Days of our Lives: March 13 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 13 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with Hope (Kristian Alfonso) lying in bed with an unconscious Bo (Peter Reckell), praying for his survival.

In her hideout, Ava (Tamara Braun) continues to bore holes with her eyes into the picture she took of Hope and Steve hugging.  Her father's thug who is keeping an eye on her, Eddie, comes in and says that he thinks that Hope isn't Steve's wife.

Lexie and Daniel (Shawn Christian) are intently analyzing donor samples, with some bickering thrown in here and there, when Lexie finds something interesting.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) get up after some afternoon nooky.  They get dressed and ready to go back to the hospital.  Kayla goes back to the lab to find that Lexie and Daniel are on the verge of finding some good news.  I hate the way the writers of Days of our Lives are making Kayla and Lexie sound like over-emotional, shrewish, dumb, hysterical female stereotypes.  After some arduous work, Daniel finally determines that they have a promising donor match.

Bo wakes up and greets his Fancy Face.  Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Claire (Martha Madison) stop by for a visit.  Bo asks Belle, no matter what, to be there for his son.  Next is Steve's turn to visit.  Bo wants to talk to Steve in private.  Bo makes the prototypical death bed speech to Steve, asking him to take care of Hope and his family after he's gone.  Ruh roh, are the writers trying to throw anvils on us about Steve and Hope?  First Ava is convinced that Steve and Hope are an item, and now Bo wants Steve to be there for Hope?  What's going on?  I'm not really worried about Bo dying because he can't die!  And even if he does, death is only a temporary leave of absence on Days of our Lives.  But I am worried about some bed hopping that might be on the horizon.  (No spoilery here, just pure speculation.)

Next Bo asks to speak to Shawn in private.  Time for the wise old dying man speech.  He tells Shawn never to underestimate the Brady women, but that he has to be strong for them too when he becomes the man of the family.  Shawn doesn't want to hear any of his negative talk, telling him to get better so that he and Belle and Claire can sail around the world.  He's trying to play the guilt trip card on his old man.

Hope is angry to hear that Bo is making arrangements with Steve and Shawn after he dies.  She is completely in denial that Bo might die.  She storms into Bo's room and tells him to shape up.

Ava is convinced that Hope is the one she's after, but Eddie says that he'll find out more stuff about her.  He goes out and does a little research on the web and comes back to report that it's the blonde one who she should be going after.  Then, Ava and Eddie get into an argument about how he screwed up the job of disabling the plane in Ireland, to catch viewers up.  She also explains that she wants to get Steve alone and sweet talk him back into her arms.  Before she kicks Eddie out, he exposits that Ava might not be all right in the head.  Another of Ava's father's henchmen, named George, comes in, reporting that Eddie quit.  And now that George is in charge, he's not letting Ava do any funny stuff.  George leaves, and then comes back to tell Ava that it's time for her therapy session.  Her therapist comes in and asks how she is feeling.  I guess Ava is certifiably loony toons because he thinks she can't differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Daniel makes arrangements to prep everyone for surgery.  He doesn't want Kayla and Lexie to be involved in the surgery because they are family, and I kind of agree with him.  But medical ethics not being a high priority at Salem University Hospital, Kayla and Lexie refuse.  The thing is, they need to prep the donor, who is most likely in the waiting room, Lexie surmises.  (That's an instantaneous clue that the donor is actually M.I.A., by the way.)  Also, quick note.  I may not know a whole lot about medicine, but I do know how to pronounce the word "peritoneal," and Dr. Daniel Jonas is not doing it correctly.

Next on Days of our Lives: Yup, I was right.  They can't find the donor.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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