Days of our Lives: May 13 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 13 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins at the docks today.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) goes down to the pier to ask Max (Darin Brooks) what he really did with Nick's grant proposal.

Nick (Blake Berris) is at the pub, and a student of his runs into him there.  Across the dining room, Steve (Stephen Nichols) has a kind of sketchy meeting with EJ (James Scott).  EJ hands over some documents, while someone who appears to be a Vitali henchman looks on creepily.

At the police station, Sami (Alison Sweeney) frantically asks Roman's (Josh Taylor) advice about Lucas.  She went down to the prison in yesterday's Days of our Lives, but he refused to speak with her.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) hang out together.  Hope really wants to hang out with her so that she can keep an eye on Kayla to keep her safe from Ava and the Vitalis.  They head out for their appointment.

Ava (Tamara Braun) is just about to be released from the hospital.  She tells Angelo that the drugs that her shrink gave her won't cause permanent damage, so it looks like she'll be fine.  She has a theory about Dr. Nuessbaum, though.  She thinks that he was giving her the wrong drugs so that she would be his patient indefinitely, and then he would be able to bleed money from Martino Vitali forever.  Angelo is looking kind of doubtful about it, but they are interrupted by Hope and Kayla coming in for Kayla's appointment.  Ava thanks Kayla for figuring out that she was on the wrong meds.  Angelo, obviously, doesn't approve of thanking her.  He thinks that Patch is the reason why all this bad stuff happened to Ava.  He says that Martino also blames Patch for everything, so she questions him about whether Martino is going after Patch or his family.  Angelo doesn't answer.

At the pub, Steve looks at all the paperwork and approves of everything.  Steve feels a pair of eyes watching him, and turns around, but the henchman has disappeared.

Nick snaps at the student because he's trying to finish up his grant proposal.  But the student says that his proposal was already submitted.  (If you remember, Max "fixed" the proposal and had Stephanie mail it.)

Down at the docks, Stephanie and Max argue about what he did with Nick's grant proposal.  Max doesn't let on, however, and continues to try to distract her.  Stephanie is on a mission and won't let herself get distracted.  She leaves in a huff, leaving Max to remember the time he visited Grandpa Shawn's grave and confessed that he has higher hopes for himself than just working at the pub.

Stephanie goes to the pub and talks to Nick, who explains that someone turned in his work for him to the dean's office.  He's also in pretty bad shape about breaking up with Chelsea.  Max is also at the pub and plays dumb about the grant, mysteriously showing up at the dean's office.  Stephanie tries to tell Nick about what they did with his papers, but Max interrupts and covers it up.  Nick remembers that Max ripped a page out of his notebook, and starts getting suspicious.  Stephanie makes the executive decision to tell Nick everything, and Nick confronts Max about it.  They have a huge fight.

Ava and Angelo go to the pub to have a meal after her appointment, but then she realizes that it's kind of suspicious that Angelo is keeping tabs on her so closely.  He won't say, so she threatens to go to her father and ask him herself.  Finally, Angelo admits that he is under orders to keep Ava occupied today because there's something going down.

Steve leaves the pub, getting tailed by the henchman the whole time.  He goes down to the pier, and the henchman pulls out a long-range rifle to off him.  Steve gets on the phone with Bo (Peter Reckell) to tell him that he's in trouble.

Kayla comes home from her appointment.  Her doctor put her on strict bed rest.  Hope gets up to get some tea, and then Kayla starts having painful cramping.

At the police station, Roman spoke to Lucas (off-camera) and tells Sami that Lucas still doesn't want to see her, but he'll consider calling her sometime.  Roman advises her to tell Lucas how much she loves him.  Right then, another cop comes in with an email for Sami from Lucas.  She reads it out loud: in the email, Lucas instructs her to move on and forget about him.  How convenient!  Sami goes home, devastated.  She finds EJ at home.  She still wants him to drop Nicole as a client.  EJ offers her a hug.  She says no and goes outside for a walk.  But before she gets out of the house, she hears EJ getting a call from Nicole and gets a jealous look on her face.

Next on Days of our Lives: Nicole makes a move on Philip, Chelsea asks Kate for boy advice, Marlena counsels Daniel.

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