Days of our Lives: March 24 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 24 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins again for another week.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is back at work at the hospital to check in on Bo.  Kayla spends some time catching up with Hope (Kristian Alfonso).  All of a sudden, Bo's monitoring devices start beeping.  Uh oh!

Ava is still hanging out in her apartment prison, talking to herself and to the picture of Hope.  She gets a surprise visitor in the form of Angelo, Ava's favorite mafioso cousin.  Angelo tries to scold Ava for being too high-maintenance.  All she wants is Patch back, but Angelo thinks that Patch is scum for leaving her the way he did.

At the pub, Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Belle (Martha Madison) tell Marlena (Deidre Hall) that they will be sailing around the world.  Marlena is not happy about it, especially considering that she is one of the last people they have told.  Sami (Alison Sweeney) walks in with the twins and is also shocked to hear that Belle and Shawn are leaving.

Another doctor rushes into Bo's room and changes Bo's medication regimen.  Kayla insists that he shouldn't change the dosages because he is already being given exactly the correct amount, but the other doctor outranks her so he refuses to budge.  But Kayla is in boss-mode.  She points out notes written in Bo's chart specifically warning against the drug that this doctor was about to give Bo.  He is suitably disciplined, and Hope is thankful that Kayla was there to save Bo.

Angelo thinks that Patch's abrupt departure was what caused Ava's mental state to go south in the first place, but she insists that everything will be better once she gets Patch back.  She wheedles for Angelo to let her out for a little while, and he reluctantly agrees to 15 minutes so that she can make herself a grilled cheese sandwich.  Ava immediately disables the electronic security system, swipes Angelo's keys and disappears.

Marlena is not taking Belle's news well, especially after learning that John was the one who bought their boat for them.  She reminds Belle that John is not really himself these days, and that she has to seriously consider accepting this kind of gift from him.  Eventually, however, Marlena accepts the fact that Shawn and Belle no longer have jobs on Days of our Lives, and gives them her blessing.  Sami and Marlena tearfully say good-bye.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) shows up at the hospital, reminding Kayla's bodyguard that he has to lay low so that Kayla doesn't find out about him.  He gets the latest update on Bo from Hope and gives her a hug.  Conveniently, Ava has tracked them down at the hospital and sees the two hugging.  Hope also figures out that Steve has a lot on his mind and asks him to share.  After a few moments of hesitation, he finally tells Hope that someone has it in for Kayla because of him.  They sit down, and he tells her the whole story. including the bit about seeing Ava in Ireland.  She's the reason why their plane crashed.  Hope is shocked to hear this, and then she remembers meeting Ava on the way to Grandpa Shawn's funeral.  She's close to figuring out that Ava thinks that she is Kayla.  Hope wants Steve to go to the police about this, but Steve insists that he has to work off the radar.  He promises to get the Ava situation under control.

Hope tells Kayla that she should go home and rest, but Kayla says that she's fine.  Instead, she tells Hope to go home and relax and go shopping.  Hope agrees, but only after making sure that the nurse will call her if Bo's condition changes.  She starts walking out of the waiting room as Ava stalks her.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea insists that she doesn't have a crush on Daniel, Ava chloroforms Hope.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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