Days of our Lives: June 13 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 13 Live Thoughts
The week of Days of our Lives comes to a close.  Victor (John Aniston) asks Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) whether he was responsible for the arson at the warehouse.

EJ (James Scott) meets Nicole at the pub and tells her that he has figured out a way to force Victor into a hefty divorce settlement.  Also at the pub, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) wants to talk to Max (Darin Brooks) but he is being very coldly silent.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) has just walked in on John (Drake Hogestyn) and Ava and is surprised to find that John has moved on so quickly.  Ava is visibly uncomfortable.

Ava thanks Marlena for her advice earlier.  She is beginning to work through her issues.  Marlena is upset to see that John doesn't want to stay committed to their marriage.  Sami (Alison Sweeney) whispers to her mother that they have to help John before he doesn't something really drastic.  Marlena doesn't want John to fight violence with violence, referring to the turf war at the docks with Philip.  John says it's not her problem anymore because he is turning his back on their past together.  Marlena decides it's time for her to move out.  Ava deduces that John loves Marlena, but he says that he's not quite sure what love is.  He doesn't really feel much of anything.  They discuss the finer points of falling in and out of love, and Ava offers her friendship to John and leaves.

Victor tells Philip about Kate's condition.  At the hospital, Kate (Lauren Koslow) is lying in excruciating pain as Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) berates Daniel for not finding her diagnosis faster.  Philip calls Lucas to let him know about Kate.  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) comes by to pay a visit to Lucas.  He says that he has to go to see Kate at the hospital, and Chloe calls him out on it.  She asks him where he was when he called her the other day.  He denies that he was anywhere but at home.

Sami begs Marlena not to move out.  Marlena apologizes, but she cannot stay there with John any longer.

Chelsea apologizes for snapping at Daniel and promises that she still has complete faith in him to cure her grandmother.  She also mentions that she fell in love with him, which catches him off guard, but she leaves to be with Kate before he has a chance to say anything about it.  Philip and Victor visit Kate.  She is angry that Victor told Philip and Philip told Lucas, but then she starts screaming in pain.  Daniel says that her symptoms present themselves like appendicitis, but it's not.  Daniel asks her if she's had any trauma recently, and Kate says that she took a power kick to the gut in her self-defense class the other day.  Lexie (Renee Jones) reassures her that she's going to be okay.

Caroline (Peggy McCay) offers to talk to Stephanie about Max, but Steph runs upstairs to try talking to Max herself.  She begs him to talk, but he resists.  She hugs him and tells him that she loves him.  They decide to do what all hot young people like to do: talk off their clothes and shag like bunnies.  Max whispers to Stephanie who is asleep in his arms that he wishes he could tell her more, but "no one can know about him."  Ooh, there's a mysterious "him"!

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) tells Caroline that Max is a math and physics genius.  Caroline is surprised and wants to talk to him, but Kayla suggests that they wait.

EJ promises Nicole a hefty divorce settlement as long as she promises to keep quiet about EJ's annulment to Sami.  Nicole just wants EJ's respect.  She also blathers on about how Sami isn't right for him anyway and that he deserves more.  He thanks her, and she promises to keep the secret.

At the hospital, Daniel figures out Kate's diagnosis.  She has a small defect in her abdomenal wall, which normally wouldn't cause her any pain, but due to her recent trauma, it got twisted up, blocking blood flow.  She'll be as good as new once he gets in and fixes it with surgery.  Out in the waiting room, EJ comes by, looking for Victor because he has a deal to offer him.  Victor shoos him away. 

Ava, after leaving John at home with his complicated-ness, catches up with Nicole, and they dish about their men. 

Next on Days of our Lives: Kate doesn't want the surgery, Kayla tells Steve about Max, EJ tries to blackmail Victor.

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