Days of our Lives: March 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: March 12 Live Thoughts
Before I begin the live thoughts of today's Days of our Lives, I have to admit to you all that I have egg on my face regarding my criticism of the pancreas transplant storyline.  I wrote yesterday that it was silly because it's so highly, highly unlikely.  Well, I did a little bit of research on it (read: I asked my friend who is a doctor) and found that it is possible to live with only a partial pancreas, but the more likely scenario would be to do a whole transplant from a very recently deceased cadaver and not from a live person.  Well, see, I guess I don't know anything about medicine, despite the hours of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice and ER and Days of our Lives that I have watched.  Doh!

Lexie and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) are stressed out about testing the donor samples.  Lexie is pissed off at Daniel for not suggesting the procedure sooner because they are pressed for time now.  He reminds Lexie of the overwhelming odds against Bo's survival, but Lexie doesn't want to hear any of it.  Abe (James Reynolds) stops by to visit Lexie and suggests that she take a break for a moment, since she is working so hard.  She doesn't need to prove her worth as a physician, he tells her.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) brings a cup of coffee to Steve (Stephen Nichols) at the hospital, and then blithely tells him that she ditched the bodyguard he put on her.  What kind of incompetent bodyguard did he hire if a sassy young college student can blow him off so easily?  Steve fires the guy and then finally agrees that she doesn't need one, but only if she can stand a checkup call from him every five minutes.  The thing is, as soon as she leaves to go visit Max, he gets on the phone again and hires another bodyguard for her.  He can't take any chances.  Next, he goes to Kayla and orders her to take the rest of the day off because she looks tired.  Um, she has a job to do and patients to take care of.  She can't just up and leave because Steve wants her to.  Well, apparently, she's not really on duty and is working Bo's case off the clock.  Steve solicits Daniel's help in convincing her to leave, and she finally does.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) stops by to visit Bo, but the visit is very brief.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) scolds Bo for talking like he's already given up on life.

Nick (Blake Berris) shows up at the dock to passive-aggressively front Max (Darin Brooks) for trying to ruin his career.  Max gets pissy because he's sore that he doesn't have a career, while Nick does.  Nick realizes that Max, the cool racecar driver whom chicks dig, might actually be jealous of him.  Max is stressed because he doesn't have much of a career plan right now, other than helping his mom out at the pub.  Nick is immediately apologetic, and offers some sympathetic words.  Stephanie shows up at the dock, perkily bearing soup.  Max is too busy being mopey accept her soup, and says that she can do better than him.  She refuses to break up with him, however.  Stephanie lets slip that there might be something bad going on with her parents, but then catches herself and changes the subject and runs off to get coffee.

Elsewhere on the docks, Chelsea and Nick mope around.  As soon as they are gone, Max reaches into Nick's bag and erases some stuff on the equations he was working on.  What is his deal?  Why is he trying to sabotage Nick?  It makes no sense.  Stephanie almost catches him tampering with the notebook.

Meanwhile, Steve has taken Kayla home to a wonderful spread of food courtesy of room service. 

Marlena (Deidre Hall) is having a meeting with one of the bigwig doctors from the hospital at Chez Rouge about some kind of fundraiser that I've never heard of when she gets distracted by John coming in.  John stops by their table with harsh words for the doctor because apparently, he is the one who signed his death certificate.  John invites Marlena to join his own meeting in progress, with a certain Mr. Hollingsworth.  I wonder if this is Morgan's father.  John asks him aggressive questions about his shipping practices, smarmily suggesting that he delay all of Victor Kiriakis' shipments and make sure that his own come through on time.  Marlena is disgusted by this.  She says that his behavior frightens the hell out of her, and she knows that he's savvier about things than he is letting on.  They are at an impasse, however, so she leaves the table, resigned.  Behind his back, she calls Philip Kiriakis so that she can warn him about the shipping shenanigans John is about to cause.

Marlena tails John to another meeting at which he plans to bribe a customs official.  She begs him not to go through with his plan; otherwise, she will turn him over to the authorities.  Not that that means much on a soap, you know.  She summons up all of her feminine wiles to convince him not to go through with it, and it works.  He blows off his meeting.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lexie and Daniel find a match, Ava tells Eddie about Hope, i.e., "the bitch who stole Patch from me."

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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