Days of our Lives: March 3 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 3 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives opens for another week.  Today, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is having a meal at the pub with Nick (Blake Berris) who is telling her all about his grant proposal.  It's about something vaguely environmental.  What exactly is he a professor of, anyway?  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) comes by looking terrible.  She tells them the bad news that Bo might die.

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) is crashing at Philip's (Jay Kenneth Johnson) these days, and sleeping in every day.  He's clearly annoyed with her, and after some bickering, she asks him for another favor.

At the Johnson residence, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) wants to hang out with Steve (Stephen Nichols), but he acts avoidy and super-jumpy.

Abe (James Reynolds) knocks at the door of the Johnson apartment with news on what he found out about Ava.  Steve lies to Kayla, saying that it's a pizza delivery guy.  Abe found out that Ava Vitali has quite the rap sheet, but he won't share the details with Steve unless Steve 'fesses up about why he needs to know.  Steve confides in him that the year after he escaped from being Stefano's prisoner, and not knowing who he was at all, he hooked up with Ava romantically.

Kayla walks outside and asks what's going on.  Steve says that they are talking about the airplane sabotage and that they can't include her in the conversation.  She reluctantly goes to the bedroom, so that Steve can finish his story.  The Vitalis were a big crime family, and he got involved with them.  She wanted to marry Steve, but he didn't end up marrying her because he just felt like she wasn't the woman he loved.  Now Ava wants him back.  All this happened five or six years ago.  Steve also knows that Ava also caused the plane crash, but he can't report it to the police.  Abe promises to help.  Speaking of Ava, she has been busy with surveillance, and looks through pictures of all of Steve's loved ones that she has taken.  We know that she's off her rocker because she gets more and more distraught, and there's a whole bunch of crazy violin music going.  She's definitely 100 percent insane.

Kayla, who is one of the smarter characters on Days of our Lives, figures out that Steve is waiting on her hand and foot for a reason that might have something to do with Abe's visit.

Nick and Stephanie try to offer their support, but Chelsea snaps at them.  Max (Darin Brooks) comes back after his hearing about the Ford Decker case.  Stephanie feels so terribly that she forgot about the hearing, with everything going on.  Turns out that he mouthed off the judge because he was distracted by the death of his Pop, but he was able to get off with just community service.  Morgan Hollingsworth waltzes in and shows off about the cool internship she just applied for.  Everyone immediately gets annoyed with her.  Morgan asks Nick about how his grant is going, and he says that he has to jump through some more hoops.  Morgan lectures him that Chelsea's family problems shouldn't get in the way of his professional goals.  This doesn't go over well with Chelsea.  Max scolds Morgan for taking Nick away from Chelsea when she needs him the most.

Everyone at the pub starts to go their separate ways.  Thinking that no one is watching him, Max flips through Nick's binder of grant proposal materials and tears out one of the pages.  I'm not really sure what that's supposed to accomplish, however.  You'd think that the binder contained only a draft of Nick's proposal.  Doesn't he do everything on a computer?  Morgan sees all of this from across the room, and goes to tattle to Nick.

Chloe says that she's running out of money and doesn't have a place to stay.  Philip wouldn't have a problem with her staying at his place, except that Victor doesn't want Chloe there since he blames her for everything that has happened to Brady.  But she eventually convinces him to let her stay there.  She even has copious amounts of luggage delivered over to the house so that she can get right into moving in, arguing for her innocence all the while.

Philip overhears Chloe speaking angrily to someone in German.  Maybe she wasn't angry, though, and just speaking German?  Philip enters the room, halting her conversation.  Philip asks her if she was talking about someone about Brady, but she says that she was just talking to someone about having some more belongings sent over to Salem.  In private, Philip immediately gets on the phone with someone to get over there immediately.  Philip's friend is a German dude who Philip asks to translate Chloe's conversation.  She had been talking to some guy who she made a lot of money for.  She also asked him not to say anything about how she threatened to kill Brady before he disappeared.  It was all said in the heat of the moment.  Chloe walks in on their conversation and asks what's going on.

Next on Days of our Lives: EJ presents Sami with annulment papers, Ava talks to herself, Hope tries to keep Bo's spirits up.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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