance by Tamara Braun.  Martino grabs a gun, and Bo pulls his gun out too.  A shot rings out.  In the next scene, we find out that Martino is down on the ground, probably dead.  Ava cries over him, clearly distraught and with mixed emotions.  Roman (Josh Taylor) offers his condolences and reminds her and Angelo that they aren't allowed to leave town since they are out on bail.  They will need a formal statement from them soon.

Emergency medical personnel arrive at Bo and Hope's to bring Kayla and Steve to the hospital.  Kayla is only 26 weeks pregnant, but she might be going into very premature labor.  Steve calls Bo and Hope, who rush off to the hospital.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip confronts Victor about his secrets, Hope tells Stephanie about Kayla's premature labor, Steve asks Lexie whether the baby can survive.

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