Days of our Lives: June 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 11 Live Thoughts
Max (Darin Brooks) apologizes to Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) for not behaving like himself these days.  Stephanie apologizes for snooping through his room and finding the picture of his bio mom.  She asks him what else is bothering him, and Max says it has more to do with Dean Robbins than with Nick.  Speaking of the dean and Nick (Blake Berris), they walk into the pub at that moment.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) goes to the hospital and asks Daniel if he's figured out what is wrong with Kate.

At the end of yesterday's Days of our Lives, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) asked Morgan out to dinner and Chloe saw them.  Today, Morgan says that she would love to have dinner with him, but Chloe wouldn't like it.

Ava arrives at the DiMera mansion for her date with John (Drake Hogestyn).  Rolf awkwardly flirts with her.  John asks Sami (Alison Sweeney) for some privacy, but Sami just snaps at him because she's upset that Lucas sneaked out of the house after disabling his ankle monitor.  Sami also bitches at John for dating someone else while still being married to her mother.  She takes a picture of the two of them with her cell phone to email it to Marlena, and then storms out of the room.  Roman (Josh Taylor) calls Sami and asks to speak to Lucas, and she makes excuses about his whereabouts.

John and Ava sit on the couch sipping wine.  John makes cheesy single entendres about the wine.  Ava asks if he is still in love with Marlena.  He just says that their relationship is complicated, from what he has been told.  She begins telling him about the time she came over to talk to Marlena who helped her a lot, so she's not really keen on stabbing another woman in the back.  They decide to just have dinner.  John says that he is envious of her because she still has a sense of her past self, unlike he.  Ava suggests that they help each other, explore morals together.  After finishing the last of the wine, John asks if he can kiss her, and she allows it.  Then, he takes her upstairs.

A moment later, Roman drops by to speak to Lucas.  But Lucas is down by the docks, watching Chloe cry over Philip.  From behind a pile of boxes, he calls Chloe's cell to apologize for bitching her out earlier.  He tells her to stop crying, and she's all, "How did you know I was crying?"  Doh!  He backtracks and changes the subject to Sami and EJ.  Chloe suggests that since they are both in the same boat, relationship-wise, they should form an alliance together.  Lucas nosewhistles that he likes the idea.  After his conversation, he decides to head back home, but then runs into Paul Hollingsworth.  Paul vaguely recognizes him, but can't place him.  Lucas runs off.

At the pub, Max coldly offers Nick and the dean free beers and then goes to the back.  Nick privately asks Stephanie what's going on with Max, and Stephanie tells him about the fight between Max and Dean Robbins.  Chelsea arrives and awkwardly tells them about Kate's condition.  Then, Nick asks the dean about his fight with Max.  Stephanie admits to Chelsea that Max has a secret, but she doesn't go into the details yet.  Nick asks Max what the hell is the matter with him, and Max unleashes his fury about how the dean is a fraud.  Nick wants to know how Max knows so much about physics and cold fusion.  Max finally admits that he fiddled with a few equations in Nick's grant proposal.  Ugh, I really don't get this storyline.  I hope this resolves itself soon.  Nick gets pissy, and then tells the dean that he is not accepting one red cent of the grant money because Max is the one who deserves all the credit.

At the hospital, Daniel doesn't have a diagnosis for Kate and he gets angry when Chelsea bullies him for not knowing.  She apologizes.  Daniel wheels Kate out to do more tests, and Kate wants to talk about Chelsea.  Daniel says he's going to be hands-off when it comes to Chelsea.  Chelsea comes back to the hospital with a muffin from the pub for Kate.  She also says that she doesn't want either of them making decisions on her behalf.  She also tells Daniel that she gets it, that he's not in love with her.  He whispers quietly to himself that he is in love with her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip explains to Morgan that he has asked Chloe for some space.  Morgan excuses herself to take a phone call from her father.  He tells her to stay away from Philip Kiriakis.  She demands that Philip tell her why her daddy doesn't want her to talk to him.  Morgan leaves just as Chloe comes in.  Philip insists to Chloe that he and Morgan are just friends; Chloe is the one he wants to be with.

Next on Days of our Lives: Dean Robbins threatens to report Max to the police, and Hope has bad news for John.

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