Days of our Lives: May 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: May 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins again for another week.  It's the middle of the night at the Kiriakis mansion.  Henderson delivers an express delivery package to Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) who is up late working.

Still outside the pub, Sami (Alison Sweeney) has just caught EJ (James Scott) and Nicole hugging, so Sami grabs EJ and gives him a big kiss to stake her claim on him.  As soon as she pulls away, Sami has a look of terrible regret on her face, and Nicole offers EJ some anti-bacterial breath spray.  Heh.

In the last episode of Days of our Lives, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) had followed Daniel into the steam room at the gym.  She is still there in today's episode, making a case for why he should stay in Salem to be with her.

Daniel tells Chelsea to back off about the comments about his past.  She wants to talk about it, but he is getting increasingly frazzled.  Also, he has tremendous abs.  Like, woah.  Chelsea continues to needle him into admitting that he wants her.  Chelsea says that Daniel is afraid that her case will turn out exactly like his wife's did.  She tells him that it's really sad that he's afraid to live his life just because of what could happen, but he refuses to make the same mistake twice.  She gets hostile, calling him a coward.  He tries to leave, but Chelsea kisses him.

Outside of the pub, Sami, looking shocked, says, "What was I thinking?"  EJ, looking pretty pleased, suggests that maybe she was just reacting, but Sami rushes back into the pub and asks Caroline (Peggy McCay) for some water or whiskey or rubbing alcohol.  She gets on the phone and frantically dials Lucas in prison.  Unfortunately, Lucas refuses to talk to her.

EJ thanks Nicole for helping him with Sami, but Nicole is indignant because she didn't intend to do anything.  EJ is ecstatic that Sami is feeling jealous and threw herself onto him.  Nicole isn't happy to hear that EJ has the hots for his wife, and continues to badmouth Sami.  She tells EJ that Sami is the last person he wants to be involved with, and he should take his child and leave.  EJ asks Nicole directly why she cares about whether EJ and Sami stay together or not.  He thinks that Nicole is jealous that Sami, someone whom she hates, has the potential for love and closeness, when all Nicole has is her dog.

Sami confides in Caroline, and then EJ comes in.  Sami bitches EJ out and leaves.  He shares with Caroline all that happened, and asks her advice.

Sami has run home to put the babies to bed.  She thanks Rolf for helping her.  He's got spit-up on his shirt, so they share a nightcap together.  Sami admits that she misjudged Rolf.  He asks her what happened to her tonight that freaked her out so.  She doesn't say, but she asks him what he thinks of EJ.  She admits that she thinks he's trying to be a better person (and trying her patience).  Before he goes off to bed, Sami asks Rolf whether he thinks that John and Marlena are going to get back together.  He cryptically tells her that there is a good chance.  EJ comes home and things are awkward between him and Sami.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip opens the package and pulls out John's disk.  He puts it into his computer, but can't read it because it's encrypted.  He gets on the phone with a computer specialist, but then Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) comes in.  She's back from Switzerland, but without Brady, who is still in rehab.  He's doing better, but he blames Chloe for getting him hooked on drugs.  Philip asks her what she's doing back in Salem, instead of trying to work things out with Brady.  Chloe says that her marriage is over; Brady wants a divorce.  She's back because she still holds Victor responsible for Brady's downfall, and she wants to get even with Victor.  Philip also guesses that Chloe is back in Salem to try to snare Philip as well, also as a way to get back at Victor.  Philip loves to play "the game," so things are going to get interesting soon!  They both pay lip service to just being friends, but we know that they don't really mean it.  Philip offers for her to stay at his house until she gets back on her feet (and to start on her vengeance plan against Victor).  Then, she rips open Philip's shirt and kisses him.  Ha!  That didn't take long.  Nicole walks in on them and laments, "Oh no, not them too!"

Next on Days of our Lives: Angelo tells Ava that Patch is the reason for all her problems, EJ and Steve have a meeting to discuss something.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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