Days of our Lives: March 7 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 7 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives opens today with Kate (Lauren Koslow) with a brand new haircut and color, finishing up a meeting with someone named Mr. Powers.  Sadly, his first name is not Austin.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) stops by and Kate gloats that she's got the world in her hands.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) runs into Max (Darin Brooks) down by the docks, where he is working.  She's surprised to find that he's taken on another job, since he already had his hands full with helping Caroline out at the pub.

Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) are ever the happily married couple, in stark contrast to Chloe and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson), who are neither married nor happy.

Turns out that Max is working at the docks for Stephanie.  Loading freight at the docks is part of the community service gig for hiding and disposing of Ford Decker's body.  Stephanie offers to pick up his shifts at the pub for him, to show him how much he means to her.

Kate tells Chelsea that the man she was meeting is doing a business deal.  I blinked and missed the explanation but it has something to do with her company that she bought back.  She's going to need an advertising agency to promote her produce, which means that she will soon be entwined in the Anna vs. Tony ad war - the most boring storyline ever.  Chelsea espies Dr. Daniel Jonas from across the room, and wants to introduce him to Kate.  Chelsea calls Daniel over and there's much flirting going on.  Daniel says that although he would like to stay in Salem for a while, being an avid surfer, he isn't sure that he can.  Chelsea wants him to consider staying here, and gets into full-on gush-mode when he pays her a compliment.  Kate teases Chelsea for having a crush on the good doctor.  Chelsea denies it, but the lady doth protest too much.  Kate goes over to find out about Daniel's relationship status (unmarried) and teaches Chelsea a thing or two about how to be a saucy vixen.  Truth be told, I think it's Kate who Daniel really likes, not Chelsea.  I predict there is going to be a heinous grandmother/granddaughter rivalry for Daniel's attention.

Shawn leads Belle to a romantic little spot in the park with a gazebo.  He tells her earnestly that he wants to start fresh with her.  Dropping to one knee, he proposes to her all over again.  She takes off her ring and gives it back to him.  They make their new vows to each other, holding hands.  After their impromptu second wedding ceremony, they decide to sail around the world together with Claire as soon as Bo gets better.

Remember previously on Days of our Lives, when Philip had a German guy translate Chloe's secret German conversation and he found out that Chloe's last words to Brady before his disappearance was "I could kill you"?  Well, today, Philip confronts Chloe with this and asks her what her deal is.  Chloe doesn't deny that she said it but explains that it was taken out of context.  I have to go with Chloe here - I do say things like this all the time too.  Their conversation devolves, as it always does, to Philip's unresolved feelings toward Belle.  Thankfully, this topic doesn't last very long because Philip warns her that he's got his eye on her and will have a front-row seat when her life implodes.  He's not such a nice guy, huh?  Philip apologizes for being a jerk, but he makes her promise not to hide anything from him anymore.  She whispers quietly to herself that something really gnarly happened between her and Brady before he disappeared.

Stephanie drops by the pub and tells Caroline (Peggy McCay) the good news that she got an internship with Anna DiMera's ad agency and offers her services as a waitress at the pub.  Caroline says she doesn't need the help.  Max is done working at the pier, and makes a stop at Grandpa Shawn's grave before working at the pub.  He tells the tombstone that he's in trouble for doing something for someone he really loves and he'd do anything for her.  Stephanie shows up quietly at the cemetery and overhears what Max is saying.  Max goes on a long diatribe about how he wishes that he really were a true Brady with Brady blood running through his veins.  Stephanie interrupts him by assuring him that to her eyes, he really is a Brady.

Next on Days of our Lives: John argues with Belle, Bo doesn't look good and everyone is worried about him.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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