Days of our Lives: March 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 5 Live Thoughts
Caroline (Peggy McCay) is setting up the pub for a day of business on today's Days of our Lives.  Victor shows up and asks for a cup of coffee.

Nick (Blake Berris) has asked to meet with Max (Darin Brooks) to talk about his grant proposal.  He asks Max point-blank why he is screwing with his chances of getting that grant.  (If you remember from yesterday's Days of our Lives, Max tore out a page of his proposal.)

Morgan and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) force Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) to go outside for some exercise to keep up her strength during her trying time.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) shows up at the DiMera mansion where John (Drake Hogestyn) is still busy as a bee, going through all of Stefano's financial paperwork.  Dr. Rolf shows up at the door, too.

Max doesn't deny that he tore the page out of his notebook, but he says that he just needed a piece of paper to write down a phone number.  He takes the crumpled page out of his pocket and grudgingly hands it over to Nick.  Nick says that the page is very important because an important formula that is the crux of all of his experiments is written on it.  Not to nitpick, but why does he need equations like that if his grant is about making green energy usable by consumers?  And wouldn't he write them down somewhere else?  Nick takes the recovered page and brings it over to his adviser to look through.  The adviser is most impressed, except that there's an error somewhere.  Uh oh, Max probably tampered with it.  I'm sorry, but these writers are drawing upon their experiences from fourth grade math to write this storyline.  They have no idea how science works or how grants work.  Nick calls Max to ask him why he tampered with his calculations, but he chickens out.

Morgan is worried that in a few days, the three girls will all be at each other's throats since they are all going after the same internships.  All three of their cell phones ring simultaneously, and it seems that they all got the same interview.  Chelsea thinks about calling her college adviser to reschedule the interview since she has so much on her mind.

Tony shows up at Anna's office.  They will soon be at each other's throats as well because their firms are both going after the same new client.  Tony tries to convince Anna to come back and work for him, but she wants to try to make it on her own.

It's interview time!  Morgan's first interview is with none other than Tony DiMera.  She smarms about how great his agency is, saying that she wants to own a great agency like his some day.  He promises to hire her if she can pass a test, which consists of thinking of ad slogans for the new potential client off the top of her head.  Um, what?  They weren't very good slogans, and that wasn't much of a test.  Please.  Anyway, she's hired.

Stephanie's interview is with Anna.  Anna gives it to her straight--the place is barely surviving and it would be a terrible place to intern.  She thinks that the company is going to go under unless she figures out a way to turn it around.  Anna is terribly unprofessional.  Maybe that's why Tony doesn't think that she has the goods to run a business.  Anna tells her about an ad campaign that she and Tony are competing for that could possibly save the company.  It's the same campaign that Tony quizzed Morgan about--a discount store that offers quality goods at bargain prices.  Stephanie actually has a good idea for the campaign, and Anna hires her on the spot.

Morgan, Stephanie and Chelsea convene down by the docks.  Chelsea is still bummed out about life, but Stephanie and Morgan are happy because they each got the internship that they wanted.  Chelsea figures out that Stephanie and Morgan are working for rival firms, which means that they will become rivals.  Oh, please, like working for competing companies means you can't be friends?  This show is silly sometimes.

Anna pays a visit to Tony, and is immediately jealous that he has such a go-getting and organized assistant.  Tony tells her again that he loves her and wants her to succeed.  He says that he'll hand over the new product line account if she wants it, but she doesn't want or need his charity and storms out of the office.

Marlena is incensed that Rolf is walking free and not behind bars.  (John stepped in to release him from the joint.)  Marlena changes the subject and invites John to a family dinner with Belle, Shawn and Claire.  He doesn't respond right away, though, and says he'll have to think about it.  Once she leaves, John asks Rolf about Marlena and finds out that Rolf knows quite a bit about John's memories.  Rolf is clearly covering something up.  And here comes the funny part: John asks Rolf what he should wear to the family dinner.  I think this is the Days of our Lives/Queer Eye for the Straight Guy crossover.  John hires Rolf as his personal butler under the condition that he lose the silly German accent.  Ha!  Rolf pretends not to know anything about Stefano's operations, but John doesn't really believe him.  But anyway, Rolf's first task is to shut down and lock up the basement lab and to bring John the key.  As soon as he gets a spare moment, Rolf swipes the mini disc containing all of John's old memories and squirrels it away in a safe.

Victor has a lot on his mind that he needs to talk through with Caroline.  He has problems sleeping, and is constantly plagued with thoughts of how Isabella died and frightened at the prospect of losing Bo.  Caroline officially opens the pub for business when Marlena comes by for a cup of tea.  Marlena says that she is anxious to begin working and seeing patients again, to get her mind off of the incredibly frustrating Johnbot.  Marlena sits down with Victor and talks to him about his continuing grief.  She offers her services as a psychiatrist, and he takes her up on it.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea is increasingly despondent about Bo, Abe gets the report back about the plane crash, Sami and EJ continue to discuss his immigration woes.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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