Days of our Lives: May 14 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 14 Live Thoughts
Today's Days of our Lives begins with a conversation between Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson), Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Nicole.  Chloe complains to the others about the crap treatment she is getting from Victor.  Nicole snipes that Chloe is two-timing Brady with his little brother.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ (James Scott) tells Sami (Alison Sweeney) that he's going to the gym.  (James Scott is wearing a black wifebeater that is yum!)  Sami rushes out and follows him to the gym.  Meanwhile, Dr, Daniel Jonas stops by the mansion to have a chat with Marlena (Deidre Hall).  He needs some counseling to work through his issues.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) asks Kate (Lauren Koslow) at the pub how she can get Daniel to realize that he loves her.  Across the dining room in the pub, Angelo admits to Ava that Martino's boys are planning a hit on Patch today.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) has been babysitting Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) all yesterday on Days of our Lives, keeping her occupied and safe.  Bo (Peter Reckell) calls Hope to tell her that Steve is in danger down at the pier.  She says she'll be on her way, and is careful not to let on to Kayla that something might be wrong.

Chloe and Nicole bitch to each other about Brady.  Nicole also bitches Philip out for fooling around with Chloe "Lame" last night.  I kind of love Nicole.  She's so villainous!  She tells Philip that she still cares about him.

At the gym, Sami espies EJ giving bicep curl pointers to a hot girl.  She gets jealous and rushes into the store, knocking items down from the shelves.  EJ sees this and smiles to himself.  EJ gets on the phone with Nicole and asks her to come down to the gym.  She agrees, leaving Chloe and Philip alone.  Chloe tells Philip that they shouldn't mess around right now, but Philip doesn't see what's so wrong with it.  Chloe says that it's hard to let go of Brady, just like that, but Philip promises some fun, no strings attached.  They start kissing, but then Chloe breaks it off, put off by the fact that Philip thinks she came back to Salem for him.

Sami gets on an elliptical machine, next to a high-pitched gay boy, who eyes EJ lustily.  Then Nicole comes in and flirts with EJ, causing Sami to faux-sneeze, "Bitch!" loudly.  Nicole snits that EJ invited her to the gym, and takes him into the steam room.  Sami has her new gay boy friend follow them into the steam to spy on them.  Nicole and EJ start making out in the steam room (woah!  when did this start??), and gay boy Chris hears them moaning from outside the steam room.  He reports back to Sami, who looks crushed.  Inside, EJ tells Nicole that she's beautiful, but he loves Samantha.  Then, they continue to make out.

Marlena asks John (Drake Hogestyn) for some privacy so that she and Daniel can talk privately.  At first John is reluctant, but then he finally leaves the room.  Marlena asks Daniel what he wants to talk about.  He tells her the story about how he lost his wife to cancer, and how he can fall out of love with his current patient and move on.  John, eavesdropping all the while, hears Marlena say that if you genuinely love someone, it is hard to get over those feelings.  Marlena knows what Daniel wants to hear: he wants her to tell him that it's okay to go after his patient.  The session is over, and Daniel leaves.  Marlena asks John why he was eavesdropping.  They argue about something pointless.  Marlena tells John that she asked Roman to unofficially look into who stole John's disk.  He doesn't want her involved in all of this, but Marlena says that she is because she loves him.

Chelsea tells Kate that she broke up with Nick, and all about Daniel's past with his late wife.  Kate advises her to get as far away from Daniel as possible, that she'll always take the backseat to his wife, and he won't commit.  Daniel comes into the pub after his session with Marlena, and looks over at Chelsea.  Kate leaves and Daniel sits down with Chelsea.  He confesses that he just talked to a shrink today, and he can't yet wrap his mind around the concept of "them."  Chelsea says that she wants him, but she's not going to sit there and play little games and chase after him.  I'm impressed with how mature she is handling everything.

Ava calls her father to stop the hit on Steve.  As they wait, Angelo tells Ava that he's tired of being Martino's puppet, and she says that now that she's off her meds, her days of her daddy controlling her are over.  Martino comes over to the pub, and Ava curtly tells him to sit down.  Ava demands that he call it off right now, but they are interrupted when Bo and Hope barge in and arrest Martino.

Meanwhile, Steve is still hanging out down the pier, with a Vitali henchman's rifle sights on him.  The sniper finally gets a clear shot, but then Bo appears from out of the shadows, pointing a gun at the snipers head.  Hope is there as well, and the two cops read the sniper his Miranda rights.  Steve heads back to Bo and Hope's to check on Kayla.  Meanwhile, Kayla gets up off the couch to call Steve, but almost immediately doubles over from pain in her abdomen.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla goes into labor.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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