Days of our Lives: June 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with EJ (James Scott) demanding to know what happened with Ali.  (Yesterday on Days of our Lives), Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) got arrested for leaving the perimeter of the DiMera mansion after baby Ali wandered outside.  EJ, it seems, is also a whiz at taking care of the child, which Nicole rubs in Lucas' face.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor (John Aniston) kicks Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) out and forbids Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) from seeing her again.

Sami explains to EJ that Roman pulled some strings to allow Lucas to return to house arrest instead of going back to prison.  EJ and Lucas have a pissing contest over who is a better father, while Sami yells at Nicole to leave.  EJ puts the twins down for the nap and tells Sami never to leave Lucas alone with the kids again.  Lucas is hurt that Sami agrees.

Down at the docks, John (Drake Hogestyn) is about to get into a fight with Max (Darin Brooks), but Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) intervenes.  John has flashbacks to his incarceration in Stefano's basement lab and winces in pain.  Ava, who is wandering around, tells him that she knows what he's going through.  She knows a fellow lunatic when she sees one.  They both know of each other by the reports written about them in the paper.  Ava offers her company and her help, but he doesn't want any of it.  She's persistent, however, and offers up the details about her own life.  Then he opens up about how he's different than the old John.  He tries to leave, but Ava coaxes him to stay.  Abe (James Reynolds) shows up and asks whether John used Ava's father's contacts to score the cocaine.  John asks Ava to have dinner with him, but she says no because she doesn't date married men.  She leaves, but not before giving him come-hither eyes.

Stephanie and Max return to the pub, and Max continues to refuse to open up to her.

Lexie (Renee Jones) seeks out Daniel in the hospital waiting room to talk to him about her concerns over Theo.  Theo's school suggests that she take him to a child development specialist, and Daniel gives her a concerned hug.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) wanders into the waiting room and sees them.  Things get awkward between Chelsea and Daniel.  Chelsea still thinks that Daniel is lying about seeing someone else.  Daniel says that because of the conversation they had earlier, he's ready to make a change.  He's amazed by the bold way she lives her life and appreciates how insightful she is about how he avoids serious relationships with women.  He wants to change that.  He finally admits that he's attracted to her, but his issues and their age difference need to be dealt with first.  Chelsea takes it like a champ and agrees that he's making the right decision.

Abe rushes over to the hospital to tell Lexie something important.  He tells her that he agrees that Theo should be examined by a specialist.  Now, it's her turn to tell him something.

Chloe tells Philip that she'll be at the Salem Inn until she can find someplace permanent.  Philip is livid that Victor would dictate whom he can see.  Victor warns him that Chloe won't want to stay with him when she finds out that he spent half a million dollars on cocaine that he planted on John's ships.  (Apparently, Philip got the dope from an old friend in Mexico.)  Victor doesn't want Philip to make the same mistakes that he made, but Philip doesn't want to listen.  Later, Philip asks to meet Chloe at the Java Cafe.  He says that their friends with benefits arrangement is still on.  Sami walks into the cafe and Chloe asks to speak to her.  Sami gets all bitchy and in her face for what she did to Brady.

Outside the pub, EJ confronts Nicole about knowing his secret.  She threatens to call Lucas and tell him everything.

Next on Days of our Lives: Nicole blackmails EJ, Nick can't be friends with Chelsea, Philip pays a visit to John.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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