Days of our Lives: June 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 25 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives today, Bo (Peter Reckell) dons a suit and tie and brings his love wife and police partner Hope (Kristian Alfonso) to Chez Rouge for a romantic weeknight dinner.  Hope is curious to know what's up his sleeve, and he says that tonight us just about the two of them.  Meanwhile, Daniel walks in, also dressed to the nines in a suit and tie.  Daniel awkwardly says hello to them.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) talks to Caroline (Peggy McCay) about Max when Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) rushes into the pub with four dresses.  She is late for her date with Daniel and needs Steph's input on what to wear.  They rush upstairs to Max's (Darin Brooks) room to try on her clothes.  Max is on his way out anyway, because he is going to have it out once and for all with his bio dad.

At Chez Rouge, Bo asks Daniel who his hot date is, and Hope, knowing that it's their own Chelsea, gets really uncomfortable.  She is relieved when the maitre d' seats them.  Daniel tries to call Chelsea, but gets voicemail.

Seems like everyone is having a celebratory dinner tonight.  Trent Robbins is forcing Nicole to have dinner with him.  She still looks fearful around him.  Bo and Hope notice how odd it is that Nicole is having dinner with Robbins.  Nicole bitches to him that he'll probably sap Nick, his most gifted graduate student, of all his brilliant ideas and take all the credit for it.  Nicole wants to leave and wonders why he won't leave her alone.  He says that he's not the same person that he was in the past and he'd like to make it up to her.  She says no.  All she wants is the answer to one question.  He says that her secret is safe with him.  Then, a flunkie who loved Robbins' book approaches them and heaps praise on him.  Trent forces Nicole to dance with him, and he makes mention of his son, Max Brady.  This is news to Nicole.

Chelsea finishes getting ready and leaves Max's room.  Max also wants to go find Trent, but Stephanie begs him not to.  Chelsea finally arrives at Chez Rouge, and Daniel is rendered speechless by her skeletal beauty.  She notices that her parents are dining there too.  Uh oh.  Daniel asks Chelsea if she's still convinced she wants to go through with the date.  Over at Bo and Hope's table, Bo launches into a speech about how he doesn't want to waste a minute of his time with her.  Daniel and Chelsea decide to go over to Bo and Hope to say hello.  Bo is predictably put off that the good doctor is dating his daughter, but after some coaching by Hope, he holds himself back.  Hang on a sec.  What happened with Daniel and Lexie's relationship that lasted for like an hour?

However, not everyone is happy.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) has gone over to the Carver residence to talk to Lexie (Renee Jones) and Abe (James Reynolds) about Theo.  They had just found out on yesterday's Days of our Lives that Theo is autistic.  Abe is in denial about Theo's diagnosis.  Marlena offers to help, but Lexie says that they have to go through this ordeal by themselves.  Marlena reminds them that she lost a child to SIDS, which also was responsible for ending her marriage.  She encourages them to seek counseling to help them through.

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) are just getting done having le sex, when Chloe gets dressed and gets ready to leave.  She says that she has to go do something important, for Philip's own good.  She won't get into any details, except she says that she has to talk to Roman.  Philip immediately gets on edge when he hears that the cops will be involved.  She won't get into it, but lets him come along.  Chloe gets on the phone to tell Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) about what she's going to do.  As soon as he's off the phone, John (Drake Hogestyn) asks Lucas what that phone call was all about.

Roman (Josh Taylor) hears all the good news about baby Joey over dinner with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols).  Joey's really pulling through and thriving.  Max and Stephanie head downstairs, and Steve tells them that he wants to talk to Max.  Morgan rushes into the pub in a panic and needs to speak to Roman.  She hasn't heard from her father, so she thinks that he's in danger.  Roman says that it's too early to put out a missing person report.  Chloe and Philip arrive at the pub, and tells Roman and Morgan that she has news about her father.  She goes into the story about how she saw Paul Hollingsworth at the pier the night of the fire, and he reeked of gasoline.

Meanwhile, Steve has taken Max aside and wants to know what's with all the fighting and keeping secrets from Stephanie.  Max says that his bio dad is back in Salem, and Steve commiserates about how he had a no-good S.O.B. of a dad himself too.  Max promises that he'll tell Stephanie everything soon.

Marlena rushes over to the DiMera mansion.  She pulls out John's lost disc.  She won't say where she got it, but she says that what is on the disc could be the key to unlocking his past.  Lucas eavesdrops everything.

Next on Days of our Lives: Nicole knows that Robbins is afraid she'll give him away, Daniel woos Chelsea, Marlena demands that Rolf restore John's memories.

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