Days of our Lives: June 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 16 Live Thoughts
It's the day of Kate's (Lauren Koslow) surgery today on Days of our Lives.  Daniel tells Kate that he'll give her something to ease her pain as she is prepped for surgery.  She says that she doesn't want to go through with the operation, however.

EJ (James Scott) pays a visit to Victor (John Aniston) to discuss the terms of his divorce settlement, continuing from last week's Days of our Lives.

Down at the docks, Abe (James Reynolds) and Roman (Josh Taylor) gossip about Sami and Lucas and about how Marlena is moving out of the DiMera mansion.  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) eavesdrops.  Speaking of Sami and Lucas, Sami wheedles about getting his ankle monitor off, and he insists that he doesn't know what she's talking about.

At the hospital, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) are excited because they will finally be able to hold their baby boy.  Their conversation veers toward Stephanie and Max.  Kayla tells Steve about how Max is a super genius and how he is acting out because of his double-life.  The nurse wheels baby Joey out and lets Kayla and Steve hold him.

Speaking of Max and Stephanie, they are in bed together.  Max wakes up quietly without disturbing her and puts on his clothes.  Steph wakes up alone.  Stephanie calls Nick (Blake Berris) and asks him to meet her at the hospital.  Max is nowhere to be found because he sneaks over to Dean Robbins' apartment and breaks in.  He rummages through the dean's papers.  He makes a mess, throwing things around and breaking stuff and causing a ruckus.  Finally, he finds what he is looking for: a photograph.

Stephanie and Nick meet at the hospital and say hello to the baby.  Then, Nick offers to check around town for Max.  Steve asks Stephanie to open up to him about Max.

EJ tells Victor that he and Nicole want to settle their divorce out of court.  Victor doesn't want to hear what EJ has to say, but then EJ drops the f-bomb - fraud.  He threatens that because Victor pretended to be dead, he can be charged with fraud.  EJ is also willing to bring in Victor's previous relationship woes too, and strongly suggests that he take the settlement.  Nicole comes in, and Victor says, hell no, he's not taking the deal.  After much badgering, Victor says that he'll settle as long as they cut their offer in half.  EJ doesn't want to stoop that low, but Nicole immediately takes it.  EJ takes Nicole aside and asks her if she's crazy.  She just wants the whole to be over, but Victor suspects her of some other ulterior motive.

Kate explains that, actually, she does want to go through with the surgery, but she doesn't want Daniel to do it.  She thinks that since Daniel is a close family friend, she wants someone who is more objective.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) protests, saying that Kate isn't making any sense.  Daniel asks Chelsea to give them a moment so he and Kate can talk about this in private.  She insists that she doesn't want him to operate on her.  You know, this is pretty common, isn't it?  I mean, the other surgeons on staff are probably just as qualified, otherwise they wouldn't be on staff.  Why is this such a big deal?  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) shows up and hears Kate's request, and offers to talk some sense into Kate.  The nurse informs Kate that they have scheduled another surgeon.  Victor visits the hospital and is unpleasantly surprised to hear that another surgeon is operating on Kate.  To assuage everyone's stupid concerns, Daniel offers to go into the OR to check on everything.  While waiting around, Victor apologizes to Philip for reprimanding him earlier and congratulates him for doing such a good job running Titan.  Daniel comes back and reports that Kate is doing well.  Then, he asks Chelsea to have dinner with him, as Victor's ears perk up.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami asks Lucas if he snuck out last night.  Instead of answering the question, Lucas says that maybe Sami should move out and live with her mother.  The doorbell rings and Chloe shows up at the door, asking to speak to Lucas alone for a moment.  Sami leaves the room, but eavesdrops from behind the door.  Lucas is onto her and bangs against the door, yelling at her to give them some privacy.  Chloe tells Lucas that she knows he is lying about not being at the pier last night.  He finally admits it, and begs her not to tell anyone.  He did it because he was going stir-crazy.  Um, he's still in PRISON, you know.

Sami goes to the pub and meets Roman (Josh Taylor) there to talk about Lucas.  She tells him about the ultimatum Lucas gave her: either she moves out or EJ does.  Roman susses out that Sami doesn't really want EJ to leave, and she admits it.  He asks her point-blank if she has feelings for Sami, and she is about to respond but is distracted when EJ and Nicole walk into the pub together.  Nicole gets uncomfortable with Sami there, so she decides to leave.  EJ sits down with Sami and says that since he is getting a hefty commission from Nicole, they should go out for a fancy dinner to celebrate.  Sami's reluctance provokes EJ to start the heavy conversation about their status.  She tells him that Lucas wants one of them to move out.

Outside the pub, she runs into Dean Robbins, who seems to be very well-acquainted.  Nicole is ill at ease around him, but he smarms that she can't say no to him.  This Dean Robbins is more mysterious than we thought!  I hope we find out more about him soon!  He takes Nicole, presumably against her will, back to his place, where Max is still rummaging.  Max quickly hides in the bedroom.

Next on Days of our Lives: John wants Bo to arrest his Philip, Steve wants Stephanie to open up to him, Nicole asks Philip for protection.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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